Weaponizing truth

Weaponizing truth

As I pass my eighth anniversary of entering the blogosphere, and having posted nearly 2000 times on a wide range of subjects that interest me, I note a number of recurring themes and high up on the list is the importance etc. of truth, and where my posts include:

My remit has been to go where often angels dare to tread when it comes to posting on difficult and controversial subjects that matter, yet are fair game given my blogging interests. I have often found my views to be in the minority (nothing new here), as with the EU and Brexit, Trump and US Election fraud, Covid-19 and vaccines, the New World Order and the Great Reset and most recently the Russian invasion of Ukraine with its manifold global ramifications. Articulating my views has led to a number of fall outs. Sometimes, when me and the person who sees things differently, we might graciously agree to disagree, but sometimes it has been acrimonious. Invariably the question of what is true arises and the need to distinguish fact from opinion, not helped because mainstream media often lies and alternative media peddles conspiracy theories (at least sometimes). Often, we only know a fraction of what there is to know and it then becomes a matter of joining the dots to find the truth, which I try to do with integrity. Rather than go over ground covered in the aforementioned articles, or get too theological, although noting “truth” crops up 224 times in the King James Bible, including 9 times in Proverbs (see above meme; all verses given are relevant), and truth matters with God and knowing it sets us free, I want to consider how truth has been weaponized with the notion of domestic terrorism by “truth tellers”, who have the temerity of questioning the official narrative, self appointed arbiters of truth.  

As I was pondering my next (this) blog an email was dropped in my mailbox by two Dutch journalists, Janet and Cynthia, only to confirm I needed to go for it. In my “The “Fall of the Cabal” and its sequel” blog, I considered the important part they have made in understanding the truth of what is really going on in the world, much of it ignored and derided by the unholy (media, government, elite) trinity. While some of the dot joining and opinions may be questionable, as far as I can make out, what they declared as fact is just that and is at the heart of the culture war we are seeing and the battle taking place between advocates of the Great Reset and those of the Great Awakening. The essence of their email was to alert us to the fact of a number of truth tellers who have in a matter of fact way outed members of the Dutch government over corruption, have been arrested, charged and imprisoned for their actions, and the ladies themselves have faced their own backlash. As I see it, the bad guys are often the first to get on their truth high horse by deriding etc. the good guys, the true “truth tellers”, when in fact they are lying scum.

My having been sent to Facebook jail for posting stuff they dislike, such as the meme above, is part of my own disagreeable, even if modest in comparison, experience. But as sides are taken between Putin and Russia and Ukraine and their globalist puppet masters, I dare say the ante is going to be upped and those who disagree with the US/UK/Nato narrative, which I argue elsewhere is not true in several cases (and that doesn’t mean I support the Russia, Putin and his allies either), will no doubt feel the backlash. Going back to theology, we do well to take comfort in David’s Psalms who saw liars being honoured 3000 years ago as did his son Solomon, whose words of wisdom, come what may, are going to be the ones I follow. We give it all to God. I should close by declaring this is not an attempt per se at self-justification. It is, after all, one thing to know the truth, and I spend a lot of time trying to do this by checking out all sorts of sources, along with Bible meditation, but if we know the truth we need to act / live accordingly and recognise the need for balance, to include love, grace, humility, righteousness and wisdom.


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