Priory Park and the Tropical Bed

Priory Park and the Tropical Bed

I like to go for walks in one or other of our wonderful local parks most weekdays, often after dropping off my wife to work at our local nearby hospital. We are blessed with so many lovely green places in our city; Priory Park is my nearest and probably my favourite. The exercise, fresh air and tranquility all help to set me up for the day.

Typically, I would park my car inside the Park, leisurely walk around the perimeter and end up in what is known as the “Secret Garden” and talk with the one who created what is inside the Park.

I love the friendly gardening team, who do their best to keep the park in tip top condition, and envy them doing the job I might have liked to do (but cannot these days due to physical limitations). I don’t envy them though when, while credit goes to Southend City Council for maintaining our parks, cuts have meant some actions do not get done and there are delays in doing jobs like planting beds.

One is known as the Tropical Bed, which last year fully wowed me. There has been a delay planting it this year but during my walk during the week, I found it had been planted and I was bowled over!


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