The Nephilim Agenda (2)

The Nephilim Agenda (2)

When I wrote Part 1 of “The Nephilim Agenda” (see here), it was by way of setting the scene, while also begging the question whether the Nephilim (or their spiritual and perhaps even their biological descendants) are still around today and if so, what is their agenda and how does it fit in with the crazy stuff I have been posting about, over these past few months. This includes the notion the world is run by an evil (often secret but these days, less so) cabal, helped by useful idiots, intent on depopulating and enslaving the world, where the US election steal of 2020, the Corona pan(scam)demic, the Ukraine crisis and announcements coming from various quarters concerning the Great Reset about to manifest itself, are examples.  

Firstly, I can say since writing three days ago, I have done more research, especially checking out the thoughts, writings etc. of Dr Laura Sanger, e.g. her “NoLongerEnslaved” website (see here); and especially, her seven parts (to date) series, titled “Impact of the Nephilim Agenda Today” (see here). Just arrived on my doorstep is a copy of her book “The Roots of the Federal Reserve – Tracing the Nephilim from Noah to the US Dollar”, which promises to be an interesting read.

Who knows what Nephilim related bombshells are about to hit us, even in the next few days (the Lord ever moves in mysterious ways)? This is a subject where once going down rabbit holes, only reveals there is much more to check out. Because what I am finding is so important, necessitating more research, this may not be my final post on the subject. The caveats I often give, like “Test and Weigh” and not jump to conclusions, particularly apply here. As I present here, while trying to tie in with what I see is going on in the world, especially over these past two years, often my dot joining has yet to be fully proven (to my satisfaction) and some of it may still turn out to be be unprovable, at least this side of eternity. Humility is needed, e.g. with our detractors. We may be wrong, for there is a lot we do not know, with some of it is likely to be revealed in coming days.

I thought it best to start with when the Nephilim is first introduced in the Bible, although this is but part of Satan’s strategy to enslave humanity and turn it away from the one true God (we read when it all began, when he deceived Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, persuading them that eating of the forbidden fruit is a good thing despite God forbidding it, with the war between God and Satan and their angelic followers happening before that). Scholars and saints are by no means agreed theologically who the Nephilim are and, even less so, whether it has in some way carried through to the present day and is at the forefront of Satan’s plan to rule the world, which we read about in Daniel 11 and Revelation 13, for example.

Even though I have been studying the Book of Genesis for over half a century, it has only been in recent years and, as I have begun to wake up as to what is really going on the world, have I seen Genesis 6:1-4 as being of particular significance, now as well as then. Interestingly, the Nephilim were present after the Flood, according to biblical accounts. Something of the Nephilim spirit can be seen in Ham (son of Noah, who practiced sexual perversion), Nimrod (grandson of Ham, who tried to build the Tower of Babel, in defiance to God) and Esau (son of Jacob, who sold his birth right).

To summarize Dr Laura’s argument in a couple of paragraphs is a far from easy undertaking and readers are best advised to check out themselves the links I provided above and other stuff to be found on YouTube, Bitchute etc., which given recent interest will no doubt soon be added to. I refer readers to copies of slides from her presentation, before and after these paragraphs. The first relates to the unholy ceremony that is Nephilim related that occurred on Jekyll Island, with its long history of nefarious even if tenuous associations with the Nephilim, and is where the plan for the Federal Reserve was born. Besides the circumpunct image (from the Internet) which, along with the colour red, and which are, according to Dr Laura, a recurring feature when false gods are worshipped, such as in ancient civilisations e.g. Egypt, and included as part of masonic practices, are common features seen throughout.

In her presentation, she makes the point that the effects of evil passes from generation to generation and create an atmosphere that permeates throughout the generations, and where she introduces the notion of the Nephilim host. As she brings out, the Federal Reserve, which began in 1913, is a private entity and a corrupt system that holds huge sway over the US/world economy and can print money at will (i.e. not gold backed etc.) and can lend it at interest. She argues it benefits the evil cabal that happens to be Nephilim related and one of its “fruits” is to bring greater humanity into debt slavery, all of which is part of Satan’s plan all along.

What Dr Laura does is to trace the Federal Reserve back to the Nephilim, as can be seen in the chart below. Each element is discussed, especially in her book. Of particular significance is Esau, already mentioned, and can be traced through Edom, the nation he founded, right down to today’s Federal Reserve. Edom and Israel (God’s special people) were at enmity throughout Bible times, for example Doeg, who killed many of the priests in the time of Saul, and King Herod, who tried to kill the baby boys in the time of the infant Jesus. Herod, and later the Ashkenazi, were examples of those who converted to Judaism for the sake of convenience (begging a controversial question – who are the true Jews?)  

