Trumpwatch (56) – Trump, a Cyrus or a Jehu?

Trumpwatch (56) – Trump, a Cyrus or a Jehu?

My last Trumpwatch episode was only two weeks ago: “Trumpwatch (55) – Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home raided”, but such is the influence of the man, despite not being (officially) the President these past 20 months, that there is always significant things going on, where he is somewhere near the centre of.

While I would like to report on major developments concerning the FBI raid on his home, there is much we don’t know for sure, including what they were looking for, what they found and where it will eventually lead. There is much out there of folk speculating on motivation and the nature of the conspiracy that brought on the raid in the first place. Understandably, some Trump supporters see it as an attack by an agency (the FBI), where those who are “in charge” are corrupt and beholden to those who are pulling the strings in the Biden regime, using the raid in order to derail Trump, yet leaving the likes of the more corrupt Obama alone as on their side, e.g. by not investigating Hillary’s emails or Hunter’s laptop. One positive, it is argued, more people are waking up to how bad the FBI/DOJ is.

But Trump is not for the taking out if the primaries for who are to be the Republican nominees to run in the November mid term elections are anything to go by. In the main, the candidates that Trump endorsed are those put forward to run and those he didn’t losing out, including a number of sitting anti-Trump candidates, like Liz Cheney, rejected. It is also noticeable that many pundits are predicting an overwhelming Republican victory in the mid-terms, assuming no fraud and no stunt is pulled to delay the elections on the back of some orchestrated crisis, with the Biden regime using this as a ruse. What we continue to see is corruption among Republicans as well as Democrats and as described in other blogs, the USA on a downward spiral led by a fraudulent administration.

For all his faults, Trump is seen as a threat by the cabal and their plans for a Great Reset, and in my book that more than makes up for them. I fully expect major developments impacting what normally takes place come election time. Regarding, Trump being a most suitable President, who while not officially recognised as such, did win the November 3rd 2020 Presidential election, as compelling evidence of election fraud continues to come to light. I believe a strong case can be made why he is better than the alternatives when it comes to leading the USA. Richard’s Watch has been recently re-posting strong arguments as to Trump’s suitability e.g. [Nov 2020] Is Donald Trump’s heart for God’s Kingdom? – part 4: putting faith into political action”. As for the normal suspects, they think the opposite and having watched videos of people involved with the World Economic Forum, a Trump return to power would be the last thing they want, leaving the conspiracy theorists pondering how they are going to achieved this.

Ask me before the 2016 Presidential election as to my views on the suitability of candidate Trump, I would have said he was entirely unsuitable, but in six years, like many, I have woken up to what is really going on in the world and realise the Trump was the main person standing between the bad guys taking over the world entirely, despite his obvious faults. I can think of respected Christians in comparing Trump and Obama, seeing the latter as the good guy, although as I point out that is based on a false perception and what matters is what God thinks and I see Trump as closer to the Almighty and certainly the one person who despite his faults is going to stand up against the cabal running the world. Putting aside personal flaws, noting they are less than any president since Reagan, based on what I believe, I nevertheless question certain political positions, e.g. how to respond to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

My biggest concern is about the roll out of the fake vaccine against Covid-19, seen in him pushing “Operation Warp Speed” and not backing down (although some see it as the ploy of a 5D Chess Master and one who understands the art of war). The argument goes that if he hadn’t done what he did, the bad guys would be running the world on the back of prolonged lockdowns. Interestingly, Alex Jones has been critical of Trump’s position, believing it may backfire: “Trump Must Denounce COVID Vax Now Before He Is Blamed for Their Failure by The Left”. Others have discussed the possibilities: “Will DEEP STATE Frame Trump For VAX DEATHS Ahead Of Midterms?” and“Democrats Are Now ATTACKING Trump Over The Vaccine”. I don’t know enough to comment on what really is going on other than the irony that those who have been most pro vax could use reports of its lack of effectiveness (and worse) as a weapon against Trump.

Which brings me to Trump, Cyrus and Jehu. Some time ago, I wrote “Jezebel Jehu and Trump – connecting the dots” and “King Cyrus and President Trump”. Cyrus and Jehu were far from perfect but both were anointed by God to do a job. Talking of anointing, something God’s spokespersons, the prophets did, I continue to believe those prophets, who have declared that Trump will be back to complete the job he began to do when first elected, will be vindicated. Cyrus was God’s instrument in bringing back Israel from exile. Jehu was God’s instrument in draining the swamp of his day and destroy the legacy of Ahab and Jezebel. Sadly, while Jehu got rid of globalist idols, he replaced them with nationalist ones (which I discuss in “Globalist idols, Nationalist idols, and King Jehu”, hoping similar won’t happen with Trump).

As I repeat ad nauseum, the only one I follow is the Lord God Almighty, who continues to use the most unlikely and imperfect material, people like Trump, to accomplish his purposes. He calls us, quite simply, to be faithful to Him and to be people of prayer.


2 thoughts on “Trumpwatch (56) – Trump, a Cyrus or a Jehu?

  1. Ips Prez says:

    You wrote “who continues to use the most unlikely and imperfect material, people like Trump”, I would add, and me (meaning me, not you)

  2. says:

    Everyone wants Trump back worldwide.
    I have seen it in NZ, who think Biden is past terrible.
    Anyone but Joe. I think Joe has even rebounded on those who put him in. Big names in Media losing their jobs.Gas prices etc it never stops with the Devil’s guy in power.

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