Quiz for Christians – how sound are you?

Quiz for Christians – how sound are you?

Please excuse this “light” approach to a serious subject. But if you care to agree / disagree with the following statements, on matters I have found to be significant, albeit often divisive, in my 55 years as a Christian, then be my guest and, moreover, if it gets you thinking concerning matters of importance, then that is a bonus!

  1. Humankind, starting with Adam, has been around for not much more than 6000 years. (agree / disagree / don’t know)
  2. There was a Flood that killed all but eight of earth’s human inhabitants. (agree / disagree / don’t know)
  3. The Bible is entirely trustworthy and, unless obviously not the case, can be taken literally. (agree / disagree / don’t know)
  4. Jesus died on a cross, rose again from the dead. and is coming again (agree / disagree / don’t know)
  5. Jesus is the only way to God. (agree / disagree / don’t know)
  6. We cannot be saved by works. (agree / disagree / don’t know)
  7. Real Christians cannot lose their salvation. (agree / disagree / don’t know)
  8. Climate change, LBGTQ inclusion and race should NOT be church priorities. (agree / disagree / don’t know)
  9. Marriage should be between one man and one woman and for life. (agree / disagree / don’t know)
  10. Most (if not all) abortions are an offering to Baal and contrary to God’s will. (agree / disagree / don’t know)
  11. Christians should be politically involved and actively serving their communities. (agree / disagree / don’t know)
  12. The spiritual gifts and offices that have been identified in the NT are for today. (agree / disagree / don’t know)
  13. There will be a millennium after Jesus returns to earth. (agree / disagree / don’t know)
  14. Real Christians will be not raptured before the Great Tribulation under the Antichrist. (agree / disagree / don’t know)
  15. The world is run by a tiny cabal, whose intention is to enslave us. (agree / disagree / don’t know)
  16. A Great Awakening is something to expect before Jesus returns and is mainly a good thing. (agree / disagree / don’t know)
  17. There is a future for Israel, i.e. Israel has not been replaced. (agree / disagree / don’t know)
  18. Most “Christians” have been / will be deceived and yet God is calling out His remnant. (agree / disagree / don’t know)
  19. True “Prophets” who correctly predict future happenings on earth are around today. (agree / disagree / don’t know)
  20. God is seeking a holy people, and holiness should be our priority. (agree / disagree / don’t know)
  21. Leadership in churches should be predominantly male. (agree / disagree / don’t know)
  22. Hell is a real place where the unredeemed go. (agree / disagree / don’t know)

Give yourself two marks if you agree (with me), one if you don’t know (or neither agree nor disagree) and no marks if you disagree.

(32-44 marks) you are on the right lines, at least imho, but it is one thing to believe the right things but another to do them; we are at best unprofitable servants; we need to love those who see things differently to us; we all accountable to the one we claim to follow.

(20-31 marks) while we may disagree on some things, there seems to be a lot of common ground that we can work on as we seek to serve God here on earth, doing that which truly matters.

(0-19 marks) while at liberty to believe what you want, you need to make a determined effort to seek after the truth, wherever that may happen to lead you, starting with seriously studying the Bible.


2 thoughts on “Quiz for Christians – how sound are you?

  1. Dave says:

    your viewpoint is dispensational & new age doctrines. unbelievable, you are deceived.
    Jesus fulfilled the OT covenants. He is King & Lord, and his kingdom is now & forever. Acts2:29-36
    The Israel of God is all those in Christ. Rom9:6-8, Gal3:8,16,28-29, 6:15-16

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