Today’s truth seekers and how Christians should respond

Today’s truth seekers and how Christians should respond

It should go without saying – truth is a jolly good thing and something to be prized and sought after. And if you are a Bible believer, especially so; for example, it tells us that it is truth which sets us free. Sad to say, not only do people differ, often radically, as to what they believe is true and what isn’t, but there is often a tendency to fervently claim the moral high ground as to where truth is to be found or not found, along with what matters, even to the point of falling out and dismissing those who have other views.

Often what we believe to be true or not depends on what axioms happen to govern our world view and what our interests are. It also depends in part on who and what influences us, who we listen to and how intensively we do so. There is a danger for all of us to fail to differentiate truth and opinion or to want to impose our views on others and neglect things like grace and love. Sometimes, we fail to check out and are taken in by what is purported to be truth because it backs up our opinions. Then there is an issue that bothers me – some truth once we know it as truth should radically affect our way of living but doesn’t. Then what do we do when we know the truth, let alone if challenged by the thought that ignorance is no excuse. Then there is the dilemma we may face when seeking truth, going down all sorts of rabbit holes and sometimes having to conclude we end up being less certain and knowledgeable about certain things than before. Given truth covers all sorts of areas, too many and too complex for us to cover, which ones do we pursue? And, we may hark back to the question Pilate asked Jesus, who claimed those who were of the truth hear His voice (John 18: 37,38) – what is truth?

I confess, that I subscribe to what has been described as a Judaeo-Christian world view and I believe in the divine inspiration of the Bible. I also believe in the scientific method, and common sense, and one of the consequences of following the path of wisdom as the Book of Proverbs exhorts us to do, is I have found seeking truth to be a necessary part of this. I also find myself in a dilemma deciding what avenues to go down and which sources to check out – besides the Bible. As someone who feels called to be a watchman, I am reminded, I need to watch and pray and, given life has taught me to question everything that does not come from the lips of the Almighty, to test and weigh. When it comes to figuring out what is going on in the world and how to respond, I have found in recent years I have come not to rely on mainstream media, which lie on a regular basis. Instead, I gravitate more to alternative media and having to decide who to follow, mindful there is increasingly more choice. I do so mindful this may come with the conspiracy theory tag and have found those who control it do always not share my Christian beliefs and are often on the lines of new age, syncretistic Gnosticism, although often such folk have more inkling of what is going on around us than many well read, holy Christians. We find sometimes truth is to be found in unlikely places and sometimes it seems like the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and requires wisdom as to where we look for truth rather than being automatically dismissive because “truthers” may seem to be taking followers down a path forbidden to followers of YHWH. I could go on about modern day prophets; what if they are genuine?

In my view, the two big outstanding to be resolved happenings starting in 2020 and carrying over to 2021 are the US Presidential election steal that has implications far wider reaching than the USA and the Corona pan(scam)demic with its manifold consequences, including vaccines. What is clear to me, you won’t find a lot of truth from mainstream media; if anything it will divert you away from your quest. I have a view on these matters that I discuss elsewhere, including how things might pan out and how we should respond. As I have argued, we (and here I talk particularly about the true church) need to know how to respond or else be like the German church of the 1930’s (as per meme above) and seeing evil roll out, standing aside when we could have done something. Bringing it up to date – we need to know enough about Corona vaccines, whether we and those we influence should take it, or understanding enough about what is going on in the world to respond to current events, knowing our limits and exercising what comes with truth – wisdom.

Personally, I try to be like the sons of Issachar (as per meme above). Knowing who to believe, what things we check out regarding our truth mission (if we really knew the true extent of the evil in the world, we would not be able to stand it) are all important. But might I suggest we begin with this truth: we are great sinners who need saving but cannot save ourselves, but Jesus is a great Saviour, who can save to the uttermost the worst of sinners. If true, our mission is to live out this simple but profound truth and make it known to all.


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