The Nephilim Agenda (3)

The Nephilim Agenda (3)

In order to cut to the chase and provide the necessary context and background to what I am about to write, readers are advised to first read my first two episodes in this Nephilim Agenda series (see here and here). Whether this third one will be the last, remains to be seen, as there is much still that is worth checking out on the subject.

But before I get into I get into the meat of what it is I want to say, including a review (mentioned last time) of the book titled “The Roots of the Federal Reserve – Tracing the Nephilim from Noah to the US Dollar” by Dr. Laura Sanger, I want to do for my readers something I would like done for me when I read something that takes me out of my comfort zone or challenges my thinking, and that is to know a bit more about the author him/herself, especially that which may throw light on why he/she writes as she does.

Toward the middle point of my paid working life, I worked as a software engineer with a particular focus on debugging and testing complex systems where having correctly working software was a major factor. At the time, I worked with a colleague who often went on about Murphy’s Law (he called it something ruder), which can be boiled down to statements like “if it can go wrong, it will go wrong” and “never assume anything”. This proved wise counsel as we got to identify and were able to fix all of sorts of tricky problems stopping the systems we were dealing with from working in the way they ought. This was one factor that helped to turn me into the annoying, questioning, “conspiracy theorist”, skeptical, deplorable, often much to the dismay of certain Coventry sending Christians, I am today.

I take delight upsetting such folk by quoting David Icke, the very one who has been vilified these past thirty years for assorted craziness, like describing the British queen as a literal reptile. I recently referred to him in my “What is going on with Twitter?” blog, as someone who gets what may be behind Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter. A sympathetic friend, who shares much of my take on what is going on in the world right now, responded “I don’t particularly like Icke’s spirituality – but he is a consummate researcher and has been so for over 30 years. In my view he speaks a lot of ‘informed’ common sense.  He was on to this way of seeing reality 30 years ago while the rest of us thought he was a crazy eccentric”.

I mention Icke for, like many who do not share my Christian beliefs in many respects, he understands what is going on in the world, including an evil cabal (who Dr. Laura would identify as “Nephilim hosts”) intent on taking over the world (and they are nearly there), whose wicked agenda includes depopulating and enslaving humanity. Icke introduced me to the notion of Hegelian dialectic (Problem-Reaction-Solution or Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis), as an effective way if employed of dumbing us down and is something I discuss in my “Covid-19 – the story that doesn’t end” ebook, and something that reoccurs in all sorts of ways, e.g. claiming there is a Climate Emergency to get people doing what the cabal wants.

Since I last wrote on the Nephilim Agenda, besides digging deeper into the Bible and related texts, as well as anything Nephilim and giant related, the one behind that agenda – the Devil (Satan, Lucifer). There is also lot that comes up doing simple Internet searches of varying degrees of helpfulness. The video “Giants everywhere” was a valiant attempt to document the presence of giants in history, concerning which, much evidence can be found.

While most Christian commentators fail to go beyond what is in the Bible and relate the Nephilim to those behind today’s happenings and particularly the Federal Reserve, I found in Steve Cioccolanti, someone I was aware off and who I mainly agree with, his attempt at relating of many of the things we see everyday (e.g. sign above) with Nephilim helpful, e.g. his video “Nephilim Among Us: Human-Animal Hybrids, Eugenics, GMOs, Transhumanism

But few if any made the Nephilim connection between what we read about in Genesis 6 and the Book of Enoch and the all-powerful, but some speculate is about to come crashing down, Federal Reserve, with its ability to print money with nothing to back it up, lend it at interest, debt enslave nations and line pockets of the untouchables who are either the cabal (that according to Dr. Laura are likely Nephilim related) or their minions, (as a private owned entity) without needing to account for their actions or be subject to legal redress and, yet of all the nefarious things I discuss in my blogs, how money moves around, siphoned off etc. is key to our understanding.

Before I review Dr Laura’s book, let me plug my own. While the subject is about prophets of the Bible and this relates to the present, many of the concerns raised by Dr Laura are discussed in my book and blog posts to be found on my website,,as well as by a whole range of often New Age inclined conspiracy theorists (who often talk sense) and modern day, mostly doctrinally sound political prophets (many I have checked out). Some, like Janet Ossebaard in her Fall of the Cabal, talk about the thirteen bloodline families running the world and controlling many world leaders, intent on doing mischief.

While the subject of the Nephilim hardly ever arises, most of the people being called out by this eclectic bunch who question the official narrative are seen as black hats, who are doing all sorts of bad things, like stealing elections, pushing the Corona and climate change scams, stirring up the conflict in Ukraine, where child sex trafficking and bio weapon development take place, and that of impoverishing and enslaving the masses, all in order to bring about their evil intents. Understandably, we often find those who identify with the “white hats”, their hope and expectation for people is that they wake up and that the “black hats” are exposed and dealt with.

The fact this “calling out” is happening now and not so much in previous generations may indicate things are about to come to a head. Whether this leads to the bad Great Reset, the good Great Awakening or more Great Deception remains to be seen and is something I reflect on in my writings. Interestingly, some of the above caller outers (mainly I hope good guys) often come to similar conclusions as Dr Laura, including sharing a historical perspective going back millennia, recognizing that behind it all is the battle for control between God (who will win in the end) and Satan.

