Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, Satan and Baal

Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, Satan and Baal

This is not going to be an easy article to write, especially as I hardly know what I am talking about. But sometimes one is alerted to things that give rise to concerns such that one needs to share them.

We have just been witnessing the 2022 Commonwealth Games, and while I have not been too riveted, and much less so than when compared with past Olympic games, what I have seen has been impressive, as the best sportsmen in our diverse Commonwealth (what was once the British Empire) compete against one another in sportsmanlike fashion, giving pleasure to millions. But there was a dark side to it (implicit in the title of this article), picked up by media like Bitchute and Rumble (but not the BBC and YouTube).

One report: “BAAL Worship: Mass Satanic Ritual at the 2022 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony” reads: “The opening ceremony for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, including 72 different commonwealth countries, kicked off with a BAAL Worshiping Satanic Mass Ceremony this year. This comes as no surprise considering that most major sporting events such as the Super Bowl half time shows and Winter/Summer Olympics do this regularly. This time however, it is more blatant than ever before. The saddest part is that the ignorant masses watching the show are absolutely clueless to it’s meaning. Often confused with rituals, ceremonies such as these have been used for thousands of years to literally summon evil demonic (alien / interdimensional) beings. Unlike a ritual, ceremonies typically revolve around an event or date and usually involve performances including dance for atonement, purification rites and worship rites. In this case the ceremony happened to include the worship of BAAL the satanic bull headed Canaanite deity who is also often known as Molech but is actually Lucifer in disguise. The practice of ceremonial magic at events with thousands of people tuning in from all over the world is to literally evoke or call upon the spirit world”.

My reticence in reporting, is I don’t know enough to refute or confirm the above. In one, more neutral, report: “What is the significance of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Raging Bull?” it makes the point that the Bull, perhaps the most remembered feature of the Opening Ceremony, is also significant in Birmingham’s history. Notwithstanding the need for caution when making controversial etc. statements, when I watch the video titled: “Commonwealth Baal Worship Tower of Babel illuminati Ritual Ceremony” (perhaps the most convincing from a number making similar points), I am convinced enough that what was being shown was not just propaganda to push a certain narrative but that it was deeply linked to The Tower of Babel story (admitted in the ceremony), the Illuminati (evidenced by the symbolism used), Baal worship (also explicit) and its celebration and advocacy of a godless way of living. Not so long ago, if I had read the supporting blurb “There was a time when these pagan rituals were somewhat shrouded and mystery but now they don’t even hide it! They come right out in the open with worship ceremonies that come straight from biblical times. You will be shocked to see how blatant…” I would have been dismissive but not now, and especially when it comes to my watching on the wall, it is becoming increasingly evident Satan is upping the ante as he seeks to take over the world, with events as these revealing his intentions.  

I remember back in 2012 following the London Olympics and watching both the opening and closing ceremonies. The video titled “London Olympics Closing Ceremony Exposed: Satanic Ritual” argues here too there was a satanic connection. I confess at the time, I enjoyed the Opening Ceremony (The Mr Bean / Chariots of Fire and James Bond / Queen videos that were incorporated were brilliant), although I didn’t understand the significance of the NHS celebration, at least until Covid hit us, suggesting what happened may have been planned. The closing ceremony presented a darker picture (aided by the music). Now I know why I felt that way.

Another example is CERN and the video titled: “CERN Opening Ceremony For Gotthard Base Tunnel (satanic ritual)” gives a number of examples of a satanic link. In another report “CERN and Bible Prophecy”, in answering the question “What is CERN?” we read “CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and they operate the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, where the renowned Large Hadron Collider (LHC) resides. The Hadron Collider (also referred to as CERN) is the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator and the largest machine man has ever made; it’s a whopping seventeen miles long and buried 574 feet beneath the earth’s surface. Many eminent physicists believe it has the potential to destroy not just the world, but the universe itself”.  

What I have presented is my stake in the ground argument that the forces of darkness are doing all they can to further their evil agenda, using ceremonies linked to big events to do so, and to warn folk. This is part of a plan to turn people further away from worshiping the living God, reminding us only the Gospel can save this world.


One thought on “Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, Satan and Baal

  1. Miriam Banting says:

    My first reaction to seeing that bull was Satan. I Iive in Birmingham but I won’t go and see it. Apparently it has been programmed to move hourly. The Eurovision song contest guest act also gives out Sa…nic messages, I first saw that clearly when lady gaga performed. I share your suspicions about CERN, I have heard that it is or will be a portal for the second heaven, though I can’t remember who said it, man called Watson? who also investigated the RC church, and their US rocket launch base called Lucifer!
    Am enjoying your blogs, seem to share your reading tastes, uk column, Veronica West, Richards watch etc.

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