The January 6th US Capitol riot revisited

The January 6th US Capitol riot revisited

We live in interesting times and the propaganda war hots up and continues unabated. Things are happening in the world that are extremely consequential and this watchman on the wall that does not have to go to work to earn a living has to balance his watching with things like being a good husband, looking after the garden, trying to be a good neighbour and of course prayer and study. For this reason, a story that has been a full-time consideration of a few over the past year will not be covered in the depth some would like. Bear with me, but for links to pertinent, interesting information and perspectives, all of which I have checked out and commend (I could if time allowed provide a brief synopsis), then please scroll down …

A little over a week ago, I had a conversation with someone I am close to, who mentioned how many of her colleagues were fascinated by the Johnny Depp trial, encouraged a great deal by media coverage. I commented that while this was taking place so was a far more consequential trial, that of Michael Sussman, which as far as the UK went received little coverage by mainstream media. When challenged why I should be so interested in something happening in a foreign country, the USA, my response was what happened in the Sussman trial has far reaching consequences that affect all of us. The sames goes for this recent US congressional hearing.

Two days ago the headline on the BBC website was “January 6 hearing: Trump accused of attempted coup” … “Former US President Donald Trump orchestrated last year’s Capitol riot in an “attempted coup”, a congressional inquiry has heard as a hearing opened into the raid. Liz Cheney, the Republican vice-chair of the committee, said Mr Trump had “lit the flame of this attack”. Bennie Thompson, a Democrat, said the riot endangered American democracy. Trump supporters stormed Congress on 6 January 2021 as lawmakers met to certify Joe Biden’s election victory. After almost a year of investigation, the Democratic-led US House of Representatives select committee opened on Thursday evening by showing clips from interviews it conducted with members of Mr Trump’s inner circle. The timing was geared to reach huge evening TV audiences across the US …

I am long past being shocked at BBC bias. As is invariably the case with these big stories, an entirely different narrative can be found in alternative media, examples of which can be found in the links below. I remember the occasion well, being horrified almost from the beginning that monumental fraud had been perpetuated following the November 3rd US Presidential Election, and if there was an insurrection, it had been instigated by the Biden camp, aided and abetted by powerful elements of the unholy Trinity (Washington swamp, whose tentacles reach worldwide) – politicians, media and elite (supported by a broken justice system), and while illegal actions had taken place, the vast majority who came to Washington that day to lawfully protest their concerns and to entreat Congress that they do not certify the crime, came as peaceful protestors.

Before I invite readers to check out links below, let me briefly share my own thoughts, following myself checking these out …

  1. As more evidence is being accumulated of election fraud, this pantomime is what is being pushed by US powers that be.
  2. The show was meant as a distraction to what is really happening in the country.
  3. The show was designed to put Trump in a bad light and stop his designs for the presidency.
  4. How many were interested in following this exceptional occurrence of a covering a congressional hearing, broadcast prime time on all main TV outlets (a lot less than we are led to believe)?
  5. It is not a matter of Democrat versus Republican but, rather, what is being seen is corruption both sides of the aisle.
  6. The membership of the committee was stacked – the few who might have challenged its findings were not allowed to partake.
  7. Why was the offer of provision of extra security ahead of the January 6th riot not taken up?
  8. What about the one person who was killed, the presence of agent provocateurs and other relevant evidence deemed inadmissible?  
  9. What about those imprisoned in appalling conditions?
  10. A few months before the Capitol riots were BLM and Antifa led riots in several US cities; why weren’t these being investigated?
  11. What about assorted injustices being perpetuated under the guise of getting to the bottom of what happened on January 6th?
  12. What is being done to deal with the true crime of the century (and preventing a recurrence) – the stealing of the US Presidential election and the conspirators who committed the crime?

I close here. The issue is one of truth, justice, righteousness – the very thing that the King who is coming to reign stands for and will ensure happens – but do we have to wait until He comes for that?

Relevant Links

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