Climate Emergency – The Great Con

Climate Emergency – The Great Con

This is a mere update concerning my views on the “climate emergency”, in response to being taken to task on the subject.

While I thought I hadn’t blogged much on the subject of Climate Change amidst the 2074 articles in my blog, since I began blogging 22/02/14, I have blogged and I don’t intend to repeat myself here:

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There is little doubt, now the Corona Scamdemic has taken a back seat and Fake News has chosen not to keep pushing how bad Putin and Russia are regarding Ukraine and the reason for many of our woes, water down notions of a Great (US) election steal in November 3rd 2019 and potential and actual food and fuel shortages, partly as a result of paying / discouraging farmers, in places as far apart as Holland, USA and Sri Lanka, not to farm  all of which have been (discussed in my recent “Summer of Rage” blogs), the that next in line scary thing that ought to bother us is the Climate Emergency, that was put on hold during the Plandemic.

I have a friend, an intelligent and courteous man, who does his research and “trusts the science”, albeit selectively so, and has longed believed Climate Change is humanity’s greatest threat. He recently posted on his Facebook page a link to a Daily Mail article: “A freak summer… or a terrifying glimpse of what is to come? GEOFFREY LEAN examines what Britain must do to stop experts’ hellish vision of a parched country coming true. He did so with a degree of incredulity, given the Daily Mail is not normally sympathetic to the concerns of climate change activists. Another friend alerted me to this post, and somewhat mischievously (given the readership), knowing my scepticism etc., invited me to venture a view, which I gave:

My mind boggles at the thought my friend *** “nearly spat my Oakly and Shreddies across the table this morning on seeing a dose of Truth Telling in The Daily Mail”. Climate Change is lower in my priorities as things to check out amidst the global craziness we are now seeing. Like C*d, I see Climate Emergency as part of the distraction to keep the plebs dumbed down and ultimately willing slaves and while he dismisses the Nov 3rd US election steal and subscribes to the Jan 6th riot narrative instigated by disaffected Trump supporters my respect for his integrity judging matters of consequences has sadly lessened … shame that some people obsess over the “reality” of climate change but not the reality of the great election steal, the C*d / V*x plandemic and what really is going on in Ukraine … I get your argument. I need to set aside research time to respond. My worry is the bad guys of the world, now the Corona scam has died down, will use the sincere concerns of the likes of you and *** as the pretext for further screwing us, like what is happening with Biden in the US.” This caused some untoward reaction to my admittedly belligerent questioning of whether there is an emergency and if it is a priority, including asking the question: “What are you waffling about? What part of ‘climate emergency’ do you not get and need to set time apart to figure out?”  

I resisted the provocative response “I don’t cast my pearls before swine” and decided to take a more engaging one – read the above (I haven’t got time to do the amount of research on the subject my good friend *** has done and, besides which, much of my time is spent researching subjects I find more concerning) and get back to me – and ideally over a coffee or a beer when we can respectfully listen to each other’s point of view. And please don’t accuse people like me of self interest when the reality is we don’t just talk about saving humanity but we try to do something about it.

Update 18/08/22

I recognise, I have NOT done a full, forensic, scientific investigation as to whether climate change that has gone on since the beginning of time now constitutes a climate emergency. Few have and for that reason many are cajoled into believing the claims, spurred on by the propaganda that those with power and influence at least pay lip service to. I have done enough investigation, however, to question the narrative (official or otherwise). Moreover, at the risk of being called a conspiracy theorist and consigned by my accusers as someone whose opinion can be safely ignored, I do see something nefarious happening in the world that can be encapsulated in two words – Great Reset, and as with pandemics, climate change can be used as a reason to accelerate the changes needed for this to happen.

Climate emergency is a convenient ruse for shutting down dissent, screwing the populace and making a few very rich and powerful, as well as give some well meaning folk a cause to fight for, or for the less well meaning a sense of moral superiority (sad because as one who believes loving my neighbor is important, I can think of better ones). I concede there is a debate to be had still, e.g. the role CO2 levels play in climate change, and recognising the earth’s inhabitants should be taking better care of their planet. Rather than further articulate my concerns, which causes me to willingly face the flak as a result of putting my head over the parapet, I refer to a “Mel K Joins Fly Over Conservatives For a Deep Dive Into The Evil NWO Climate Change Agenda ICYMI 97 minute video that makes the argument better than I ever could.

Also today, a friend posted on his Telegram channel: “ICYMI – 1,200 scientists and professionals from across the world led by the Norwegian physics Nobel Prize laureate Professor Ivar Giaever declare: “There is no climate emergency.”See here for the document, where compelling supporting arguments are presented.


One thought on “Climate Emergency – The Great Con

  1. Ips Prez says:

    One can only shake their head at the cognitive dissonance exhibited these days usually (but not always) by those of a liberal persuasion. I don’t get it personally, how can two people look at the exact same data and see totally different answers. Climate change is a hoax being perpetrated on a gullible yet loud segment of society. Proof? Look at the geological evidence. Climate oscillation is real and happens all the time. We are simply experiencing that but instead of going with the flow some well connected people are using this to vastly enrich and empower themselves at the expense of the rest of us. All thanks to the rubes that can’t get two brain cells working at the same time.

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