Summer of Rage 2022

Summer of Rage 2022

I write this not long after midsummer’s day mindful, in the eyes of some, our western summer has only just begun. I hope we won’t see a summer of rage, but if we do that something good will come of it.

This period before Autumn (Fall) in September, that is in just under two months time, was sometimes referred to as the silly season. While lots of mad stuff going on the world over, which I will get to without elaborating or referencing (I can and I have in the past, but want to keep this short and sharp (sweet)), summer time, with the prospect of long, hot, lazy days, institutions shutting down, children breaking up from school and holidays away, can be a time for many of recharging batteries, and a more agreeable option than violent protests, such as were seen with the BLM / Antifa sparked riots in US cities, in 2019, following the death of George Floyd. Sadly, some of the information and many of the perspectives I am about to share are not reported on by the Unholy Trinity (check out “The Unholy Trinity: Media, Politicians, Elites” for my latest thoughts) who often go out of their way to vilify those who question and oppose the official narrative. Also, with respect to my last “Q is back” blog, a word of caution when it comes to entertaining conspiracy theories.

This is going to be a whistle stop tour of what I am seeing, with every attempt to be balanced. One observation I have made in the past regarding grumpy old men, who had their day, know their Bibles and / or see through the nonsense thrown at the gullible (most people), when speaking their truth, is they could lose opportunities for doing good including encouraging the next generation because of their preoccupation and irritation with some of the nonsense many accept. This was brought home to me during the week, when I attended the leaving do of the CEO of my local, largest homeless charity. There I met many who, without ulterior motives, were intent on doing their bit helping vulnerable people, most not interested in what I have to say on all the bad stuff going on in the world, where it may lead and what we can do about it, but did appreciate my support. Seeing so much loving thy neighbour in action is especially encouraging to me amidst a good deal of gloom.

When considering today’s momentous happenings that between them could ignite a summer of rage, including civil war, given the polarisation we are now seeing the world over with the tiny evil cabal running the world exposed (“Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception” relates) and hitting back with all they have, it is hard to know where to begin. Moreover, “Truth and Truthers” matter. I could begin in my neck of the woods, the UK, mindful of recent rail strikes and more to come, partly brought on by rising costs of living (evidenced by sharp rises in food, fuel and energy costs that look to continue), an agenda leading to the erosion of citizen rights, seen by today’s (peaceful) protests in London and a wide spread dissatisfaction with our leaders ability to govern and that of the opposition to oppose, and who knows where this may all lead? But, I will first look across the Pond, because of a number of significant happenings, some that have been the subject of some of my recent blogs and potentially impacting on the world at large, besides which I sense there is general unease and apprehension the world over.

Three of my recent USA related blogs, that all might relate to a forthcoming summer of rage, are:

  1. The January 6th US Capitol riot revisited
  2. John Durham and the Michael Sussman Trial
  3. Roe versus Wade is overturned – what next?

The first relates to the skewed investigation into the riots at the US Capitol following protest at the fraudulent US Election result, being discredited by the day with the latest surprise “Trump tried to take the wheel” witness. The second relates to a trial that ended with the acquittal of the defendant but brought to light the work of high-level people, e.g. Obama and Clinton and leaders of agencies like the CIA and FBI, to undermine the Trump administration e.g. by spying on them and perpetrating the Russian collusion hoax. Then there is the unexpected until recently overturning the right of US citizens to having an abortion by the US Supreme Court that hitherto seemed to show lack of spine when it came to investigating the 2020 US Presidential election result, has come to life under Justice Thomas.

It does not end there. Other decisions such as allowing football players to pray on the field and to do with curbing the overreach by government have also come down. With all the above there is strong feeling and deep division, with on one side those disturbed at the way the US is heading for dystopia under the corrupt Biden administration, including manufacturing economic collapse and shortages in order to bring about the bad Great Reset, and others who are angry at the Supreme Court rulings still others noting a decline in living standards, maybe undecided on who to blame.  

There is much more that can be discussed. For example, the collapse of the Israel government yet again, of interest to those who share my Bible based views on the significance of Israel when it comes to these Last Days. Then there is the financial reset (good or bad) that will have huge ramifications for us all. And not to forget things to with the Corona scamdemic and the next variant – while things have gone quiet on this front, it has not gone away and I fully expect further attempts at restricting civil liberty, masks and lockdowns. I suspect the plan is to get summer over and done with before upping the ante in the Autumn and one wonders, if successful but with more people waking up it is a wicked scam, what protests might follow. And talking of protests, with shortages and price hikes, much of it being blamed on the Russians, whether this is what will get the masses taking to the streets and whether it will include violence.

But rather than go round the world, because as well as keeping this short, I need to do more research, I want to focus on the hot spot most are aware of, previously discussed in my “What is going on in Ukraine?”, which while posted three months ago still contains a lot of relevant and unanswered questions, with still no resolution in sight. There have been lots of developments since then and, if I have the energy, will be subject of a future blog. The propaganda machine of the Unholy Trinity is still pushing the narrative that Putin and Russia are the bad guys and Zelensky are his NATO allies the good guys, with whether the answer to the question of which of who: Russia or Ukraine is winning / are in the right, depending on which news reporting outlet you go to. While I doubt the rage expressed will lead to nuclear attack and Word War 3 (4 if you believe we are in 3 already), there is little doubt that what is happening on this and other fronts is part of the interesting times we live in.

One thing is becoming evident is the way nations align, leaving one wondering where all this leads. On one hand there is the USA, backed by the NATO alliance (looking to expand), with their stated aim to reinstate the status quo that existed before the Russian invasion, and entities like the Deep State and World Economic Forum, pumping money into the Zelensky led Ukraine government, ever claiming the moral high ground and claiming they will win, unwilling to negotiate; pitted against Russia, allied with China and an assortment of nations, flexing its muscles, with its own narrative (not that you will know from mainstream media). Where all this will lead, e.g. the Battle of Armageddon, I dare not speculate, but I do take comfort in God’s Word, e.g. Psalm 2, knowing He is in control.

As often is the case and especially concerning my subject today, notwithstanding my antipathy to soundbites, the above counsel remains along with the words of the Psalmist.  


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