Conservatives and the Climate Change Party

Conservatives and the Climate Change Party

A climate change activist, Facebook friend, recently posted on his page: “In light of the fact the two Conservative candidates are so awful and will gladly throw the young over a cliff a new centre-right political party has launched. With a focus on traditional conservative values of family, property, legacy and duty it will focus on tackling climate breakdown. It intends to fight 110 seats at the next election”.

I responded: “The more I think of it the more I see the climate change agenda, like Covid, a giant con urged on by the globalists to enslave us all. Sadly, the two candidates for the CON leadership are both globalist puppets and I see little hope in the other parties including the one you mention.” Unsurprisingly, this did not go down too well with his friends, who subscribe to the notion that climate change is indeed an emergency and, likely, the gravest one we are facing right now. It is not just the climate change enthusiasts that perceive a problem but, for example, in the light of last week’s very high temperatures, others put this down to high CO2 emissions leading to global warming that needs urgent addressing.

While I have done my research and conclude the Corona pandemic is a plan / scam demic, there is only so many hours in the day, and I will need to do more work to hold my own in any debate concerning climate change with my knowledgeable Facebook friend. As I thought about how to approach my article, I came across an 8-year-old video titled “The Climate Con – David Icke Talking In 2014” by an (in)famous, ex-Green Party spokesman turned conspiracy theorist, who happens (imho) to speak a lot of sense. Then there are protests the world over, epitomised by the Dutch farmers, against having to reduce their farming output as well as documented evidence of US farmers being bribed to destroy their crops (ironically, with a soon to come global fuel and food shortage, pointing toward the Great Reset as not a good thing), which had been imposed by their governments – to tackle climate change.

While those pushing measures to address the “emergency”, such as at the recent UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) at the SEC – Glasgow 2021, are mostly bad guys, it is not good enough reason to dismiss the “science”. With this, coupled with the Corona / Vax agenda, which I believe is not just anti science but gross wickedness, the Ukraine conflict where we are told to blame many of the woes we currently face on the Russians, and a cultural climate where those who question the official narrative are shut up and worse, I have seen enough to stick to my guns that there is an global, evil cabal intent on screwing humanity, using whatever means they can.

When it comes to political affiliation, I have none other than I may be right of centre with a strong social justice and libertarian streak. Ironically, I once voted for one of my detractors to the Facebook comments I made, when he stood for Parliament, based on the premise I vote for the person rather than the party. When I recently did a poll on my political preference, I decided on Reform UK with its mantra to change politics for good and sharing many of my concerns – but then I know so little, and with the Climate Change Party being an unhelpful distraction. When it comes to the Conservative Party needing to decide between whether Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss to replace Boris as Prime Minister, my depression deepens when there seems no one in the Party or any other party who may do better. About the two candidates, Christian Concern and UK Column have pointed to a number of issues that raise concerns. Questions I would like to ask the two include:

  1. Do you believe the Conservatives mishandled the Covid “crisis”?
  2. Do you think the Deep State and Ukrainian government are at least as culpable as the Russians in the current crisis?
  3. Do you think we should be concerned about erosion of freedoms should the online safety and schools’ bills as they currently stand be enacted?
  4. Do you think we should withdraw from the WHO and Paris Climate accord and take a more critical stance toward the agendas pushed by the likes of the WEF, UN and NATO?
  5. Would you support tightening the law on when abortion is allowed?

My answer to all these questions would be “Yes”. Regrettably, I suspect the response by Sunak and Truss, were they to be pressed, would be “No”. I daresay, I can think of other questions where a similar pattern would be likely to emerge. I would like to think God, who is in the shaking business, and at this time the world really is being shaken, has other plans. Which one, as seems likely, of Sunak or Truss will emerge as winner, we will soon know, but however bleak things are looking and powerless we feel, there is hope and it is not in man but rather in God, who we should put our trust in.


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