Operation London Bridge and Queen Elizabeth II

Operation London Bridge and Queen Elizabeth II

According to Wikipedia: “Operation London Bridge (also known by its code phrase London Bridge is Down) is the plan for what will happen in the United Kingdom, the British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies on and immediately after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. It includes planning for the announcement of her death, the period of official mourning, and the details of her state funeral. Some critical decisions relating to the plan have been made by the Queen herself, although some can only be made by her successor, Charles, after her death”. Few will argue contingency planning, especially concerning the Queen’s death who, given her age, may not be expected to live much longer, is not needed.

Sometimes, there is wisdom in not going down certain roads of enquiry or speculation which may be expressed in words like not treading where angels fear to tread, especially if publicly expressing views that might upset some, which in my case include dear friends and highly respected Christian leaders in my circle, who have made it clear that they are full of admiration for the Queen. Notably, it was not so long ago when one could be executed for treason for daring to criticise the monarchy and, in Bible times, we usually find those closest to God being respectful to whoever was King at the time. Eight years ago, around the time the Queen turned 90, and a book titled “The Servant Queen” came out, I wrote an article titled: “The Queen who is serving the King at 90”. While stating I was no ardent monarchist, I made it clear that I had much respect for her given her sense of duty and Christian conviction.

Much water has flowed under the bridge since then and I no longer see the Queen and the wider world with the rose tinted glasses that I once had. While I have been accused (rightly) of entertaining “conspiracy theories”, my response is it is always with the caveat that while I have good reason to question the official narrative (i.e. it is often lies) caution is needed as some / many conspiracy theories are later proven to be false even if others are later proven to be facts, but with many that fall into the category of: while maybe providing a laudable explanation to some of the baffling things happening around us, that until they can be fully proven, we need to be careful not be taken in by what may be mere speculation to support our views and be further exercised to do our own research.

Three “conspiracy theorists”, notorious in the opinion of many, are Alex Jones, Charlie Ward and David Icke, who I wrote about recently (see here), who offer views on what is really going on in the wider world, and, significantly as far as this article goes, have reported negatively concerning the Queen and yet often (in my view) hit the nail on the head when reporting on world events. Another person who reports negatively concerning the Queen is Janet Ossenbaard, who I wrote about in “The “Fall of the Cabal” and its sequel”. She sees the Royal Family as one of the 13 bloodline families that form part of the hidden, evil cabal that run the world, whose intent is global domination through intrigue and deception and whose allegiance is to Lucifer. While some readers recoil at such a notion, I find a lot of what she writes makes sense and she does better than most when it comes to connecting the dots, yet putting some of her more outrageous allegations in my to be proven box.  

For some conspiracy theorists, when London Bridge is down there will be significant events over and above what is in the official plans. Some think the Queen already is dead and is being played by an actor. As with her late husband a timely moment is needed in order to announce it. But since this is unproven, such notions go into my “to be proven box” and we await on how events turn out. The same goes for accusations like the Queen being involved in satanic child traffic and other evils. While those who say these things often cite supporting evidence, which is not considered by the appropriate authorities for obvious reasons, it is important not to come to hasty conclusions. Certainly, there are concerns about her family e.g.: Prince Andrew’s links to Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Philip’s masonic connections and statements regarding de-population etc., Prince Charles’ endorsement of Klaus Schwab and his Great Reset ideas, and the influence of the likes of Jimmy Saville on the Royal Family.  

David Icke has been much vilified for putting forward his ideas that the Queen is a reptilian creature. I truly hope he is wrong and until proven otherwise will work on that basis. I would rather hope that my royalist friends, who go along with the image that is portrayed in “the Servant Queen”, are right and she is able to leave a worthwhile legacy when she does go. We may never know this side of eternity which depiction is closest to the truth. But London Bridge will soon be down and we need to be prepared for what may ensue as a result.   


2 thoughts on “Operation London Bridge and Queen Elizabeth II

  1. Johnny Se Ven Teen says:

    Some interesting work here. However, you might be interested to note that Alex Jones is funded by MOSSAD and is pretty much a gatekeeper and just there to tell everyone what they plan to do (the Cabal, Kazarian Illuminati Mafia) always tell us in advance. It’s so very much in plain sight that no one realises or ever bothers to research it. Charlie Ward and his chums are all Charlatans and not to be believed. Janet Ossenbard is Spot on. BTW The Queen died two years ago (what you see is either a double or CGI when on screen) we are just waiting for them to announce it. You see the cabal, all being Freemasons and Luciferians are obsessed with dates and numbers. E.G 9/11, 7/7 and the number 17. In fact, we have no standing Monarchy, the Royals were kicked out of Buck Palace by the Cabal some years ago, although many of the Royals are paedophiles and worship Satan, just like the Cabal, and this is the real reason the is no one residing in the Palace. Have you noticed how much more outspoken and into politics Prince Charles has been in the last few years? The Royal, especially the Queen, would never enter into politics.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Many of the allegations from your statements I was aware of, but, as you will note, I often have not reached a definitive view due to not having all the facts to hand. I see my role as a watchman who warns and whether in this crazy world the “black hats” will come out on top with their Great Reset ideas prevailing or the “white hats” and their “vision” of a Great Awakening, or even a weird mixture, I can’t say other than God is sovereign and good etc. Maybe, we are living through the Great Deception and both Jones and Ward give rise to concerns for reasons you share, especially as their idea of God winning is based on a dodgy theology. Sadly, and why I wrote, the Royals are NOT what we are led to believe by the establishment, and even if accusations of child trafficking involvement are false Prince Charles clearly endorsing the New World Order and the globalist cabal when our Queen, for example, (as you have noted) has always adopted a neutral position publicly, is worrying. Shalom! PS I am aware of those like Charlie Ward saying the Queen has been kicked out of Buckingham Palace and is actually dead – but rather it is under the instigation of the good guys, NOT the Cabal – evidence!?

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