Klaus Schwab and “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”

Klaus Schwab and “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”

According to Wikipedia “Klaus Martin Schwab (born 30 March 1938) is a German engineer and economist. In 1971 he founded what would become the World Economic Forum, where he currently serves as executive chairman”. In recent months, he has rose to prominence as it has become evident he has significantly influenced many of the world’s leaders (notable during Covid-19 lockdown, with people such as Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, often standing out for employing draconian measures to tackle the “scamdemic”) and is a champion for the Great Reset, with ideas like “you will own nothing and be happy“. For some who are opposed to such notions and recoil from his ideas of globalism to bring this about, he has become the number one bogeyman, taking over that title from the likes of Bill Gates and George Soros.

One of his inner circle, who is very influential (he was after all endorsed by Barack Obama as one to follow, is a keynote speaker in high powered gatherings and whose counsel is sought after by the powerful) is Yuval Noah Harari, unsympathetically critiqued (here –  “Who influences the influencers? Meet Klaus Schwab’s chief adviser” and also here – “Antichrist Agenda Clay Clark/Elijah Streams. SPECIAL “THE GREAT RESET” VS “THE GREAT AWAKENING!”) which discusses some of his ideas, such as promoting notions of transhumanism, hacking into human beings taking away freewill, being able to monitor and control the masses (including “under the skin” and using social credit scoring) irrespective of their acquiescence and his dismissal of traditional Christian teaching, coming up with statements like “history began when humans invented gods, and will end when humans become gods”, yet seeming to be given nod of approval by Schwab and acting as his spokesman. While he is seen by some as a credible guru, others see him as dangerous and sinister, likening him to the False Prophet spoken of in the Book of Revelation.

It occurred to me that part of my watchman on the wall remit and (not that I do nearly enough of it) is the need to check out ideas and writings that have particularly impacted the world. Given how influential Schwab and his associates are, then they should be considered.  In checking out what Klaus Schwab has said, besides YouTube, I turned to the two books he has written, for which he is particularly known for, “Covid-19 and the Great Reset” (which I have not read) and “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” (which I have just finished reading, noting much has happened since it was published in 2017). A helpful synopsis of what the book is about that also happens to be sympathetic is “Klaus Schwab: The 4th Industrial Revolution: What It Means, How to Respond”.

Having studied the first two industrial revolutions as part of my school history education and most of my working life I have been involved with the third one as a computer engineer, I can sympathize (surprisingly) with some of Schwab’s arguments, like the fourth one we have begun to embark on has advantages and disadvantages and, as with the first three, it is a matter of how we come to terms with what is going on, which in this case is a merging of biology, robotics, artificial intelligence and ultra fast and powerful communications and computer power, all of which concepts and how these relate Schwab explains well as he does the challenges faced as a result of the changes. Whether we can accuse him of craftily orchestrating a conspiracy intent on dumbing down and eventually depopulating and enslaving humankind is up for debate and one that I have been engaged in, e.g. see here and here.

I confess, I was not riveted by the book, even though I sensed he made important points and these he did lay out well, and this despite my qualms prior to reading. My main concern is, that in order for the vision Schwab has to work, it requires a planned globalist agenda, and is why the World Economic Forum is a key player in bringing together world leaders around common goals, along with the plausible United Nations Agenda 2030 (see here), a centralisation of power headed by the unelected and unaccountable to ensure compliance, with those who don’t comply or having the temerity to question the ideology and agenda of this cabal being left behind or even cast off, and for a merging of man and machine and a system of command and control leaving no place for freewill or God.

It is early days still, but if Schwab’s ideas are adopted and signs are that is happening (with reference to his other main book), we are in for something worse than the sort of scenarios depicted in “1984” and “Brave New World” and perhaps more significantly, from this Bible student perspective, the rule of the Antichrist, who will be welcomed by many as the world’s saviour, that is predicted in the Book of Revelation, making it imperative to turn to the true Christ.   


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