Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception (3)

Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception (3)

I wrote on this topic early last year (see here) and early this year (see here) and yet so much is continuing to happen that is blog worthy on this important subject such that an update is in order.

Bear with me for not going over old ground, which folk can check out with the two links given above or recent blogs written from the perspective of a watchman on the wall who has a particular interest in Bible end time prophecy and what modern day political prophets have to say. In a nutshell, I see each of the three aforementioned greats playing out now in the world and it is nigh impossible for me to say which of the three is gaining in ascendancy, yet is good reason why the watchman function is so important in these days.

The Great Reset is being pushed by many different persons and institutions, ranging from King Charles and many world leaders (I see as bad), Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and Agenda 2030 and a wide range of elites, often operating in the shadows, and useful idiots. The Great Awakening is being pushed by an alternative set of advocates and hopefuls, ranging from New Agers, political prophets, Christian enthusiasts, the “deplorables” and people waking up to the fact they have been had by the Unholy Trinity, comprising mainstream media, politicians in power and societal leaders, and are now in revolt.

As for Great Deception, many are deceived to such an extent they can be manipulated by the Hegelian Dialectic, yet it might include all of us to at least an extent. It is not just those who believe our leaders tell us the truth about what is going on in the world and have our best interests at heart and, even if they don’t, it is not their place to question or challenge the status quo, or in my corner of the vineyard, getting het up over the furtherance of the LBGT agenda, but not the Corona scamdemic and the collateral and planned damage that has been done, but also those that believe the opposite is the case, sometimes subscribing to the notion of a white hat operation to bring down the cabal (which may or may not be true), but too often find themselves barking up the wrong tree.

We are seven weeks into the New Year and things are happening at an alarmingly fast rate, some of it (maybe a lot of it if one believes in the imminent Fall of the Cabal) is positive, but a lot decidedly is not. I recently discussed two “biggies” in my “World War 3 about to begin; Banks about to collapse” blog.  I note today’s BBC headline is “Rishi Sunak: We must double down on Ukraine military support so not much change on the doomsday clock setting, now nigh on midnight, while knowing the Ruskies are doing far better than we are led to believe and of the view many of those who do support the puppet Zelensky do so for the wrong reasons.

As for banks collapsing, watch this space. Our ears continue to be bent with mandatory digital id roll out, pushed by the cabal and introducing social credit scores linked to our being able to buy and sell (a forerunner to the Mark of the Beast) and with it 15 minute cities and the like, intended to make us comply (or else) – now we are seeming to be moving on from compulsory vaccines (where there is compelling evidence that it killed rather than healed) but not it seems imposing measures to avert a climate catastrophe, with councils, government, businesses, institutions in broad support. On the money side, while I fear the bad financial reset being pushed by the baddies, having listened to two recent episodes featuring Charlie Ward (check out here) the good alternative feels too wacky to be true, supporting a goody goody Christian view that the Devil is most effective when he is operating as an angel of light. Some see the Great Awakening (like that now being advocated in the Reawaken America Tour, see here) as an example of a Great Deception.

There is other news of course, not least of past shenanigans being further exposed (hardly reported in UK media) when it comes to rigged elections and nefarious government and social media collusion to discredit a sitting president and to attack those who question the official narrative. There are things meant to divert our attention, like Chinese spy balloons being shot down over America. The big one recently is catastrophic train derailments in America and the alarming environmental damage done by chemical spillage, with alternative media speculating what is going on beyond a tragic accident, questioning why a lack of mainstream media coverage and government and other responses. And not to forget the aftermath to the tragic earthquake in Turkey with many lives lost, and some speculating there is more to these incidents than we are told.

And here is one for those who associate great awakenings with past evangelical revivals. It is what has come to be known as the ASBURY REVIVAL, taking place at a university named after Francis Asbury (1745-1816), who aged 26 came to evangelize the American colonies. He became a leader of the 2nd Great Awakening. It is estimated he travelled 270,000 miles on horseback preaching and planting Methodist churches. It is early days to figure out if it is a genuine Holy Spirit revival (my inkling is it is and my prayer is for more, albeit aware it will not be in the way we might expect), which this Great Awakener longs to see, over and above people waking up to the fact the world is being run by an evil cabal, and not just waking up but rising up to replace the baddies by the goodies. Or is the coming Antichrist, as predicted in the Books of Daniel and Revelation, before Christ returns to planet Earth, an imminent inevitability and the sensible approach is to hope for the best (seeing there is much we cannot do) and to prepare for the worst?

I have kept this, blog number 2183, short deliberately (although I did make additions as more sprung to mind, but do feel free to check out my website if you want elaboration of or justification for what it is I am seeing as a watchman on the wall). As an old codger, past caring what others think or incurring the displeasure of the Christian hegemony, who has been tempted to believe he has had his day and simply ride off into the sunset, I feel compelled like dear old Caleb in the Bible (see here and here) to keep going and let the next generation of out and out (or at least should be) Christians do what needs doing. I still believe we are in for a lot more great reset, awakening and deception and I know only a fraction.

If we speak the truth, we will be hated for it and worse, and it can be a lonely undertaking! Often we cannot be certain what is true and what is false, but there is no nobler quest than that for truth – believing it and acting accordingly. Make no bones about it, the bumpy ride we are on will get even bumpier, as is evident by all what is going on in the world, and you ain’t seen nothing yet, but the final outcome will be glorious, for despite how dire things may appear, we know God wins in the end. But since it is God we wish to honour, we have no option other than to seek and follow Him.

I reckon the Lord keeps us oldies around for such a time as this. Our assignment is to continue doing the necessary groundwork, to take the consequential knocks and to encourage this next generation. We do so humbly, knowing there is much we don’t know. Whether we are old or young and whatever our opportunities, abilities, interests, understanding and circumstances, we are faced with the choice of pleasing ourselves and others with the prospect of being quickly forgotten once we are dead, which could come at anytime, or pleasing God and doing those things that are of eternal significance.

I suspect for some reading this and exposed to these thoughts for the first time, it may seem rather overwhelming, but we do well to remember Jesus’ promise of peace and there is a work for Jesus none can you can do (so claim it; do it). So how do we respond, while remembering when all is said and done the best we can be and do is as His unprofitable servants? These considerations will help determine how we deal with an issue unlikely to go away anytime soon: the “Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception”.

My final word is BALANCE. See here for what I mean …  


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