Boriswatch (5)

Boriswatch (5)

I am afraid my view of Boris is that he is an opportunist with (Brexit aside) questionable judgment, who prefers to put his own political ambition ahead of doing what is best for the country. While I am a Trump fan because I saw what he was up against and what he achieved despite many obstacles, I am still not a fan of Boris, whose only significant achievement I can name is Brexit. Even so, he remains my Prime Minister, duly elected, an object for my prayers”.

That is how I concluded my last Boriswatch instalment, written one year ago. Having decided a new instalment was due, I surprised myself to find it was so long ago when I last posted. But then reading through what I wrote then, there was little I felt I could add other than when it comes to deciding whether Boris is: good guy, bad guy or fool, I think it is a mix of the last two, which is rather sad because I rather hope he would follow his US counterpart and turn out to be a good guy, especially after doing what no other elected politician had the ability to do (imho) – deliver on Brexit, but has sadly failed!

In terms of notable achievements, I am hard pressed to think of anything and as for the issue of the day – how to deal with the Corona pan(scam)demic, his record has not been good as my “Covid-19 – the story that doesn’t end” ebook argues. Sadly, his main advisors are not good or wise people and as for his supposed deficiencies on things to do with social justice that upset friends on the left, I have little to say. The only saving grace is, if the opposition were in power, things would be worse. Dissent in the ranks suggests his days are numbered. After all, 100 of his own party MPs voted against his proposals to give what some have come to see as draconian powers for government to tackle the Covid crisis; the Bill only got through because the opposition supported him.

I dare not predict what the future has in store for Boris or British politics or which direction the electoral mood is going or what the political landscape is going to look like if one of Great Reset or Great Awakening were to take hold. While 100 Tory MPs with spine is encouraging, my confidence in politicians is at an all time low, and much as I would love there to be viable alternatives e.g. the Reform Party, I am not confident. Looking at what currently is, it doesn’t look good and as things stand what is going to happen next has little to do with who is in power, because Boris and co. are controlled by higher powers. It is why I say: don’t look to Boris or anyone else for a way out, but rather look to the Lord, who alone can save.

Update 05/02/02: Boris still continues as Prime Minister but for how long? As always, in this age of Corona scamdemic and with the hidden evil cabal calling the global shots, the question is begged: how much power does the PM truly have? He does seem to have U-turned over mask mandates, vaccine passports, sacking NHS refuseniks etc. but is that a tactical withdrawal ahead of the next global crisis that will allow him to flex his muscles, rather than raising the white flag? And is party gate where his hypocrisy regarding his keep safe message in the light of the virus been exposed a mere distractions. To what extent are my left leaning friends concerns over his callously ignoring social justice matters valid, and what about climate catastrophe, and if not Boris then who? Watch this space for my next Boriswatch installment.


One thought on “Boriswatch (5)

  1. Roger says:

    If Boris is a made up from being a bad guy and fool I hate to think of what the opposition groups and their leaders are made up from.
    Probably insane marxists calling themselves socialist politicians now creating a new Labour name called the Momentum Group. They have neither the brain or understanding of the needs of this country, its honest and hardworking people to achieve a future for it. The proposals they submit for UK businesses would turn us into a third world nation, that contrasts at the moment the growth current and the forecasted growth being delivered by the Financial and Industrial bodies.
    The thinking in the laws they are planning for this country are understandably anti British which is in line with the general and even detailed rhetoric they spout.
    So I cannot agree with your current analysis of the UK’S current PM. Not perfect but he’s far better than the ones that came before him from and including Major to May.
    At least we had no phoney wars, no selling of UK assets and reserves cheaply, no PFI NHS procurements, no EU agreements signed without consultation, never tried to dodge the result of a peoples vote/referendum.
    That’s leadership trying to do the best for the people of your country whilst leaving the dreaded EU, plus a very unexpected Covid virus with no known cure coming into play its been a hectic / steep learning curve for any new PM, with a vigilante media attacking life has been tough
    I’m truly grateful the Corbyn or Starmer of the UK are not at the helm because if they were I would by now be in a living hell and that is before it becomes my final place

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