Pertinent is what comes out of the mouths of Klaus Schwab and Yuval Harari of the World Economic Forum, as it relates to changing human DNA and transhumanism and doing the very thing that God forbade from the outset but has attempted to do ever since e.g. Tower of Babel – man replacing God and himself becoming god. Just as relevant is the agenda around 5G roll out and DNA changing Covid-19 “vaccines”, discussed in my books and blogs. My own approach when I am attempting to figure out what is really going on, amidst all sorts of conflicting narratives, is that of my fictional hero, Sherlock Holmes, or to reserve judgment until I know more.

When I told a friend who shares many of my views concerning what is going on in the world, his response was: “that sounds like the woman I listened to some time ago whose views I found utterly ridiculous”. It made me think, if someone (like my friend) who is broadly awake to what is really going on in the world can think this, what about good Christian folk that choose to believe what the unholy trinity (media, politicians, elite) tell them? As always, I say test and weigh, and with this book you will certainly be taken out of your comfort zone and challenged in the way you think about the world. But the book is well worth reading and, while some of what it says I know already because of my research, a lot I didn’t.

Its 450 pages is packed with fascinating detail even if harrowing in places. It is well researched, very readable (helped by a good size font) and well backed up with references. I like that at the end of each of its 25 chapters there is a helpful summary of the main points made. Besides the non-Biblical stuff, I loved it digging deep into the related Bible text, which while my forte brought out stuff I didn’t know, including consideration of the meaning of words used and cultural context. It really did do what it set out to do on the cover and trace “the Nephilim from Noah to the US Dollar”, and relate to a lot more besides, often to do with my own watching on the wall.   

The book is helpfully divided into three sections:

  1. Ancient Roots
  2. Lineage of the Giants
  3. Return to Jekyll Island

Talk about “hit the ground running”; this book does the literary equivalent. We begin way back in time when a lot is not known and a lot of detective work is needed to follow the clues we have. What the author concludes or at least suggests does not tally with the story we are often led to believe. If we consider the Pyramids, for example, it ties in with many other ancient monuments such as Stonehenge, the Nephilim and their religion, practices and location.

Wherever in the world you go, there is a connection. The author does a good job tracing Nephilim, through their giant descendants and/or with Nephilim characteristics (it is here she coins the term “Nephilim host”), which she tries to identify, e.g. descendants of Esau, and onto Jekyll Island where the plans for a Federal Reserve were hatched, matching Bible text and historical sources. I should add the book was written two years ago and a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then, which if anything adds to its credibility.

I could do a more comprehensive review but that was not my intention. I hope I have whetted readers’ appetites to read the book for themselves. I skimmed through parts of it but have no regrets setting aside time to read the book. While I am not entirely convinced on her “Nephilim host” thesis and this being a key factor in the formation of the great, nefarious con – the Federal Reserve, she rightly drives home the spiritual warfare that affects all our lives and governs world events, that we can trace back to at least when God told the serpent in the Garden of Eden: “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel” Genesis 3:15.

She also throws helpful light why it took a further 400 years before the descendants of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob could possess the land He had promised them, it was because “the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full” Genesis 16:15, and problematic passages when we read of a merciful God telling the likes of Moses, Joshua and Saul to destroy whole cities (men, women and children). The book also helped to shed light on certain conundrums, such as generational curses and centres of spiritual oppression. Finally, having addressed a lot of heavy topics, I loved the way the author ends on a hopeful and encouraging note with her final chapter, “Freedom!” that also contained several pertinent prayer items.  

Hope and encouragement is how I would like to end. I am retired and do not need to earn a living and with a degree of freedom to pursue things that interest me and at a stage in life when upsetting folk with my views is less an issue. Besides which, being a watchman on the wall, understanding the times and suggesting to folk, especially Christians, how they should respond is one of the ways I am able to help others. I do not expect most of those who read this to do the research I have but would counsel they be not ignorant of Satan’s devices and be faithful. It is something we can all do, even though as sinners we may often fail – but God saves us by grace if we choose to follow the Son of God, the ever faithful one (sing here).

There is a danger of falling into the sin of Adam and Eve – eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, rather than from the Tree of Life. It is why, when deciding from a choice of many verses in the Bible, I can sign off and leave you with the words of an old fashioned gospel hymn that we used to sing when as a youth we visited Old Peoples’ Homes, one several of the residents loved. Be faithful; choose life; find freedom and look toward Jesus returning: King of kings; Lord of lords, before whom all must bow.


2 thoughts on “The Nephilim Agenda (3)

  1. Peter Turner says:

    Thanks John,This book has been on my my must read and research list. All because I have been fully immersed in a very challenging and important book by David Nikao Wilcoxson : The 70th week of Daniel 9 Decoded. This book then challenged me to read the last book in the trilogy: Revelation Timeline Decoded – Messiahs Apocalyptic Vision is a war manual,that uses symbols and layers to hide the fulfillment. This book has certainly undone much of my preconceived understanding of Revelation in a very dramatic way. Hard facts and thorough research to back his perspective.

  2. Hi, I found your site in my search of connecting Yuval Noah Harari to the nephilim. I am reading his books and straight up, there is an undercurrent that I am familiar with. His book (Homo Sapiens) cannot be taken seriously because it is a book of very flawed conjecture and I believe it is his treatise on how angry he is that his brothers (the nepilim or neanderthals) were wiped out by Homo Sapiens… I’m still taking it all in, but in essence, those people who are indoctrinated with evolution will take this in as Gospel. If you are not human, you have no rights. And they are changing the DNA… honestly, he is attacking mankind in the book as if the devil is writing through his pen.

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