Putin bad, Zelensky good; or is it the other way round!?

Putin bad, Zelensky good; or is it the other way round!?

I was recently asked by a friend whether I believed Ukraine’s President Zelensky was evil (and why), as she could not find anything on Google to support that view. After giving a short summary of what I thought, I said I would go away and give a more measured response based on research, and this is it.

I confess, I could have done a lot more research, but there are only so many hours in the day and there is lots of other things of higher priority I should be doing, so please bear with me. I am also mindful Zelensky is lauded as a hero by many among our Unholy Trinity” (Media, Politicians and Elites) as seen on his recent visits to the US Congress and UK Parliament when with few exceptions he was greeted as a hero and promised all sorts and given (including lots of money) of help in his war against the Russians. As for more negative views on Zelensky, you won’t find these much on the Google, BBC and the mainstream media, so one will have to go elsewhere, e.g. type “Zelensky” in the search bar of Bitchute or Rumble.

In a “Speech made by The Prince of Wales to mark Southend-on-Sea becoming a City”, an event to which I was invited, soon after the Russian invasion, and referring to the late Sir David Amess, who had worked hard for my town to become a city, Prince (now King) Charles stated: “What we saw in the terrible tragedy in Southend was an attack on democracy, on an open society, on freedom itself.  We are seeing those same values under attack today in Ukraine in the most unconscionable way.  In the stand we take here, we are in solidarity with all those who are resisting brutal aggression”. I confess, I found his statement hard to stomach but this was an occasion when one bites ones lips.

According to Wikipedia: “Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy (also transliterated as Zelensky or Zelenskiy; born 25 January 1978) is a Ukrainian politician and former comedian and actor who has served as the sixth and current president of Ukraine since 2019”. Opinions are divided whether Zelensky is a hero or a villain and if we (in the West) listen to what the Unholy Trinity have to say (and most do) we might well come to the view he is trying to defend his people against the evil Russians and other than entering the war other than by proxy, it was right to support Zelensky in every way possible, unless we check out alternative sources that present an entirely different picture, offering a different solution. For example the recent posting titled “Zelensky & Ukraine Exposed, The Biggest Lie of 2023 Will Make Your Blood Boil” provides compelling evidence Zelensky is a real baddie and we are being fed falsehoods, although he is one we might place in the useful idiot category as he is controlled and supported by higher powers. Otherwise, we might come to the view the Russians led by Putin are the bad guys and NATO etc, led by whoever controls Zelensky (and Biden), are the good guys, who are merely lending needed support to the victim of Russian aggression.

Once I was of the view the world was divided into three categories: fools, villains and the good guys, but these days I tend to see us all as mixtures of all three but invariably leaning to one or other of the three but noting the Book of Proverbs sees two main categories: the righteous and the wicked. Regarding Putin, I reserve judgment as to which one he is although, having dug deep, I wonder if he is like a modern-day King Jehu, whose job was ridding Israel of past wickedness, which when completed (and he is well on the way regarding bio weapons, child trafficking, money laundering etc.) it will expose who the true villains really are: i.e. those pushing the war in Ukraine and no peace deal, in order to cover up their villainy.

I may disappoint my friend by referring to five articles I wrote (links to which I share below) that I posted after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, rather than give a point-by-point argument why I think Zelensky is more villain or fool than good and, as far as his actions in Ukraine goes, Putin is no more villain or fool than he is good. The truth is there is a lot we don’t know or unlikely to, and in the final analysis it is for the Almighty to determine who is evil and who is good. In the articles I am going to refer to, I outline what I believe has been going on, including with the puppet Zelensky, and where it is all heading. Even so, that is where I will leave the matter for now. Included in the articles, I suggest how we should respond, noting that we are dangerously close to further escalation, including the very false flag event, e.g. nuclear war, the evil globalist cabal wish to bring about in order to further their evil agenda to depopulate and enslave humanity with their distorted concept of Great Reset” and a world with no place for the God of the Bible (my recent “Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception (3)” post).

In offering these thoughts, it is not about wanting to be proved right. As in any conflict, war is tragic because as is the case here the innocent suffer and the baddies pulling strings benefit from prolonging war, and the rest of us are expected to go along with it and them. I am conscious better people than me, including those Christians in Ukraine who experience the conflict first hand see things differently. Too often, we are fooled into believing bad people are good and good people bad. Rather and especially in the light of our being misled (including by fellow Christians) by those who we look to for information and guidance, my mantra is to warn others by sharing what it is I am seeing as a watchman on the wall:  

  1. What is happening in Ukraine and how to respond?
  2. What is going on in Ukraine?
  3. Why a free press (as well as an honest one) is so important
  4. What is going on in Ukraine and the Nephilim Agenda
  5. Genesis, Esau, Edom, Nephilim, Babel, Israel, Ukraine

One thought on “Putin bad, Zelensky good; or is it the other way round!?

  1. Richard Higgs says:

    I am convinced that The Ukraine has been used by the West to “poke the bear” until it can take no more .Just as Mrs Thatcher was hailed as a hero when she Declared war on Agentina to liberate the British inhabitants of the Falklands Mr Putin has done the same to liberate the long suffering people of the Dombass from the brutal genocidal attacks from the Ukraine since the real problems began in 2014. .

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