What is going on in Ukraine and the Nephilim Agenda

What is going on in Ukraine and the Nephilim Agenda

Three months ago, I wrote What is going on in Ukraine” (see here). Two months ago, I wrote my third article in my “The Nephilim Agenda” series. Today, I bring the two topics together.

When it comes to what is going on in Ukraine, if we were to check out the mainstream media, we get one story and if the alternative media something often entirely different. While I tend to distrust the mainstream media, having on countless occasions found it was lying, I have also to treat alternative media with caution, yet I want to cite four (imo helpful) sources, introduced by the title of a video.

STROPPY’S VIEWS ON THE NEWS …Tuesday, 5th of July 2022 … Morning Coffee Edition

Ukraine War Front Lines – Western Media Will Not Show: Catacombs, Victim Testimonies w/ John Dougan

UK Column News – 4th July 2022

Shes exposing the TRUTH in Ukraine and they dont like it Redacted Conversation with Eva Bartlett

All the above are credible sources and make the point, contrary to what the Unholy Trinity (see here) are telling us, it is not Putin’s Russia who are necessarily the bad guys but rather Ukraine and the Nato Alliance and, moreover, if anyone is winning in this war, it is Russia, but as in every war the people who are losing out are the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire of the conflict. My earlier observations remain regarding bio labs, child trafficking, money laundering and those backing Zelensky the most are the worst baddies. There have been inevitable developments such as the part played by Lithuania. While not confronting Russia head on, the Nato alliance continues to give money to Ukraine (adding to debt enslavement and giving to who knows what). As for resolution, it does not appear to be in sight and we see nations aligning with Russia facing Ukraine along with the Nato alliance, pitted against each other for a final showdown with an unpredictable outcome. And of course, the price hikes and shortages in energy, fuel and food, now being seen, all blamed on the dastardly Russians.


Turning to the Nephilim Agenda, while not referring to as such, Mel K in her recent “Mel K & Author G Edward Griffin On Exposing The Creature From Jekyll Island 7-2-22” brought out many pertinent points, relating to Jekyll Island, where the US Federal Reserve was born, something discussed in my Nephilim Agenda articles, including reference to a book title “The Roots of the Federal Reserve”. Mel and her guest were in no doubt that the Federal Reserve is an evil system and made references to the history of the Island and the tiny banking cabal led by the Rothchilds that helped to create it.

This tied in well with the latest in Dr Laura Sanger’s series on the Nephilim: “Globalist Banker Crime Syndicate, Nephilim, Khazarians, Russia and Ukraine”. She goes back even further than when the Nephilim was first mentioned in the Bible (Genesis 6) to when God confronted Eve after she ate the forbidden fruit: “And the Lord God said unto the woman, What is this that thou hast done? And the woman said, the serpent beguiled me, and I did eat” Genesis 3:13. She makes the point that the word translated as beguiled (or deceived), in the Hebrew, carries the idea of debt enslavement, which is what the Federal Reserve and other aka Rothchild central banking system helps create.

What Laura Sanger does is trace the path starting with the Nephilim, via the Edomites, Khazarians (who some argue are the powerful players in Ukraine), Ashkenazi Jews, Rothchild family and then onto the Federal Reserve. She coins the phrase: “Nephilim host” and these she identifies as those who have in effect sold out to Satan and are the people who control much of Ukraine (and the world), whose power is being challenged as a result of the Russian invasion. It was the Khazarian descendants of the Edomites (descendants of Esau), who lived in Ukraine and surrounding areas for over a millennia and who gained power and wealth through extortion. Besides pointing out the Nephilim spirit has loomed large and dark over centuries, she also makes the point that while most of those pitted against Russia are debt slaves to the aforementioned cabal, Putin’s Russian broke from this some years back.

I would suggest that while some will find Sanger’s connection to the Nephilim somewhat far-fetched (which was after all as a result of Satan’s angelic followers mating with women on earth, producing giants) many of the characteristics of the Nephilim can be seen in the afore-mentioned evil cabal who are now being increasingly exposed, who I often refer to. Moreover, when we listen to what is coming out of the World Economic Forum, who is at the forefront of the cabal, led by the likes of Klaus Schwab and Yuval Harari, with their transhumanist agenda, the Nephilim connection, which in essence is Satan’s tool to destroy humanity and the relationship God intended before even when He created us, is becoming clearer.   

In tying up loose ends, I suggest the above advice that I often give, especially as in this case it is not at all clear what is happening in the world and how it will all pan out. I am not saying Putin is all good; Zelensky all bad etc. – it never is that simple. Even though I am going against the official line to demonise Putin and exonerate those who back Zelensky, I have concerns over Putin’s intentions and the squashing of dissent by his powerful ally – China. As for Sanger’s Nephilim host ideas, whether or not you agree, Satan’s intentions are quite clear and those of us who claim to be on on the Lord’s side are in a ginormous spiritual battle, with Satan’s devices, begun in the Garden of Eden, to turn humanity away from God, continuing.

While truth and righteousness should be our modus operandi, there being a lot we cannot do, there are things we should do, starting with “love thy neighbor”. Finally, we look forward to the glorious return of the Lord Jesus Christ.    


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