Trumpwatch 53 – some good and some bad

Trumpwatch 53 – some good and some bad

As I often try to point out in my Trumpwatch postings, while I tend to look favourably upon Donald J Trump, including taking the view he has a Cyrus type anointing to drain the swamp, I do not give him a free pass from justifiable criticism. When it comes to putting our trust in men, while we are now surrounded by an awful set of world leaders, with Trump the best of the bunch, we must trust God alone. As for what is going on in the world, trying to interpret what people say and do, we need to recognise that He knows and is in control.

After standing down, at least officially, as POTUS, on 20th January 2021, and going relatively quiet for a season, Trump is gathering increased publicity and the word is he maybe making a comeback and that before the next US Presidential election. Many like me were astounded that not only did the bad guys seem to have gotten away with stealing the 3rd November 2020 election, but most seemed ok with this. Many doubted their earlier convictions there would be a just outcome and some became increasingly depressed seeing how bad his replacement was and the direction the world is going, not least because of the draconian measures being proposed and enacted, and now in the offing, to deal with the Covid-19 pan(scam)demic. And as for the swamp, it is becoming clearer that it is a lot worse than we first thought. Which brings me onto the good (with a bit of bad) and bad (with a bit of good) news …

The mainly good news comes from listening to Trump’s mini sermon, come political speech (because that is what it was) at the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. The good bit is he gave glory to God and recognised that Jesus Christ alone can save. The bad bit (picked up by the more cynical) is that the speech could have easily been scripted and it still appeared to be a lot about him. The mainly bad news is when Trump was questioned on the Bill O’Reilly show, when he not only admitted to having been jabbed but that he had got the booster. The good bit was he affirmed that no-one should be made to take the jab. Some will say it is all show and part of his 5D chess strategy, because if he hadn’t pushed the jab, things would be far worse. But that he had lied is not a good thing; neither is his example given what those standing by their convictions have to face.

We live in extraordinary days and, if nothing else, this tells us (as if we didn’t know already) that our hope must be in God alone and never in a man who may or may not still be the Lord’s anointed.


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