The Nephilim Agenda (1)

The Nephilim Agenda (1)

Ironically yet aptly, I find myself again quoting from Wikipedia. The irony is, too often in the past, Wikipedia has been found to be at odds with my conservative Christian and what is really going on in the world views. Aptly, because more often than not they are a great “starter for ten” when it comes to opening up a tricky or challenging subject, and moreover it excuses me from accusations of bias.

According to Wikipedia: “The Nephilim are mysterious beings or people in the Hebrew Bible who are large and strong. The word Nephilim is loosely translated as giants in some translations of the Hebrew Bible, but left untranslated in others. Jewish explanations interpret them as hybrid sons of fallen angels. The main reference to them is in Genesis, but the passage is ambiguous and the identity of the Nephilim is disputed. According to the Book of Numbers 13:33, they later inhabited Canaan at the time of the Israelite conquest of Canaan”.

Two of my favourite Bible expositors have different views on the identity of the Nephilim. David Pawson sees the “sons of God” referred to in Genesis 6 as fallen angels, whereas Baruch Korman sees them as human from the line of Seth. As for the Nephilim today and how this relates to world events, Christians are divided, even among those who recognise the battle between good and evil and God and Satan, but will not agree with what I am about to write. As for the “Nephilim Agenda” and evidence to back up my views (which includes some of it sitting on the fence) readers need to wait for Part 2. Here, I am going to simply set the scene for what will follow.

I was reminded the other day of one likely or at least possible reason why Christian’s often view world events differently, with respect to the (good or bad) motives of its principle “movers and shakers” and who is good and who is bad, evidenced by responses witnessed to the Corona pan (some call it scam or plan) demic, along with that of vaccines and vaccine passports, and more recently in identifying the good and bad guys involved in the Ukraine conflict.

The matter of why those people we look up to do bad things came up in a seminar about how best to prepare for emergencies in the days ahead. One subject discussed was water and this included various impurities in our water supply and ways we can tackle this, such as removing identified impurities (including some of which, part of an evil agenda, have been deliberately added with a view to harm us). One response was no-one with that power could be that callous and still be afforded the freedom to act in a way that affects us all for worse, begging the question others are complicit in their evil doing?

My mind turned to David Icke, who a long time ago made the point the world was run by psychopaths who, unlike what we might expect to be the norm from leaders, lack empathy, whose agenda is an evil one, to depopulate and enslave humanity, exhibiting the very traits often associated with the Nephilim. In fairness to David, who was once regarded widely as a “nutter”, a lot of what he said, back in the day, is being proven to be true and being seen as so by people like me. What next and why is a subject that I have reflected on and have discussed recently, including scenarios of what might happen soon: “Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception”.

While recognising we are seeing deception, even among wise and godly Christian believers, but knowing in the end God wins in the end (e.g. Revelation 19-22 tells me this is so and in the light of many Christians recently celebrating Easter, the Empty Tomb also confirms this) I am increasingly coming to a view it is best not to speculate on how events will unfold in the short term. What I do believe, not that I can provide 100% proof but rather it fits to what I am now seeing – the world is run by bad people (and their behind the scenes controllers, including spiritual ones as borne out when we study books like Daniel and Revelation and other NT writings), all of which got me wondering how this might relate to the Nephilim.

Also recently, I published on my blog “Reflections from the Book of Genesis”. I did so firstly to consolidate some of my recent studies on the Book of Genesis (a Book I have been studying ever since I became a Christian and still finding fresh new things contained in it). Another reason was I was being exercised to write on the Nephilim Agenda and that I do so because of what I am seeing from my position as a watchman on the wall and how this ties in with my Genesis studies. It became ever so clear (more so than previously) that God has been seeking a people for himself and often having to start again, given people are not responding as He wants, evidenced by the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, the ungodly line of Cain, the Great Flood, the dismantling of the Tower of Babel and other examples of wickedness.

We saw hope with His special people, Israel, who we know was after to fail on many fronts. Yet God has not finished with Israel, just as with His other great idea – the Church. Part of the evil which we can now see manifest all around us, began in the Garden when Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit (and before, with reference to Genesis 6, the sons of God). Related to this passage, there is that of Enoch, referred to in the Book of Jude, and if we regard the Book of Enoch as canonical (and many don’t) there is substantial evidence to support the notion that the Nephilim (sometimes translated as giants, although this too is disputed) are a product of a forbidden union between fallen angels and women, with certain physical characteristics, e.g. size and moral ones, e.g. propensity for evil.

All of which brings me to something I came across by chance. These relate to reflections concerning the Nephilim and in particular those of Dr Laura Sanger, who wrote a book with the fascinating title (but not so much to me as she is pointing out stuff I am already seeing, including the story behind and nefarious nature of the Federal Reserve): “The Roots of the Federal Reserve – Tracing the Nephilim from Noah to the US Dollar”. She can be found on Bitchute and even YouTube. I am currently going through her Impact of the Nephilim Agenda Today” (see here), and have yet to finish checking out what she is claiming, along with examining the evidence etc., needed in order reach a balanced view (and if need be – declare we don’t know; to address in the sequel to this article).

Is she a real Christian who knows her stuff? That I have little doubt, including making pertinent points. Is she deceived in making the claims she does? I have yet to find out for sure but bear in mind that sadly many well known Christians are deceived one way or another. What Dr Laura comes up with seems a credible explanation behind something I believe to be true following my own research (reference my blogs), especially as more is seen in plain site and as more dots are joined. She may well provide sound reasons why many of those who are orchestrating world events fall into this evil cabal camp.

To find out more, including how it pans out, watch this space …


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