Summer of Rage 2022 (2)

Summer of Rage 2022 (2)

Fasten your seat belts folks! This is going to be a roller coaster. It may well enthrall some (maybe many) but undoubtedly it will upset most if not all, in one way or another. But stay to the end – our hope (if you are a follower of Jesus) is glorious. Much is happening still; much we don’t know or understand; and opinions will differ!

Ask me five days ago when I posted my first “Summer of Rage 2022”, if I would be posting so soon afterward on this subject, I would have said no way – but lots of things have happened in the interim and people are divided and anxious what to make of it all. I hope my ten points discussed below are helpful and pertinent. A lot of what I am about the write is not said by the Unholy Trinity. As a (good) conspiracy theorist (noting and trying to respect people who see things differently), I qualify what follows with the thought that I am merely trying to connect the dots and my customary counsel …


Dutch farmers protest

This is serious rage and like much that I share hardly reported on in mainstream media. But Dutch farmers are angry because their livelihood is being threatened in order to implement a questionable government agenda. Just as with recent Canadian trucker protests, their protesting have been ruthlessly put down by the government, including shooting at protestors. One irony, in the light of global food shortages, farmers are required to produce less. With other European farmers, who also object to paying the price for their government’s climate change policies, we wonder where it will end?

Online security and safety Bill

I noted at the height of the Corona pandemic the government were taking away our freedoms under the guise of protecting the public, e.g. its policy of introducing vaccine passports. This continues. In my recent “The Schools Bill 2022” blog, I give a further example (gladly many are awake to state overreach and are fighting back). The latest attack on freedoms as seen on my radar is the “Online Security and Safety Bill”, which sounds good but if enacted will further penalise those posting views deemed “unacceptable”.

Boris resigns

Boris is an enigma. I doubt anybody else could have led Britain out of the EU with his “get Brexit done” policy but he did. As for his leadership, many left leaning friends have criticised his policies to do with social justice. Nor has his propensity for sleeze helped. My main criticism concerns the way he has led Britain through the Pandemic, his response to the Ukraine crisis and his tendency of aligning with the bad guys on the world stage, leading me to the view he is anything but his own man but rather the puppet of some evil entity. Following many ministerial resignations, he resigned. What is going to happen next is anyone’s guess, although some like me hope that whoever follows Boris will oppose NWO globalism and, as one young friend hopefully declared, stand with the unborn.  

Georgia guidelines

The Georgia Guidestones are a granite monument erected in 1980 in Elbert County, Georgia, USA. It had received some notoriety with conspiracy theorists because, along with presenting hopes and expectation for the future of planet earth, is one that its population will reduce to half a billion, much in line with what some of the New World Order advocates are saying. But now the monument has been blown up and is no more. Whether by an Act of God, an act by some objector, a false flag or a nothing burger, the jury appears to be out.


Since writing my earlier “Summer of Rage 2022” episode, I blogged on Ukraine (see here). I have no doubt there will be significant developments in weeks to come, but what exactly, I cannot say.

The next pandemic

Like many of the topics discussed, I could devote a whole blog on Covid-19, the Jab and what next, and refer readers to my “Covid-19 – the story that doesn’t end e-book. While things seem to have gone quiet on the Corona front, the arguments I referred to in my e-book have not gone away, and despite mounting evidence the vaccine does net harm (hardly mentioned by the Unholy Trinity) and does not protect against Covid. While I have no doubt we have witnessed a scam or plan demic these past two years, with another just around the corner, especially with many governments having allowed the WHO to dictate policy and unexpectedly more cases reported of people affected by one or other variant of the “virus”.

Pope Francis and Nancy Pelosi

I refer readers to a video by a devout Catholic who opposes both Pope Francis and Nancy Pelosi “Pope Francis, Nancy Pelosi and the Tyrannical Culture of Death”. I concur but am not surprised. The Pope allowing Pelosi to receive communion, whose advocacy of abortion alone should disqualify her, is concerning. It is another sign of the apostasy we are told to expect in these last days.

The Woke Agenda

When it comes to apostacy, the same could apply at the other end of the ecclesiastical spectrum as I argue in my “Woke Catholics and Baptists; True Christianity” blog. Issues like Climate Change, LBGTQ inclusion and racism all matter but it seems to me people are focusing on these as the issues that deserve our attention rather than pro-life, pro-marriage and pro-religious freedom. Even more important is the need for the proclamation of the gospel. These have been ongoing concerns but even more so in this summer of rage.

Great Reset; Great Awakening; Great Deception?

This is a topic I discuss in my “Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception” blog. As I pointed out on 31 March and since, Christians are divided when it comes connecting the dots, coming to a view of what now to expect and interpreting current events. I have given my views, but more importantly would counsel people to trust the Lord, hold fast to the faith and remain faithful. As we witness the roll out of events that get people disturbed, the matter of which of the three (or combination) are we going to see.

England win at cricket

I hope I am not being flippant to refer to one of my loves – cricket, and the fact that in a very short time a defeated, demoralised England team have turned it all around with victories against New Zealand and India. If there is a lesson: there is hope even when the situation appears dire, as has been so well demonstrated.

The conclusion of the whole matter

I am sure the list I have given is far from complete. It occurred to me the latest project in CERN deserves a mention, as do the presence of chem trails and 5G roll out, all with sinister implications. I expect I will discuss these and further developments on the issues raised so far in this Summer of Rage series, in future blogs, while attending to the whole duty of man that should be the first priority in our lives.

In my previous Summer of Rage 2022 episode, I ended by referring to Psalm 46 as words of hope and comfort. I can only side with the wisest man who ever lived when it comes to drawing conclusions while still applying lessons concerning the ten points discussed above, and also suggest meditating on yet another Psalm (Psalm 91).


One thought on “Summer of Rage 2022 (2)

  1. Melanie Biddle says:

    Praise God we have a sure and certain hope that one day everything will be made new and it will be perfect 🙌

    May we persevere and have courage to remain faithful as we ‘march to Zion, that beautiful city of God, and fairer worlds on high’, where goodness and mercy follow and we shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever 💓

    Hebrews 11:16 But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city.

    Every blessing Melanie

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