False flags, awkward questions, conspiracy theories, and Sandy Hook

False flags, awkward questions, conspiracy theories and Sandy Hook

Before reading on, may I suggest readers check out my recent “Sandy Hook and the Right to Bear Arms” blog, in order to provide necessary context and background for what I want to say.

I began then “Like most Brits, there was a time I would have been bemused at the importance attached by many Americans, especially those of a more fundamentalist ilk, with protecting the “Second Amendment” with its “Right to Bear Arms”. Like many, I would have gone along with the official version of events of what took place in mass school shootings, typically that alleged to have taken place at Sandy Hook” and briefly reflected on the two related subjects, giving reasons why I no longer go along with popular opinion, even if saying so makes me persona non grata with some.

A “false flag” may be defined as “a political or military act orchestrated in such a way that it appears to have been carried out by a party that is not in fact responsible”. The first time I grappled with the notion of “false flag” was as a history buff studying the Reichstag fire. According to Wikipedia, this was “an arson attack on the Reichstag building, home of the German parliament in Berlin, on 27 February 1933, precisely four weeks after Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany. Marinus van der Lubbe, a Dutch “council communist”, was the apparent culprit; however, Hitler attributed the fire to Communist agitators. He used it as a pretext to claim that Communists were plotting against the German government, and induced President Paul von Hindenburg to issue the Reichstag Fire Decree suspending civil liberties, and pursue a “ruthless confrontation” with the Communists. This made the fire pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany”. Most commentators believe the Nazis’ caused the fire and used it to consolidate power, perfectly fitting the definition.  

When a friend challenged me concerning my views, especially my suggestion that Sandy Hook may be a false flag event, staged by Obama and the Deep State to restrict the carrying of guns, it got me wanting to research the matter further. On top of the 90-minute video: “James Fetzer on the Sandy Hook Cover-Up”, discussed in my earlier blog, I came across this 166-minute video: “WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT SANDY HOOK” making not so dissimilar points that, at the very least, there is more to the story than we have been told and we should be questioning the official narrative. Given I have found theUnholy Trinity” (see here) LIES, it is no longer counsel I ignore, when once I would have.

Like many complex stories, once down the rabbit holes, it is difficult to come out. This happens when trying to find out what really went on mindful, as with the Sandy Hook shootings, there are many different views expressed and, since we weren’t there to witness first hand what went on, we may find even then we may not be able to come to a definitive view and have to keep asking our questions. I decided, along with this latest link (to be found on Bitchute and unsurprisingly not on the likes of YouTube) to check out the links my friend shared, providing the more acceptable version of and reactions to events, and happenings in the aftermath. I realise this is a sensitive subject and recognise the outrage expressed were one is to publicly doubt the grieving parents. Unless with a calling to do so, we must limit time spent investigating things we can do little about.

One witness that interested me is Rev. Clive Calver, a Brit that came to live in the town the massacre took place (see here for a video interview with Clive and here for a report on what he said etc.). While he did not witness first-hand the shooting, he visited the scene shortly after, with the view to providing comfort and practical help to the victims. It happened, I met Clive as a teenager and when he was not that much older than me. He and his team came to my church to preach and do some outreach that I joined in with. He struck me then as being a breath of fresh air, in contrast to what I perceived as the traditional (stuffy) setting I was in at the time but, more importantly, I felt he was an earnest follower of Jesus and a true leader. I loosely followed his career when involved with Youth for Christ and the Evangelical Alliance, until he moved to America. I mentioned this as why I see him as an example of someone I respect doing the right thing in response to what had in his eyes happened.

As I look on the world, the more I am of the view things are often a long way off what they seem. It is a sobering thought that anyone of us can be had, as recent events shows. It means we can’t always say how things really are (too often we can’t, simply because we don’t have all the facts). And it is not just those, who like me, distrust the unholy trinity and believe an evil cabal have been running things, but all of us are prone to deception and, if not deception, taking an unchristian view on how we are to conduct ourselves, especially when we see false flag happening around us, folk we expect better from not seeing it, with the bad guys calling the shots.

In recent years, two false flag happenings (albeit not seen as such at the time and often still) stand out: the assassination of JFK and 9/11. False because, in the former case the Deep State did it as they perceived their power was under threat and killing JFK was how to keep it, and in the latter, the idea was to shift blame for, what Wikipedia stated, as the four coordinated suicide terrorist attacks carried out by the militant Islamic extremist network al-Qaeda against the United States, when on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, nineteen terrorists, directed by al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, when that too is increasingly looking like a Deep State operation intended to “legitimately” bring the US into conflict with unsympathetic Middle East regimes, like Libya and Iraq.      

If I had said this back in the day, I would have been castigated from all sides, but less so now, even though my readership (myself included) cannot say for sure all what really happened. My views on what is going on, along the lines of false flag operations, such as the Corona pan (plan) demic, the “Climate Emergency”, the War in Ukraine, the 2020 US “Election steal” are likely dismissed by many / most, yet I remain of a view that at the very least it is not the one “the Unholy Trinity” would have us believe and is along the lines of implemented / exploited by nefarious operatives, just as in the case of Sandy Hook; here in order to disarm American citizens to make it easier for foreign armies to take over America.

I appreciate the above might come as a shock to some who may see me as being off my rocker and I recognise I need to be careful, e.g. in not being taken in by falsehoods, not becoming obsessed, not getting on my high horse that I’m right and the rest are wrong, not setting myself up as a martyr and not being humble and kind, even to detractors, but I raise these matters to encourage people to do something our current culture increasing discourages, even to the extent of labeling those not toeing the line as domestic terrorists, that is to question everything, if for no other reason than the people who push the official narrative are all too often not good people (rather the contrary) and do not live life in the fear of the Lord.

Besides my detracting (re. Sandy Hook) friend, I have another friend who recently announced that he is looking into claims the earth may not be a sphere (i.e. flat) and man has never set foot on the moon as claimed. Given so many claims we once accepted, we can’t any longer, starting with that which has been discussed above, doubts may be raised and my friend might be forgiven, even if I would rather go along with what I have been told in his case. The term “conspiracy theorist” has been popularised and weaponised in recent years and, for those who question the official line, to go down that route, they are likely to attract criticism and worse.

Where all this leads us, I continue to ponder. I begin with my own motto: “test and weigh, watch and pray, trust and obey”. Qualities we may think of, including: wisdom, kindness, humility, patience, holiness, courage, faithfulness etc., all come into play. We must be those who seek after all these things and also be in pursuit of truth. 


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