Counterfeit truth under the banner of “Awakeness”

Counterfeit truth under the banner of “Awakeness

I recently joined a Facebook group whose “About” blurb reads: “Deeply sceptical of this Lockdown & all it means for our country & world future. Ultimately WE KNOW Jesus wins and this group is to openly encourage and share our faith and all this mad stuff too!

With Christians around me who believe Jesus wins but not sceptical about anything Covid related or the official narrative that goes with it, I decided this was a group to join. It inspired me to write my latest blog: “Church of the unmasked”. Given members were clearly awake regarding things to do with Corona, I expected folk in the group would be on the same page as me about what has been called the Great Awakening, as discussed in my recent blogs “Conspiracy, corona, the great reset – a Christian response” and “Conspiracy theories, conspiracy facts and the prophetic”, Donald J. Trump, as discussed in my ebook “Donald J. Trump”, and end time events (eschatology) as discussed in my “The Rapture, Political Prophets and the Lord’s Prayer” and “The Rapture revisited” blogs. 

When checking out what folk had posted, I came to see this was not entirely the case. While mildly disappointed, I was also quite philosophical, having seen and have sometimes been on the brunt end of, especially in more recent days, all sorts of issues where Christians disagree, including more recently concerning the Corona Pan(scam)demic and the jab that is meant to pass as a vaccine in order to get society back to normal. I am not here to blow the lid on the arguments of good Christian people, who I respect (after all life not light should be the basis of our fellowship), and neither do I want to rewind the gramophone record of what I set out in my writings, including concerning prophets and prophecy, my book “Prophets of the Bible”. But rather, I would like to address the concern that people like me may be peddling “Counterfeit truth under the banner of Awakeness” and the danger of deception.

I take as my role model the sons of Issachar of who it was written: they “had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do”. While we are not ancient Israel, the need to understand the time and know what we need to do is as great as ever, as is the role of the watchman on the wall who can look out for impending danger and advise how to respond. While we should be guided by the Bible, to dismiss what is happening in plain site or to roll over because we are about to be raptured is pious gobbledygook and is unbiblical. More controversially is the role of the prophet of which it is written “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets” and deciding who to believe. I suspect prophets I refer to that typically can be checked out from resources like “Richard’s Watch” and “Elijah Streams, who see a Great Awakening coming just round the corner, just as do certain New Age conspiracy theorists whose God may not be that of the Bible, may not be the teachers my new friends subscribe to – and that is not necessarily a bad thing, for I have learned that no one person has the complete picture or the whole truth and, while some teachers are worth listening to more than others, we can often learn from unlikely sources. While it is uncool to believe in what “Q” posts, for me a lot of what is claimed has the ring of truth. It is presumptuous to ignore something just because it makes us feel uncomfortable or is not consistent with the teachings of our favourite preacher, if our mantra is truth, just as it is not of God to claim special knowledge aka the ancient heresy of Gnosticism.  

We are living in the Last Days and are warned that the very elect will be deceived, and we are seeing this right now. While we may judge others, who fall in the trap of deception or who simply see things differently to us, we need to pay attention to ourselves, as well as being those who are first to pick up those who have listened to the lies of the devil, who not only wants to divide and rule but to cause us to stray from the narrow path that leads to life. I have gone on record saying I believe there will be a Great Awakening because the Lord is fed up with evil men killing children and a lot else besides and has heard His people’s prayers, and I can see the signs and it is a joy to behold. I believe this will be accompanied by spiritual revival because He wants all men to be saved and His Church to be a glorious one, and the best thing we can do is be prepared. How and when this happens, I can’t say and neither how many conspiracy theories are conspiracy facts (except I believe many are). Yes, I believe Donald Trump will be back, not because he is perfect but he is God’s modern-day Cyrus to drain the swamp (despite supposedly promoting the vax). Yes, I believe in the message of awakeness because of all people Christians need to be awake, as well as the danger of being taken in by the counterfeit as we look for hope (a factor that will eventually bring in the reign of the Antichrist).


I have picked up three phrases in recent months that help guide me and may help others:

Watch and pray: we do this because Jesus told us to. Let’s look as what is happening around us and pray that we may see things according to how God sees things and for His will to be done.

Test and weigh: truth must be our mantra. Whatever is said and whoever says it, we must test what is said and weigh the words, mindful there are many perspectives and God’s one is what matters.

Trust and obey: and as the old Sunday School chorus goes – for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus. The Christian life is not complicated. We trust our heavenly father and obey his commands.


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