My Covid-19 briefing (5)

My Covid-19 briefing (5)

They keep telling us to follow the science. This is what the science proves:

– The v*ccine is ineffective and does not work.

– The v*ccinated are catching and spreading C*vid at a rate no different to the unv*ccinated.

– In the Canadian province of Alberta, 90% of C*vid hospitalisations were v*ccinated patients.

– The v*ccine is dangerous and has caused thousands and thousands of heart attacks, blood clots, stokes, and even deaths.

– The more shots you have, the more your immune system is weakened.

– C*vid antibodies are a better and more effective protection against C*vid than the v*ccine is.

– V*ccines usually take about 10 years to develop and test. The C*vid v*ccine took 6 months.

– Out of the 150,000 “C*vid deaths” in the UK, only 11% of these were actual deaths “from” C*vid.

So to quote Dr Steve James, Clinical Consultant at Kings College Hospital, London:

“The science is not strong enough!”

Op-Ed: What Does 'Follow the Science' Mean, Anyway? | MedPage Today

That is what a friend of mine posted yesterday on his Facebook page, who unlike me has not been put in Facebook jail for violating their community standards. I thanked him, making the comment “helpful info for when attacked by the pro jibbers”, and while I might, if so confronted, approach the situation differently, it is a good opening salvo, although in my experience those who do confront are often so set in their opinions that elaboration might be wasted. It was a situation another friend found herself in yesterday when asked by her manager her views on vaccines. It happens she has taken all the recommended jabs but is against forced vaccines. The interrogation then developed concerning the danger these refuseniks posed to others in refusing the jab and the need to trust the science and the World Health Organisation. She then decided (wisely) to make a tactical withdrawal.  

July 2020

It has been nearly four weeks since I gave my last Covid-19 briefing (see here) and a lot of water has gone under the bridge in the interim and I am challenged as to where to begin, mindful that I do not wish to go over old ground that has already been covered in my “Covid-19 – the story that doesn’t end” ebook. But I thought to begin with two personal stories, albeit without giving too many details away in order to protect identities. The first concerns my own Bible believing etc. church, which has among its number those who follow government advice to the letter and those who see much of the Corona narrative as a scam and part of a dastardly plot to enslave humanity. My church sits, maybe, in the middle of the spectrum of how far to follow the official narrative, and the leadership have an unenviable task of trying to accommodate both views. It is a real issue as some who think like me are “churchless” as unwilling to toe what they see as error promoted by the leaders. When, toward the end of last year, the UK government came up with its plan B to combat Omicron, including we go back to wearing masks, my church went along with the mandate. I chose not to attend face to face services as a result but decided not to make an issue about it or fall out and, given the mask wearing insistence has since been removed by government and church, I am now back to attending services, although some choose to wear masks.

Will vaccines be required to fly or travel? It's likely, say experts

The other personal anecdote concerns my family residing in India. I know many who have taken the jab in order to travel hassle free or at least lessened by a lot, even if not believing in its efficacy, but that is a position I refuse to take on the grounds of conscience. Besides, the rules for traveling seem to be continually changing, and a constant theme has been the issue of taking the jab, providing the evidence, getting successfully tested as Covid-19 free, quarantine and insurance. It seems, until we revert to how things used to be my traveling days have been suspended – although as far as the Great Reset brigade is concerned that cannot happen, with a new normal instead. Sadly, an elderly relative did not realise the real reason and it had to be explained that my reason for not visiting India since before Covid-19 was not because I didn’t want to (I really did want to visit) but the obstacles to be overcome have been too great.    

I see the UK position regarding Covid-19 as surreal. While government have recently removed many of the restrictions, indicating some sort of U-turn, partly because of the growing opposition and resistance we are seeing (thankfully, people are waking up), we are a long way from being out of the woods and Damocles Sword still hangs over us, and there could be even worse impositions if things took a turn for the worse. Covid-19 and climate change are two fear drivers used by the powerful, along with their ability to lie and stage false flag events, for the evil cabal have to hang on to power, so this is a real possibility. While the insistence NHS staff get jabbed to keep their jobs has been removed, the government have left enough wriggle room to indicate this is a tactical withdrawal rather than raising the white flag, their cause not helped as instances of their not following their own Covid safety rules have been unearthed (although such is the deception afoot that this may well be a distraction to take our eyes off the overriding agenda to take away our freedoms). And the threats still remain, not least to university students, as they are pressurized to get the jab. I have deliberately confined my comments to the UK, although there are all sorts of horror stories from all around the world affecting many, such as fines, loss of job, separation of families, personal abuse, censorship, confinement for refuseniks to taking the jab.

The Canadian trucker convoy is a refreshing example of when the resistance to forced vaccines etc. is having an effect, although you may not know this if you get your news only from mainstream media. But I have to raise concerns that there is a danger of false flags, agent provocateurs, officialdom lying etc., as happened on the January 6th 2021 storming of the US Capitol. Prime Minister Trudeau has recently come out of his hiding to vilify the protestors and attempts have been made to stop what they do using the police and distraining funds and that too is a matter of watch this space. Interestingly, Klaus Schwab of World Economic Forum (in)fame proudly claims Trudeau as one of his prodigies (see here) gives yet another example of conspiracy theory and fact being the same. And it doesn’t end in Canada – we are seeing protests all over the world including a trucker convoy in the UK (see here). There is a lot more out there connecting dots. One helpful video presentation to do so, I stumbled across as I began to write this, is titled: “The WEF, The Trucker Standoff and The Hand of God”.

I continue to watch and pray, mindful things to do with Covid-19 are part of an even bigger picture and begging the question, which one (either, none or both) of the Great Reset (see here for one brilliant explanation of what this is) and/or the Great Awakening (see here for my recent thoughts on the subject) we are about to see. There is no shortage of material that lead me to believe Covid-19 and jabs is part of a ginormous plot to harm humanity – “Matt Le Tissier: “I’ve never seen anything like it… It’s unbelievable how many sports players are keeling over” being yet another powerful example that did come to light as I end this Covid-19 briefing, and while life is never that simple, I hope the good guys win. Whatever is in store (who can say), we live in interesting, alarming and unpredictable days. Our eyes need to be fixed on God, who is in absolute control, who we should be serving. Once again, I take comfort in the Psalms, including the words of Psalm 2.


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