The C***d and V*x shebang revisited

The C***d and V*x shebang revisited

Toward the end of February 2020, when news about Covid-19 was being reported, and it was to dominate the headlines for many months after, like many, I did not know what had hit us. I saw it like another flu variant that would soon blow over. Little did I predict the lockdowns, to be followed by the roll out of “vaccines”, along with the monumental collateral damage that would take place.

Early on, I smelt a rat, especially as the “emergency” and a new project fear were being pushed around the clock, but I was already beginning to wake up to the nefarious ways and questionable narrative of the unholy trinity (see here for definitions and rationale). I was saddened that only a few voices were speaking out and appalled that many of the movers and shakers in my own theological stable seemed to go along with it all, including being among the first to take the jab. The pressure to conform with whatever the next “based on the science” government directive / guideline to come out, in order to flatten the curve etc., was huge.

I was even more perturbed that those who questioned the official narrative were shut down and even worse, their careers ruined, and the guilt those who wanted to go about normal life and care for loved ones was made to feel if they dared to question or dissent from what they were told. I found it frustrating that there seemed little I could do, I still have unanswered questions. Such is the way things are going, I may be deemed a domestic terrorist if I refuse to shut up, which is what I am doing now. I decided, early on, to record my thoughts on an assortment of matters relating to C***d / V*x (excuse the stars, done during insane censorship by Google, Facebook etc.) in a series of blogs, which I later included in an e-book titled: “Covid-19 – the story that doesn’t end”.

My last entry into the ebook was “My Covid-19 briefing (4)”, on 9th January 2022, although I was to later get Covid myself (and it was not nice), and was to relate my experience in my “My Covid experience” article, 19th March 2022. Many Covid restrictions, and the pressure to get jabbed, have been lifted some months ago, and pushing vaccine passports squashed, at least temporarily, Now, I can do most of the things I did before the “pandemic”. But Covid has not gone away (e.g. people are still wearing masks). One imagines a new variant may come our way soon. When it is deemed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as constituting an emergency, national governments likely will agree to impose restrictions and loss of freedom as a result of what the WHO says must happen.

The jury is out on the cost in real terms of what happened and did not happen to curtail the worst affects of the virus and how effective these measures were, but I have no doubt costs were astronomical. Economy, business, family, schools, health including mental health suffered and there are many indications that the rollout of the vax / jab (which really is a form of untested genetic modification) and boosters not only didn’t do the job but likely made matters far worse. Examples are still coming in of the affects of what took place, including the immeasurable human cost. I recently spoke with the CEO of a homeless charity who explained the extraordinary pressure she and her team, and other charities serving the vulnerable, were under during the “pandemic”, and how it affected services.

We live in strange days and I truly believe from an early time and more so now that so much of the official narrative does not add up and that some of the measures taken, especially evangelistic zeal in getting people jabbed and stopping normal life carrying on were counter productive and evil. We live in strange times and there is enough going on in the world to assist the evil cabal implement their nefarious agenda, using such terms as “Great Reset”. One thing the period showed was the extent populations can be manipulated, coerced and controlled if, as was the case, people allow it to happen.

I have given up checking out reports to substantiate my beliefs in what is really going on around C***d and V*x. There is much I don’t know but I know enough not to trust our leaders. There are only so many hours in the day and, having found my own abilities to change people’s thinking is limited, I feel my time can be better spent. Most of that which challenges the picture presented can be found in alternative media, which the man in the street does not generally check out, but it is out there for those who care to look. But in preparing this article, I have identified the following articles / videos that powerfully make some of the points / concerns I have raised.

  1. Basically its ALL Bollocks. Lee Merritt says this is THE MOST IMPORTANT interview that she’s done
  2. Conspiracy Theories Proven: 12 – Daily Telegraph front-page main headline
  3. Official Government Reports prove the COVID Vaccines cause Cancer
  4. U.S. Government data confirms a 143,233% increase in Cancer cases due to COVID Vaccination
  5. Vascular and organ damage induced by mRNA vaccines: irrefutable proof of causality
  6. European data show excess deaths among the young and in highly jabbed regions
  7. Edward Dowd Discusses 20% Increase In Excess Deaths In Working Age Adults After Vaccine Mandates
  8. Ballpark Estimate: Covid Injections Have Killed 5 to 12 million People Worldwide
  9. UK Data: 1 in 246 Vaccinated People has died within 60 days of Vax
  10. 8.20.22: The NUMBERS don’t lie. ST@LEN ELECTI@N. The ENEMY is desperate! PRAY!
  11. ROSE/ICKE 7 The Trap
  12. Mel K & Musician/Artist Joseph Arthur On Creativity & The Great Awakening 8-23-22
  13. How Big Pharma Pushes Dangerous Drugs and Reaps Profits | The PCN Channel
  14. New Covid Vaccine Study Reveals Increased Risk of Heart Problems and Neurological Disorders per Dose
  15. Experts Raise Alarm Over Jab as Globalists Unleash Next Phase of Mass Depopulation
  16. TWO YEARS LATER: Davos and the Plot to Cancel Trump

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