What is going on in Ukraine?

What is going on in Ukraine?

On February 9th 2022, I began to reflect on the possibility that the house of cards was about to fall (see here).

I then posed the question “Is it just me or are things hotting up as far as happenings in the world goes and (on balance) which direction is it about to go, the good guys winning or the bad, the Great Reset or the Great Awakening or even the Great Deception?” I followed this up with two house of cards sequels, mindful of the plot thickening. When I wrote, things were starting to hot up concerning Ukraine and, as we now know, a lot as happened between then and now and is the subject of this article. I daresay few people knew much about Ukraine and even less the history that has led up to today’s events, before the invasion, and what is really happening in the country and the wider world as a result of it.

A concerned friend counseled me NOT to blog on Ukraine as it will upset some, especially those Ukrainians who experience the worst of the Russian invasion. Following my February 25th article “What is happening in Ukraine and how to respond?”, I had resisted the temptation to add to what I wrote then, mindful that not only was there much I didn’t know but every day we are finding out new developments and unexpected revelations. Spurred on by the narratives pushed by the western unholy trinity (media, politicians and elites), yet yearning honest reporting, I am gravitating more toward the alternative media to challenge false notions, for example:

  1. The Crisis in Ukraine: Irish Foreign Affairs Special Edition — Dr Patrick Walsh Pat Walsh
  2. UK Column News – 1st April 2022 – Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen
  3. Is Putin winning or losing – Steve Cioccolanti
  4. US Marine Intelligence Officer Tells Fuellmich Russia’s Already Beaten NATO & The New World Order

I felt a timely check of what is going on and where we might be heading in the world is needed, mindful of what the great Winston Churchill said relating to war and of my own position of not taking sides, especially when not knowing all the facts, yet disputing the narrative: Russia and Putin are the baddies; Ukraine and Zelenskyy are the goodies, and inclined instead to the notion that the truth may be something in-between. Prince Charles when declaring my town, Southend, to be a city, on March 1st, used the occasion to have a pop at Putin’s attack on freedom, and neglected entirely that of Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau on Trucker protestors and Pastor Artur Pawlowski etc. It is notable that atrocities going on in places like Yemen are ignored. It only reinforced my view: while he and the globalist elite offer one view, the opposite may well be true.

Having done (I think) my fair share of watching and praying, testing and weighing, and trying not to take sides, this is how I see things, albeit all too conscious of likely twists and turns in the path ahead:

  1. Events after I wrote my first house of cards blog have turned out a lot differently than me or anyone else come to that may have expected but, rather than exposing my poor powers of punditry (not that it matters), has shown in plain sight more of the reality of and corruption behind the House of Cards (and that is a good thing), which will surely fall in due time.
  2. Events have demonstrated that indeed “God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform”. I sense, through the uncertainty, fog and deception, the Almighty is controlling events.
  3. Not that we need to be told, but a large section of mainstream media is corrupt and more people are seeing this is the case. They seem interested more in promoting government propaganda than telling the truth. While focusing on reporting Russian military “atrocities” that often turn out to be anything but, it ignores well documented Ukraine military atrocities. As for Hunter Biden’s laptop, ignoring what may be seen in plain sight is tantamount to criminality. Contrary to what the media says, NATO / Ukraine is not winning the war, but rather, if anyone, it is the Russians.
  4. The evil cabal who wants to bring in the Great Reset and have condemned Putin are not really interested in the welfare of the Ukrainians but rather causing as much havoc as they can, including pursuing war rather than peace, so in the end they can implement their ambitions. Arguably, as the Covid narrative crumbles, the present conflict is a convenient distraction.
  5. The history of how we got to where we are now is all important, including the genuine grievances of the Russians, including a civil war where they have an interest, threats to their borders and as a result of US efforts that have orchestrated a colour revolution to bring in a corrupt regime they can control and manipulate.
  6. Bio Labs was hardly considered at the start of the Russian invasion but are now recognised as a reality, despite US attempts convince us it was for good reasons rather than for weapons.
  7. Contrary to what is portrayed, Volodymyr Zelenskyy is not a hero but a puppet of the Deep State, who has done well financially as such, who just happens to have backed the wrong horse – Biden.
  8. Attempts by the West to dissuade the Russians through sanctions have backfired. Their dependence on what Ukraine can offer, e.g. wheat and energy, means tables have turned, with the Russians insisting on payment in gold back Russian roubles, which might lead to a global financial reset – an important and often overlooked aspect when considering the bigger picture. Whether what we emerge will be for better or worse is something to watch.
  9. Strange new alliances are being forged, e.g. Russia now backed by India and China, begging the question that the balance of power may well shift from the US and their NATO allies to the East and especially China with its well established authoritarian systems.
  10. While we all want and hope for a peaceful and just settlement to the conflict, it is hard to see how this is going to happen (Pastor Cioccolanti’s example of what Jael did, recorded in the Book of Judges is an interesting one). Instead, we need to prepare for the worst, even if our inclination is to hope for the best.

I daresay, like Jeremiah, who really was a prophet, I might be seen as a prophet of doom, especially when I say I can only see things as they stand getting worse, e.g. food and fuel shortages, price hikes, supply chain breakdowns, civil unrest and all out war. While I would like to think what will follow will be the Great Awakening where the good guys come to the fore as opposed to the Great Reset where the bad guys are able to do their dastardly deeds to enslave humanity and implement their evil agenda, I am also mindful that the Great Awakening (especially if led by New Agers) may also lead to, as well as be a result of, the Great Deception. Since this watchman on the wall has not been called to come to a view on this subject, he won’t, but he is called to preach the gospel, having the hope expressed in the above song, and serve the Lord. While frustrated he can do little to change things for the better, he can / will still pray to God.


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