What is going on with Twitter?

What is going on with Twitter?

Yesterday (and also earlier today) I had all sorts of Twitter related experiences, and this was my prompt to blog here, not so much a matter of pure indulgence but because what is going on is at the heart of the cultural and spiritual wars happening around us, which every one it seems who gives the matter thought has a view.

It started when in the morning I had a tea with a left leaning friend. I made mention I might sign up to Twitter now Elon Musk has taken over, whereas my friend, who is a Twitter user, said she might well withdraw, as much out of dissatisfaction that one man should have all that power. A pleasant exchange followed concerning the importance of free speech and the impact this move might have.

Later on, inspired by our discussions etc. and by way of an exercise, I tried to sign up to Twitter. I half got there and the other half was I already have a Twitter account that I haven’t used for years but shares the same email, and got into some yet to be resolved technical difficulties. I took comfort that most of the few people who follow me are not “twitterers” and me not being one for succinctness would rather focus my efforts on adding to the blogosphere.

Then media is inundated with Twitter related stories, starting with Musk buying a relatively small share holding, to mounting a hostile takeover bid and now owning Twitter outright as a private entity. I can watch with mild amusement as the woke leaning mainstream media voice their disapproval with the existing Twitter movers and shakers in meltdown wanting this whole nightmare scenario come to an end. As a reaction, many elements of alternative media welcome the news because the hope it may restore free speech and throw light on the algorithms that caused some Twitter users to be banned, e.g. Donald Trump, and why some hot potato subjects cannot be discussed, e.g. the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

As for dodgy goings on by Twitter, pre Musk (watch this space), e.g. psychological manipulation: “Everyone needs to pay close attention to the aftermath of the Elon news. Closely examine how the enemy responds. They reveal most when they are desperate. They get sloppy and obvious when under duress. And right on cue, the current deep state assets at Twitter are mass deleting their bot farms. The politically charged entities operating Twitter are in a mass frenzy trying to cover up all of their nefarious Orwellian activity. Why is bot deletion significant? Well firstly it proves that Twitter uses bots. Which in of itself is Orwellian, deceptive, and evil in nature. For those who don’t know how it works, Twitter and other social media sites use bots they control, to prey on human’s emotional and psychological natural groupthink tendencies …”

Not all who mainstream media do not like are Musk supporters, e.g. Stew Peters, who is skeptical as to his intentions regarding free speech, and Trump, who with his own “Truth Social” soon to be launched, showed ambivalence. I found, though, the most insightful commentary on the Twitter story and Musk’s intentions (as well as his controllers) was from David Icke (see here). But be aware, as one friend pointed out, the skip overable advert at the start is rather unwholesome. Another friend commented: “I don’t particularly like Icke’s spirituality – but he is a consummate researcher and has been so for over 30 years. In my view he speaks a lot of ‘informed’ common sense.  He was on to this way of seeing reality 30 years ago while the rest of us thought he was a crazy eccentric”.

While we are on about critics and skeptics of Musk, his record thus far and agenda, Clay Clark makes some points worth checking out: “And We Know Interview – LT Speaks With Clay Clark” – the lesson being: do not accept anything simply because it suits what we want to believe. Satan is the great deceiver. He is most effective, not when he appears as the Prince of Darkness but rather when he appears as an angel of light; test and weigh all things (ed 29/04/22).

For a more soundly spiritual perspective on what is going on and issues relating to my opening salvo on cultural and spiritual warfare, I refer to Veronica West’s well worth reading and digesting prophetic word, found on Richard’s Watch: “Truth Social vs Twitter: A battle for the airwaves rages”. It begins: “From what The LORD showed me recently as I was shown into this “Narrow Place,” I saw a Battle raging over “Airspace” — like The Eye of a Needle. In fact, it looked something similar to what one would see unfold in air combat in the natural, but I saw how the voice of the enemy seeks continuously to rule the airwaves. Satan, we know, is the prince of the air, but we know that “we have been given authority over the airwaves.” Hence, Satan’s tactic remains to muzzle and silence and distort the sound of The Righteous Remnant from being released into the Atmosphere …

To wrap matters up, at the end of yesterday I was sharing a prayer time with folk from my church and someone included in his prayer (in the light of happenings in Ukraine) a request that the Russian people be not be taken in by the propaganda of their government. Fortunately, the brother in question did not take offense when I suggested afterward that we should pray the same prayer for the Ukrainians and come to that British people, given a lot of the propaganda we all are subjected to does not equate to the truth. Whether or not the now being rejigged Twitter and/or Trump’s Truth Social will help restore, not only freedom of speech, but also to allow for truth to shine through, and without any psychological manipulation by the baddies, remains to be seen, but pray we must and do what I suggested in my recent “Information integrity and where to find it” blog post, and pursue truth come what may.



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