Summer of Rage 2022 (3)

Summer of Rage 2022 (3)

Please bear with me for this third in less than a fortnight of my “Summer of Rage” series (see here and here for the previous two). A lot that is hugely significant is going on in the world that has a bearing, and for this blogger it is one way to get what I am seeing off my chest as I continue to inform, warn and encourage my readers.

When it comes to demonstrable rage, in my previous blog I referred to that by Dutch farmers, who are now being joined by farmers from other countries. Their anger is due to the likelihood of being put out of business as government seeks to cut back on their enterprise in order to reduce Nitrogen emissions in accordance with a climate change agenda being pushed by the likes of the World Economic forum. “Rebel’s Lewis Brackpool discusses the Farmer Rebellion live from the Netherlands” relates. According to an Alex Jones report “Must-Watch Wednesday FULL SHOW: The News is TOO INSANE For a Headline!“, Dutch farmers have the measure of the cabal’s nefarious, often successful plans to shut down national economies to implement their NWO agenda.

Not reported on by mainstream media but is by Alex Jones: “FULL SHOW 7/12/22 – Worldwide Rebellion Against Globalist Tyranny EXPLODES” is how other poorer countries are being led down a path toward poverty to satisfy WEF and other goals, as the powerful lean on them to adopt measures for tackling climate change, e.g. Ghana. This is reported on in this “Tucker Carlson: “The Netherlands, Ghana & Sri Lanka go Green & Broke” report. He also reports on the Sri Lankan uprising, which overturned their government, although some watchers argue a long history of government corruption. Where this will lead is, as I previously stated, anyone’s guess. While one hopes something good will come out of it, history teaches us that often that is not the case.

Climate change has become again a big issue and while it seemed this had been overtaken by Covid, both provide good excuses for bring about goals of WEF and UN Agenda 2030, which I have argued will lead to human enslavement and depopulation (although dismissed by some as conspiracy theory). Today’s BBC “Covid: 3m adults still unvaccinated in England” report is but one example to lead one to believe we have neither moved on from Climate Change nor Covid and as events unravel will play a part.

Today’s “UK Column News – 13th July 2022 report on WHO announcements further confirms. Going ons in America and Ukraine, discussed in my earlier “rage” blogs remain significant. I fully anticipate earth shattering developments in the months ahead. A further example of how the propaganda war is unraveling can be seen in “‘This Is A War Of Propaganda’: John Pilger On Ukraine And Assange” where the plight of whistle blower journalist Julian Assange and journalist integrity is also discussed.

Before moving on, we should mention the UK Conservative Party leadership race. I agree with “UK Column News – 11th July 2022”, as it discusses the credentials and prospects of the various candidates, that it all looks rather depressing with no-one I / they see as fit to be leader; all strike us as puppets. Sadly, I do not see hope in any of the major political parties and wonder if the prophet who prophesied a collapse in the UK political system is correct.

Then there is “Shinzo Abe, former Japanese prime minister, assassinated during campaign speech“, also a significant event (“Mel K & Investigative Journalist Ben Fulford With Geopolitical Insights On Japan” relates), with more to what went on than meets the eye (as often is the case) – and there is so much more we don’t know! For example, something crazy is happening at CERN with its satanic links – Israel governance and 5G roll out – and, as for Antarctica (the true story), and of countless cases of child trafficking by the satanic, evil cabal, and if there is anything in the claims of an alien (Nephilim?) invasion, watch this space! And London Bridge has not yet been announced as down!     

Before drawing conclusions and giving hope amidst the gloom, I would like to address yet again the matter of conspiracy theories. After all, except in two cases, all the sources I cited above are not from mainstream news, and for good reason – they do not accurately report the news! I was reminded of this being an issue when I read a report by a well-respected Christian leader, who too is watching what is going on around us: “Fake news, conspiracy theories and the End Times”, but appears to go along with the narrative our unholy trinity (see here) would have us believe.

The article begins: “We Christians need to be doubly on the alert, carefully checking the main news but also carefully approaching criticisms of the main news, including claims of prophetic revelations about fake news and claims of prophetic discernment of sinister conspiracies.” I do not intend to go over the many points he made that I disagree with – you only need to check out my recent blogs for examples, but rather to point out Christians, even doctrinally sound ones like this writer, do not sing from the same hymn sheet and the questions of what is going on, what to do and what will happen next will divide opinions.

I confess, a lot of the above is gloomy news, other than that people are waking up to what is really going on and how bad the baddies are and are feeling empowered to do something about it. I also add the rider that there is also good news breaking, to add to the Roe v Wade overturn, which I hope I can report on soon. I have reflected on how things may pan out and related matters in my “Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception” article and refer people to this as well as my standard advice of “test and weigh, watch and pray, trust and obey” and because I have read to the end of the history of goings on, on planet earth – I can say assuredly that God wins in the end. I would especially want to encourage folk to look to the Lord and trust in Him, pondering yet another Psalm.  


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