The Book of Genesis (Part 3)

The Book of Genesis (Part 3)

Part 3: Noah (chapters 6-11) – from the Great Flood to the Tower of Babel

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3 thoughts on “The Book of Genesis (Part 3)

  1. Glen says:

    Taking these stories as literal truth does not benefit the Christian faith one bit! They are lovely myths and legends formulated to explain the world.
    Also the story of Noah, far from being anti-racist was used by white Christians to justify the colonization and enslavement of black people, , much like the story of the crucifiction was used to justify antisemitism…
    One also has to ask how did marsupials from Australia and sloths from South America get to these places after leaving the ark, seeing as these places were cut off from Europe and Asia by vast tracts of water. Then there are the logistics of feeding and cleaning out, when regarding how many animals there would have been on the ark if there were two of every species alive. As for the Tower of Babel, this being the explanation for so many different languages, it is childish and we can see in the modern world, just how languages change and develop.
    One has to wonder that if someone’s faith depends on believing these legends and myths are true, how strong is that faith, if it crumbles when reality is admitted?

    • Thanks Glen for your comments, which I know some others will agree with. The best I can say is I respectfully disagree. As I said in my first presentation, the first eleven chapters of the Bible are quite possibly the most controversial of the whole Bible, more than Revelation even. I have chosen to take a literal view but recognize that this is not shared by many, including among Christians. As for stuff that doesn’t seem to add up, let me refer you to a helpful resource: the Answers in Genesis website which do a better job explaining than I can. Sadly, people twist the story of Noah to promote falsehoods like racism and yet ironically the Bible teaches we are all sons of Adam and race is a non issue.

    • If you check the Bible carefully, you see that Ham was not cursed, although what he did was a shameful thing. Genesis 9:25 tells us that Noah said, “Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be to his brothers.” I personally believe that Canaan was the product of Ham raping his own mother, after seeing his father drunk. The name means “humiliated”. Note that Ham’s other sons were never cursed by Noah, and there is no curse on the descendants of Ham in general.

      As for Noah’s Ark, there are many studies people have carried out which shows that there was plenty of space for all the animals, 7 pairs of clean animals, 2 pairs of unclean animals, according to their kind. After the Flood subsided, the animals spread out across the globe, and ended up in various places like Australia. Boats existed at that time, so it is highly probable that people took animals to the far-off places they colonised.

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