“Q” is back!

“Q” is back!

Q, which came to our attention with an October 2017 post on the anonymous imageboard 4chan, has returned with its first post since December 2020 stating “Shall we play a game once more?”.

I first wrote about Q and Q’s Anon followers four years ago, noting followers believe the world is run by an evil, secret cabal (hopefully about to receive their comeuppance by the good guys – whoever they are), with detractors scoffing at notions of a tiny, powerful group, working in collusion with nefarious intent, urged on by the unholy trinity (media, politicians and elite – see my recent “The Unholy Trinity: Media, Politicians, Elites” blog). While wanting / hoping Q is the real deal, I was prepared to hedge my bets, in that “QAnon, conspiracy theorists and what the h*** is going on?” blog. Because I am a conspiracy theorist, hopefully in a good sense, and in the sense authors like Ian Fleming and Arthur Conan Doyle might approve, and some most opposed to those pushing conspiracy theories and Q postings are fellow Christians, who I am meant to love, often in leadership and often influencing the flock to the extent Christian conspiracy theorists may be sent to unholy Coventry, two years ago I wrote “How should Christians respond to conspiracy theories?”. A week ago, I wrote “Is Conspiracy theory a virus that is infecting the church?”.

Back in March, I wrote my “Is the House of Cards about to fall?” blog and followed this up with two further blogs on the subject. Given momentous happenings on the world stage and the afore-mentioned evil cabal being exposed by the day around that time, I wondered if the House of Cards / row of dominoes etc., was about to come swiftly down and the Red Sea will open. While a lot has happened in the four months since then, on the momentous happenings / cabal exposed fronts, the House of Cards is yet to fall, even though it may be wobbling. When recently I decided to write on what I am seeing, albeit a whirlwind, basic tour, I chose to title it “Summer of Rage 2022” (watch this space), because I felt a sense of divine rebuke over past presumption, given that timing is God’s prerogative alone and our calling is to be simply faithful.

But then, with Q resuming posting, I have little doubt the timing Q chose was significant, wondering whether if now is the time for the House of Cards to come down!  I am still sceptical, for example: who is Q (I don’t know other than it appears to involve operatives at a high level who have insider information); Q sometimes misleads (as per the Art of War); Q’s claim to secret knowledge, often requiring decoders (of which there are several) to interpret, smells a bit too much like Gnosticism for my liking; and as for “trust the plan” (which we only have glimpses of), the only plan I am compelled to trust is God’s. But then, since Q has often accurately predicted many past happenings, exposed the lies of the unholy trinity and has the measure of scum who appear to be in charge, it is not unreasonable to hope / expect the good guys will win, although my understanding of Bible prophecy leads me to expect the Antichrist soon to emerge.

Soon after I decided to blog on Q, my fellow blogger and friend, Richard Barker, did so (and got in first, so to speak) – see here for his Richard’s Watch website, which includes the following:

  1. Time on Q’s watch – Trump’s watch and “Time” in poker game vision
  2. Prophecy and the ‘Q’ movement – Wanda Alger
  3. For info: a few bytes on the ‘Q’ movement

Richard, writing as someone with a particular interest in sharing and evaluating what some of the modern days “political” prophets are saying concerning world events, covers much of the ground I might have covered, which in a sense lets me off the hook when, rather than duplicate, I say go and check out Richard’s Watch.

I like the way, for example, he posted the thoughts of one of these prophets, Wanda Algar, who distinguishes two distinct groups with an interest in the content of what Q posts, sometimes clashing in their perspectives but often seeing things similarly. She begins thus:

PROPHETIC INTERCESSORS are forever trying to interpret the signs and symbols in dreams and visions in order to find a hidden message from God.

Q FOLLOWERS are forever decoding Q drops with all their abbreviations and numbers in hopes of discovering hidden clues about what’s really happening.

For the record, there are other prophets who refer to Q postings, e.g. Mark Taylor, who some years back prophesied the overturning of Roe versus Wade, which has recently happened (see here).

One helpful, more in depth resource, which Richard refers to, is “Martin Geddes on Q Version 1.0”.

My best advice regarding some of the admittedly sensational Q posts is, whatever you do, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and be faithful to God. Rather than get hung up about what is going on around you, which you can do little about, focus on what you can do something about. But I would also add – do what we are increasingly being discouraged from doing – question everything and do your research!

As for Q, there are good reasons for not dismissing what it comes out with, as evidenced in this video: “The TOP 100 Q PROOFS of All-Time! 100% PROOF of The Greatest Worldwide Military Intel Op in History!“, providing ample justification along with a real hope that many loose ends will soon be tied up.

No doubt, Q and Q-Anon detractors will continue to call out Q as phoney, and vilifying those who disagree in the process, which as so often happens inclines me to the opposite view, i.e. Q may indeed be / is the real deal, but then as I often urge folk …


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