Trumpwatch 54 – the last days

Trumpwatch 54 – the last days

I note that it has been five months since my last Trumpwatch (see here), and yet there was a time when I was blogging, concerning what I found out from my watching the world of Trump, every week.

There is a good reason for this – then Trump was centre stage; now, while not far from the action (as is his predecessor – Obama, when he upstaged President Biden in a recent event that took place), it would appear Trump is merely on the periphery and at a time when all sorts of earth-shattering events are taking place that take precedence. Even so, his presence continues to loom large, noting yet another prophet prophesying the bad guys are about to receive their comeuppance, with Trump being swept back into power.

My role as a watchman on the wall is to watch what is going on and then to warn, uncertain whether we are about to see the Great Reset (the meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, currently taking place, is already claiming power and authority to implement its nefarious agenda) or Great Awakening (looked forward to by a motley crowd of deplorables, New Agers and modern-day prophets), or a bizarre mixture of the two, and with it all a good deal of Great Deception, as the Bible predicts would be the case.

Before Trump was elected US President, against most people’s expectations, in November 2016, until he lost the election for another term in office, in November 2020 and up to January 2021 when Biden took over, Trump, like him or loathe him, has occupied centre stage, with commentators and friends offering a variety of opinions, mainly negative. As for my own views, I refer readers to my “Donald J. Trump” ebook. Following what I saw as industrial scale election fraud, I took the view, spurred on by afore-mentioned Great Awakeners, that the result will be quickly overturned and justice will be seen to be done. I still believe Trump will be back as prophesied, especially the late Kim Clement two president prophecy (see here). While disappointed the Red Sea did not open up as I had expected, I am glad to be proved wrong – for one thing, we would not have known how deep and dirty the swamp is and, as ever, God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.

Besides keeping my eyes on a bewildering, fast moving array of world events, oscillating between, it seems, bad guys winning and good guys winning (to include the return of Trump to office), I study what the Bible has to say, pertinently concerning the matter of what going to happen in these last days. As for looking at the harsh reality of what is going on, something you won’t get from the unholy trinity of media, politicians and elite, two reports: “World Health Organization “Global Pandemic Treaty” Includes Plan For Mandatory, Universal Digital Passport and ID System” and “TEN WAYS TO WAKE PEOPLE UP, CLAY CLARK W INFOWARS 2022” provide useful commentary. Sadly, many good people chose to believe what this unholy trinity tell them but rather than take umbrage at being ridiculed in the streets or sent to the Christian version of Coventry, we should take inspiration from Noah, who did what God told him to do and let God take care of the rest, later to be proved right.

Some of the people who influenced me as a young Christian were themselves influenced by others when it comes to Bible prophecy concerning the Last Days (and this was a factor in my writing “Prophets of the Bible” (see here)). My early mentors were both right and wrong. They were broadly correct in their understanding, notably what the Books of Daniel and Revelation had to teach us about these last days, but not when they wrongly succumbed to human wisdom, applying that understanding of Bible prophecy to what they saw was going on in the world. The same consideration applies today, despite our knowing things our forefathers never would have known, and trying to relate this to Bible prophecy.

As I conclude, the following came up in one of the social media streams I check out: “Keeping our eyes on the Prize. It begins “As deception, government corruption, violence, and lawlessness increase in our world, it becomes difficult at times to hang on to our hope in Jesus’ imminent appearing. How do we keep our focus on the Rapture during these perilous times?” I agree with the first sentence but not with the second. Unlike some Great Awakeners, while I see temporary respite from the unchecked evil I am seeing, I do not see the equivalent of the New Age, Age of Aquarius, false teaching, but rather the rise of the AntiChrist, the Mark of the Beast, the persecution of the saints etc., before Jesus returns to planet earth, and I am not convinced that the people of God will be taken before all this happens. But we can take encouragement in our God who moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform, and place our hope alone in our soon to return King of kings and Lord of lords, the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall reign forever and ever.


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