Is the House of Cards about to fall (3)?

Is the House of Cards about to fall (3)?

Five weeks ago, I wrote “Is the House of Cards about to fall?” and it was followed up by my posts “Is the House of Cards about to fall (2)?”, “What is happening in Ukraine and how to respond?” and “Should the church stay out of politics?, all relating to this present article, now my third bite at my House of Cards cherry and is strangely related to what I posted two weeks ago “Southend becomes a City” when, in pronouncing my town is now a City, Prince Charles had a pop at Russia’s President Putin for denying freedom to Ukraine and not a word was mentioned about Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau for doing the same with the Trucker protest – unsurprising of course as the former fits his vision for an aka New World Order globalist agenda, viewing Putin’s actions as a distraction from and threat to this and sad since good people I love don’t get what is going on.

As I have often pointed out, I am not a political prophet and my record as a political pundit is not good, but I am a gospel preaching, community activist, watchman on the wall who pays attention to these matters and, according to an esteemed vicar friend, to the point of over obsession, especially when I give store to notorious conspiracy theorists. While it is true, I have a disdain for the unholy trinity of politicians, media and elite, I do follow what comes out of their mouths along with all sorts of alternative news reporting they warn me against. From starting off, when young, as respectful of Christian leaders, especially if supposedly sound, I have turned 180 degrees as I have seen the shepherds of the flock siding with the wolves, and in the process been rebuked by the Almighty who has reminded me that this is His problem and mine is to do what I claim on my Facebook profile (and btw I am still in Facebook jail): test and weigh, watch and pray, trust and obey. Moreover, my catching Covid and feeling pretty poorly (subject for another blog) during this period has been His way to get His way with me.

Rewinding the clock eighteen months, say, there were two big (imho) news stories that still has not yet been fully resolved: the US Presidential election steal of November 3rd 2020 and the Coronavirus hoax that has dominated much of the news cycle since most became aware in February 2020. These and other stories to do with draining the swamp (a lot worse than I had thought back then) have occupied my thoughts and when it comes to the possibility of the House of Cards falling, it has been my hope that the truth will come out (it is slowly) and its evil cabal builders are brought to task. Then there was the prospect of a Great Reset promoted by many among our elite, that I have argued as intrinsically evil and related to the Babel system of Genesis 11 and Babylon the Great of Revelation 17 and 18. Countering this, and Christians even those who in the main are on my theological wavelength are not in full agreement, is the good version of the Great Reset, often referred to as the Great Awakening, when the white hats will hold the upper hand, at least for a season. Whether or not we will see a measure of justice and revival in the near future is a matter where readers may disagree. Our job is to turn to Him and be His faithful followers. 

What I failed to predict five weeks ago was the Russian invasion of Ukraine was going to be the main news story these past three weeks, with it being far from clear how it will all end. For the black hats it is a distraction from their shenanigans, despite protestations to the contrary, but it has brought to light even more evil doings, here in a country most would have been barely aware off five weeks ago as well as the woeful ignorance seen among the saints and despite it not being nice (war never is) makes me want to worship the Almighty who does all things well and inclines me more to prayer, even if I am unsure all what it is I should be praying for. Living under western propaganda, it is easy to understand why good people may think Putin and Russia is bad and Ukraine and its allies (who in the main I have called out them who have shouted loudest as bad in the recent past) as good. I side with neither and have noted Donald Trump’s recent rally speech calling out Putin as the aggressor and if he were in charge, rather than fake President Biden, the Russian invasion would not have happened. In my What is happening in Ukraine and how to respond article, I tried not to take sides but recognised that Russia had legitimate concerns and arguably had justification for some of its actions, which as in most wars before this have been twisted by the media, with accusations of war crimes.

Interestingly, a week ago the idea of there being several bio-weapon labs in Ukraine would not have been realised by most but upon being questioned, the US government spokesperson, Victoria Nuland has now admitted that was indeed the case and pointed her finger back to Russia who may well seize and then release bioweapons now that they have taken control. Given her involvement in a US led color revolution in 2015, sympathetic to anti-Russia interests, along with the actions of the gang of four (pictured below) and the evidence that Covid-19 and vaccine is a bio weapon and why “they” were so keen to impeach Trump over Ukraine gets me asking questions our media don’t ask – although if you were to dig deep some thankfully are asking, one of the most respected being UK Column (see here). In terms of honest journalism, Tucker Carlson is one of the few good examples. It is ironic that the focus on manufacturing the Covid-19 “virus” could change from labs in Wuhan to those scattered about Ukraine. There are many more relevant goings on most are ignorant of, which merit the attention of truth seekers. (According to Wikipedia) “Ukraine on Fire” is a 2016 documentary film directed by Igor Lopatonok. It features Oliver Stone, the executive producer, interviewing figures surrounding the 2014 Ukrainian revolution such as Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yanukovich”, which I found informative.

But how we, who are Christians, should respond is an important issue. Many, have urged taking in refugees (just as happened with Afghanistan and Syria in the recent past) and putting pressure on government (I don’t have a view but recognise how we respond to people in need matters). Then there is prayer but, even among those that recognise it is not for us to entreat the Almighty as to whose side He ought to take, in most of the credible calls for prayer I’ve seen (and there have been many) there is a sense that Ukraine are the hapless victim and Russia the heartless aggressor, with the bigger wider picture I have tried to present being almost completely ignored. As I see it, there is no good guy or bad guy in the whole affair and maybe the need for good people to be raised up could be one of our prayer focuses, starting with the church in Russia and Ukraine, where there is evidence of a spiritual awakening.  

In my early deliberations, I checked out what David Hathaway said (see here for his website), who I respect. The guy is now 90 and has been ministering in Russia and Ukraine for over 70 years, starting with smuggling Bibles into the Soviet Union and seeing a measure of religious freedom after it fell. Early on, he called Putin godly but has latterly accused him of being led by a witch doctor. His focus has been on praying for the real church in Russia and Ukraine and rejoicing in evidence of real unity. As Christians, we might well take a leaf out of Jesus’ book of rendering unto Caesar what is Caesars and to follow Paul by submitting to those in authority (both living under regimes that were arguably more brutal than Russia and more corrupt than Ukraine), making the spreading of the good news of the Kingdom our main priority and praying “Thy will be done”.


One thought on “Is the House of Cards about to fall (3)?

  1. paulbarnez says:

    I love the way you navigate through the troubled waters, taking your passengers with you to the extent that they are willing, with your anchor ultimately in the safe Harbour of the Kingdom of Jesus and His interests.

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