Conspiracy, corona, the great reset – a Christian response

Conspiracy, corona, the great reset – a Christian response

In my late teens, not long after I became a Christian, I was told a joke that at the time I thought was funny and it has never left me. Someone died and went to heaven and was given a guided tour by St. Peter. During the tour, various denominational groupings were pointed out. The final group to be shown was a hidden, huddle, behind a wall. At this point, Peter said: “shhh – they are the Brethren – they think they are the only ones here”. The irony was this was told to me by a Brethren elder, the group I had joined and was to be part of for much of my adult life; the appropriateness of which readers can decide, but suspicion over what other Christians (including those in my own group) believe has never left me. This has been complemented by a scepticism about almost everything, having learned the hard way that people one might expect to be trusted cannot be and things are, more often than not, not what they seem. While not wanting to set myself up as someone especially holy or learned, I do seek to honour God and I do diligently study the Bible to try and find out what God thinks about world events etc.

Much of what I am about to say I have already said and in the last few months (check out my writings and blogs on my website). I have no intention of going over ground already covered or providing evidence to back up opinions I am about to offer (again I refer to my website), and instead I will provide a summary of what is going on around me that in my view is particularly significant, and from the point of view of conspiracy theories, with the Covid-19 “pandemic” including vaccines and the great (global) reset that is very soon to take place, whether (to be discussed) the (imo) black hat version or the white hat version. I want to end by saying how, as a serious follower of Jesus, I am responding and intend to respond, and humbly suggest a model others might consider adopting.

I recently came across three blogs by an influential Christian, Ed Stetzer. Other than our Facebook connection, I know little about him other than he is more or less (I think) in my theological stable.

  1. The Good Samaritan and Vaccines
  2. How Church Leaders Can Help End the Pandemic – Pastors and others can lead their congregations through vaccine hesitancy
  3. Some evangelicals spread falsehoods about COVID vaccines while the world is desperate

My purpose is NOT to critique Ed’s arguments per se but rather use these as a spur to my writing as I am about to do. It seems one of his common themes is a suspicion of Christians that subscribe to conspiracy theories and in particular to those that suggest Covid vaccines are bad. Not only that, but he urges pastors and other Christian influencers to speak out on these matters, presumably along the lines he happens to endorse, thus begging the question that equally earnest, knowledgeable Christians, who see things differently, feel they must challenge such views. Then there are those “prophets” who challenge the churches status quo – are they from God or not? The likely tragedy is another division, to add to the countless number throughout church history, looms large and the answer to Jesus John 17 prayer for unity seems even further away, and Satan’s divide and rule strategy that is adopted by the “black hats” that want to rule the world and enslave humanity clocks up yet another win, with the cause of the gospel being the loser.


One of the challenges that come when you realise mainstream and social media, politicians of all shades, big business especially Pharma, and experts of various sorts repeatedly lie to you is where to find information as to what is going on in the world, mindful ignorance is no excuse. What then may happen is to turn to alternative news sources, the sort that typically are censored or ridiculed by this afore-mentioned group because, it is claimed, they peddle conspiracy theories – a bad thing! Some conspiracy theories are untrue but some are true, even though “they” would have us believe otherwise. A lot fall in the can’t be sure one way or another category and need to be put in a drawer to revisit when we know more. Often what is required is the taking of the red pill moment leading one to believe the swamp that Donald Trump went on about in his 2016 Presidential campaign not only exists but is deeper and dirtier than we could ever have imagined, for example the US election steal that happened November 3rd 2019. If my conspiracy theory sources are to be believed, this will soon be overturned and, as for connecting the many dots, this will happen to all our astonishments. But we should be seekers after truth and righteousness, beholden to a holy God and not man’s opinions. We do well to heed the prophet’s words: “Do not call conspiracy all that this people calls conspiracy, and do not fear what they fear, nor be in dread. But the Lord of hosts, him you shall honor as holy. Let him be your fear, and let him be your dread” Isaiah 6:12,13.


I am no expert and neither are those reading this and from what I can make out nor are many of those who our governments listen to, who are compromised by taking of bribes and linking with black hats, like Bill Gates and Dr Fauchi, etc. While I would like to think government have the best interests of we the people at heart, if my conspiracy theorists are correct this is not what motivates many who have serious power. Like many, I have felt there is little I can do other than support the resistance, as various measures around lockdown, social distancing, wearing masks etc. are adopted to contain the virus. No one can deny Covid-19 is for real. The big question is what to do about it? My view was to treat it like a bad case of flu and that the lockdown measures that have been adopted are excessive and disastrous with enormous untoward ramifications. Then came the vaccine and the strong encouragement that we take it and even the strong possibility to make it mandatory (PCR tests and similar already is in some cases). Of course, the official line is vaccines are good and, moreover, what is needed if we are to go back to some form of normality, but there are a growing number of medically qualified experts that don’t think so (not that you would know given the censorship and measures to shut up dissenting voices). My own position is I know enough to be concerned, and am resolved, despite the pressure to “take the vax”, including from loved ones, not to take the shot because of suspicions over harmful, longer term effects, evidence of which is coming out. Besides which, I am as much concerned over the phenomena of “shedding” (unbeknown by the vaccinated) that can badly affect the unvaccinated. Sadly, many churches have gone along with foolish government directives to do with Covid rather than being the prophetic voice to which they are called, and I feel unable to comply, while honouring those who do.

Great reset

According to Wikipediathe Great Reset is the name of the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), held in June 2020. It brought together high-profile business and political leaders, convened by Charles, Prince of Wales and the WEF, with the theme of rebuilding society and the economy in a sustainable way following the COVID-19 pandemic.” In my view, many of those involved in advocating a variant on a theme of yesteryear – the New World Order, fall in the “Black hat” category and their intentions when analysed (and I have) are nefarious and tantamount to enslaving humanity and paving the way for the Antichrist. Some conspiracy theories argue the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccines was all part of a plot to bring about this version of the Great Reset. An alternative to the black hat version of the Great reset, is one led by the white hats and supported by many of the “political prophets”, who also believe there will be a Great Awakening for the things of God and spiritual revival, as discussed on Chapter 21 of the second edition of my book “Prophets of the Bible. I see enough, courtesy of those dastardly conspiracy theorists etc. to incline to the latter view. In any case, whether the more pessimistic view of the world that might have been expected by my early Brethren mentors referred to at the start of this article or the more optimistic one of my political prophet supporter friends and to conspiracy theorists I follow, like Charlie Ward, we need to prepare and watch and pray.

This Christian’s response

It was said of the early church right at the outset: “they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers” Acts 2:42. While fellowship has become more difficult as people become isolated, being unable to meet due to Covid lockdown restrictions and for many breaking of bread is now not possible, the opportunity to continue in the apostle’s doctrine, through the study of the Bible and in prayers (there is so much to thank and ask God for), is one that all believers should avail themselves of; and the need for fellowship is one that should not be denied, despite the obstacles, of which there are many, besides differences of opinion over conspiracy theories and Covid vaccines. Moreover, there is a world to win for Christ; we are presented with countless opportunities to do good and love thy neighbour. Then there is the need to live holy lives and for yours truly not to be a grumpy old man. If we need a watchword to influence our response, we are spoiled for choice, but how about: “He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?” Micah 6:8. And when it comes to having Christian fellowship, how about: “Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another: and the Lord hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the Lord , and that thought upon his name” Malachi 3:16?



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