As she brings out, the Khazarians were to occupy a large chunk of Eastern Europe, notably Ukraine, and their presence and influence is a significant factor in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine (or rather, the US Deep State with its own wicked agenda, backed by many of the bad people that one might associate both with the evil cabal, who are in effect Nephilim hosts). She makes the point that Putin has resisted this and is a reason why he is getting so much pushback (led by, in my view, the very people that I associated with the black hat brigade) as I write. While the Nephilim are associated with giants, with certain distinct physical characteristics, they also have significant non-physical ones, notably a propensity to do evil.

While I can further elaborate on things I learned from Dr Laura’s presentation, I would rather focus on how I see this relating to what I am seeing and anticipating (noting a lot I don’t see or anticipate). As for her credibility, while some of what she says may seem far-fetched, it also ties in with what I am seeing, often from sources she does not seem to refer to. Her Bible based, God honouring approach is one I endorse and share, although I found her attempts to link Nimrod and Esau rather tenuous, given a four-hundred-year time difference. She makes reference to Donald Trump who, when in office, brought the Federal Reserve under the US Treasury (it is interesting (assuming the “conspiracy theory” is true) that President Kennedy paid with his life for threatening the Federal Reserve).

She makes mention of a new “Quantum” financial system that is in the offing. I relate this to the alternative: what the World Economic Forum (under Klaus Schwab) is proposing. According to Charlie Ward, there is the good and bad options that vying come into play (he hopes the good, see slide below). “THE EXPLANATION OF NESARA, UNDERSTANDING YOUR PURPOSE WIH MELISSA REDPILL & CHARLIE WARD” is worth checking out. Matters financial are at the heart of what is behind some of the conflicts we are now seeing (maybe soon to happen when London Bridge is down (the Queen dies)), something I alluded to when I wrote “Operation London Bridge and Queen Elizabeth II”.

By way of tidying up, I would like to share some of my own food for thought, following on from some of my earlier reflections: “Klaus Schwab and The Fourth Industrial Revolution” and “Russell Brand meets Yuval Noah Harari”, and thoughts on Genesis “Reflections from the Book of Genesis“, and before that “Prophets of the Bible – the Second Edition“. it appears that God was particularly against any altering of the human genetic state, which is the very thing the transhuman and transgender agenda being backed by the likes of Schwab and Harari is proposing. As for giants, while evidence can be cited of their existence in the past, this is not something most of us are aware of in the present. Yet I have heard several cite examples of a network of underground tunnels where Nephilim type creatures reside and include accounts of untold horrors inflicted onto children, who are trafficked for satanic sexual abuse and rituals and killed for their adrenochrome.

Others point to reptilian type creatures that can shape shift and thus go undetected, who are even part of the upper echelons of society. All this goes into my yet to be fully proven box, yet is not something I can dismiss for, like the points that Dr Laura makes, are consistent to the sort of things going on around me, increasingly in plain sight. Before I do what I normally do and end with a message of hope based on what the Bible teaches, I should mention Janet Ossebaard and her Fall of the Cabal series (see here). She makes several of the points that Dr Laura makes and, while she is good at joining dots, she does not (as I recall) link any of these to the Nephilim.  

I confess this has been a rather rapid roller coaster and how you, dear reader, respond to the claims of Dr Laura’s book, concerning the link between the Nephilim and the Federal Reserve and that Nephilim hosts exist all around us, especially among those who rule and have the power to influence and affect how society goes, and the interjection of my own thoughts, I will leave it for you to decide. But I do remind you of my earlier watchman on the wall counsel, to test and weigh everything and not coming to premature or unfounded conclusions, and thus attract the dismissive patronising  of anti-conspiracy theorists, including by many who are Christian leaders.

While we may agree there is a lot of evil in the world and we are not in the same league as the psychopaths, one might associate with the Nephilim, we must nevertheless concur with what the prophet Jeremiah says (something I have been personally mindful of in recent months). But there is good news: Jesus has bruised Satan’s head when He died on a cross and rose from the dead 2000 years ago, and He is able to bring salvation to whosoever believes in Him, including those who are Nephilim infected. As for me, I take delight in the promises of the Bible, including that of the Psalmist.  


One thought on “The Nephilim Agenda (2)

  1. paulbarnez says:

    I disagree with the last part of your sentence, John:-
    “He is able to bring salvation to whosoever believes in Him, including those who are Nephilim infected. ”
    In my understanding of the Nephilim, as described in Genesis, they are creatures produced from a union between human women and fallen angels, and are therefore beyond the possibility of salvation.

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