2022 Southend West by-election

2022 Southend West by-election and the English Constitution Party (see here for their website).

According to Wikipedia:A by-election is set to be held on 3 February 2022 in the parliamentary constituency of Southend West following the killing of David Amess on 15 October 2021. Amess had been the MP for the constituency since 1997, in addition to having previously represented the seat of Basildon from 1983 to 1997”. I was a great fan of the late Sir David Amess (see here) and while I declare I am a political neutral, telling those of all political shades of my equal opportunities policy whereby I freely criticise those from all sides of the political spectrum, I found there was much to commend David and regardless of political preference he would, more likely than not, have been the one I would vote for.

But sadly, it is not to be and thus this coming Thursday’s by-election. The candidate the Conservative Party have selected to take over from David is Anna Firth, who I confess I know little about. Does she, for example, share David’s Christian convictions, pro-life and traditional marriage stance, take up unpopular causes such as religious freedom and resisting vaccine passports, be her own woman just as David was his own man, take a serious interest in a multitude of various local community projects and concerns, doing what he can to come up with good solutions and, unlike his Southend East counterpart, engage in a meaningful way with the concerns and correspondence conveyed to him by the constituents she has no doubt pledged to do, along with carrying on the legacy left by David?  I don’t know and maybe if the answer to all these questions is in the affirmative, I could be inclined to vote for her (if qualified) despite my disappointment with the Conservative Party.

In December 2019, the Conservatives won a majority in Parliament. To his credit, their leader, Boris Johnson, did get Brexit done, no mean feat and quite possibly the only one who could have done so. Sadly, thereafter, it has been downhill since then, not helped because soon after that Covid-19 came along. In my latest Boriswatch episode (see here), I wrote: “In terms of notable achievements, I am hard pressed to think of anything and as for the issue of the day – how to deal with the Corona pan(scam)demic, his record has not been good as my “Covid-19 – the story that doesn’t end ebook argues. Sadly, his main advisors are not good or wise people and as for his supposed deficiencies on things to do with social justice that upset friends on the left, I have little to say. The only saving grace is, if the opposition were in power, things would be worse. Dissent in the ranks suggests his days are numbered. After all, 100 of his own party MPs voted against his proposals to give what some have come to see as draconian powers for government to tackle the Covid crisis; the Bill only got through because the opposition supported him”. I remain disillusioned with ALL main parties?

Regarding Thursday’s by-election, Labour, the Lib Dems and the Greens have all chosen not to field candidates, (commendably) out of respect for the circumstances that necessitated this election. However, eight other candidates, all from minor parties (see here), have put their hats in the ring. Bets are off regarding who is going to win but of interest is number of votes cast for other candidates and the turnout. I noted that some of the usual suspects belonging to the parties not fielding candidates attacking those who were standing, not least accusations of racism. I found out today there will be a rally in Warrior Square held by the English Constitution Party and this would be attended by some of my friends who believe the pandemic is a scamdemic and take exception at the sort of proposals discussed in the previous paragraph to get refuseniks (to the jab) to conform, or else. These two factors, along with the fact I am a political nerd compelled me to attend part at least of the rally.

This IS England! | Q | Graham Moore AKA Daddy Dragon | The English  Constitution | Podcast - YouTube

Highlight was a speech by the English Constitution Party candidate, Graham Moore, which I put in the wow category because he shared pertinent facts I was not fully aware off before (but there were others, like the NHS nurse taking about corruption and cover ups in the NHS due to Covid). I won’t dare attempt a synopsis of Graham’s speech, partly because I was interrupted a couple of times, meeting old friends. Basically, his big gripe is the undermining of common law, going back to the Magna Carta, brought to a head currently by measures to address the Corona virus. As for racism, I felt the chap was more anti-racist than some of his detractors and his point, that we English welcome immigrants providing they obey the law and respect our customs, was a reasonable one. While I get the Constitutional part of the party label, I have certain misgivings over the English part, being a supporter of the Union and with British Constitution being my favourite subject at school, and while anti-globalist am not a nationalist either. I shook hands with Graham at the end, thanked him for the lesson he had so ably given and told him that any hope for a thousand years of peace and prosperity can only happen when Jesus returns to planet earth.  

profile photo of Jason Pilley

I will not be voting on Thursday because I can’t (I live in the east side of the town) but if I could I would seriously consider voting for Graham (although I will need to do more research to satisfy myself he is a good chap) but, in the end, might opt to vote for an old friend, Jason Pilley of the Psychedelic Party, partly because I know next to nothing about the other candidates, yet urging all those, who can vote, to vote, irrespective who, recognising for some it is Hobson’s choice and they may choose to spoil their ballot paper.  


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