Conspiracy theorists; how I became one and tips to pass on

Conspiracy theorists; how I became one and tips to pass on

Given it is best to agree definitions, two online definitions of “conspiracy theory” I found are: it is “is an explanation for an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy by sinister and powerful groups, often political in motivation, when other explanations are more probable. The term has a negative connotation, implying that the appeal to a conspiracy is based on prejudice or insufficient evidence” and it is “a belief that some secret but influential organization is responsible for an event or phenomenon”.  

I feel some caveats need to be made before I can truly class myself as a conspiracy theorist, although others, irrespectively, have done so for me. The first definition is at least a little pejorative, for some who hold to conspiracy theories have no political axe to grind and who is to say, in good Sherlock Holmes fashion, having eliminated the impossible (as a result of waking up to the fact things aren’t what they seem), the improbable is not the truth, and in asking what is the correct explanation who ultimately decides? Regarding the second definition, it is often not the case that some influential organization is secret but many of their deliberations they may make are done in secret, and as for taking responsibility for some event or phenomenon, it may be attributable to more than one party.

Moreover, the question is begged: how many conspiracy theories later turn out to be conspiracy facts? Then, how often is it the case that with some conspiracy theories, besides being either true or false, may fall in the category that we can’t be sure and people tend to take a view based on what they know and / or believe to be true already. Then again, given the label “conspiracy theorist” has been weaponized, going back to the time of the JFK assassination (and later 9/11) for those who questioned the official narrative, what can be said for the good folk who do question what they are told even without showing much interest in conspiracy and then are deemed to be a domestic terrorist and subjected to ridicule and worse? One more thing: “do your own research” is something any honest person, whether or not a conspiracy theorist, should do, even if it means coming to a view that one can not be entirely sure what is going on.   

Doing my psycho-analytical bit, I have always been a contrary so and so, and for as long as I can remember I have often have gone out on a limb and take minority and even solitary positions. When I got religion as a teenager and joined the Plymouth Brethren, there was the sense that only the PBs were entirely right and everyone else was at least a little wrong and, as time went on, I became increasingly sceptical on positions which others took for granted. During my working life, I was otherwise occupied and not inclined to get into conspiracy theories, which have come more to the fore in recent years, focusing instead on career, family and church and community involvement. Even so, I have taken an interest in the world around me and have not stopped asking questions about many conundrums.

I suppose my interest in conspiracy theories developed around eight years ago when I began to blog and get involved with the hot bed of social media. Ask me prior to that and I would have largely gone along with the group I now label the “unholy trinity”: media, politicians and elites – after all, they know better than most and why should they mislead us (or at least, so I thought)? But things begun to change as I became aware of Brexit, Trump, the US Election steal, the Corona scamdemic, the Swamp, the Great Reset and the war in Ukraine and other hot spots – to name but a few and seeing through the lies of this unholy trinity with sensible people being taken in by them, wondering where to turn. I also began to check out what is often considered conspiracy theory and found that often it made sense. From the point of view that I now believe there is an evil cabal intent on screwing humanity, I can verily be classed as a conspiracy theorist (check out my nearly 2000 blogs, where I give my measured views – but always I have tried to be beholden to the truth).

I have come to a view that whenever God uses someone, much of what he/she experiences beforehand, including as a consequence of his/her own foolishness, is meant as a preparation for the future. In my case the pain I have sometimes felt by going out on a “conspiracy theory” limb has enabled me to help others now, specifically those waking up to the fact that things are not what they seem and looking to respond in an appropriate way. Having learned the hard way as a result of going down the conspiracy theory route, there are tips I can pass on that might lead to reconciliation, peace and enlightenment rather than confrontation, war and ignorance, so here goes …

  1. Truth matters more than almost anything else and if there is a price to pay for sticking one’s head over the parapet, it is worth it.
  2. Don’t be ashamed to admit you don’t know something and may even be wrong.
  3. Test and weigh, watch and pray and trust and obey are the mantras this conspiracy theorist tries to live by.
  4. The world comprises fools, villains and good guys and often it is not easy to tell who is who.
  5. When you wake up in the morning, give glory to God rather than check out the latest conspiracy theory.
  6. Do your own research but realise there are only so many hours in the day and so ration your time and resources you check out.
  7. While you may connect dots non conspiracy theorists may not even consider, recognise there is a lot you don’t know or are even likely to know, so think carefully before drawing conclusions.
  8. While it can be painful, stick to the facts and be prepared to back up your opinions.
  9. Be ever ready to put new information and perspectives into a box you may return to later when you know more.
  10. Don’t forget other duties, whether work, family, community etc.
  11. Focus on those things you can do something about.
  12. (Not always easy) but try not to fall out with others because of your strongly held views, especially old friends. Allow for the fact our experiences, perspectives, prejudices, beliefs, interests differ.
  13. Don’t waste time with time wasters and disrespectful people.
  14. There is a spiritual warfare going that far exceeds anything we see in the natural, and often things aren’t what they seem.
  15. We are all in for some major surprises.
  16. Remember, in the end – God wins and it is His winning side you need to be on.

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