The ReAwaken America Tour and The World Economic Forum Meetings

The ReAwaken America Tour and The World Economic Forum Meetings

Yesterday saw the ending to the latest (two day) event, part of a series of events in the ReAwaken America Tour. It also saw the ending of the latest World Economic Forum (five day) meeting that is held each year in Davos, Switzerland.

According to what one source for information, Wikipedia, has to say: “The ReAwaken America Tour is an American far-right and Christian nationalist political protest movement launched in 2021. Its rallies have promoted a bevy of right-wing and far-right conspiracy theories, including COVID-19 misinformation, Stop The Steal, and QAnon” and “The World Economic Forum (WEF) is an international non-governmental and lobbying organisation … its own mission as “improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas”


It is evident from the above that notwithstanding this author often referring to Wikipedia in order to introduce his readers to concepts and happenings his readership may not be familiar with that it is often biased, usually in a way the author disagrees with (and is ironically one reason why he often quotes Wikipedia). This author (me) has been following with interest what went on in Nashville with the latest event in the Reawaken America Tour (see here (day 1) and here (day 2). I will return to this but first I want to say something about the latest WEF event although I only caught snippets. The further irony (for me anyway) the two events offered sharply different visions of where the world ought to be heading and, unsurprisingly, participants in the two events are in sharp disagreement as to what is needed to fix the world’s problems.

One sympathetic account at what was to go on at Davos, which was less well attended compared with previous years, yet still attracted many of the world’s most powerful movers and shakers, plotting together, reads: “From 16 to 20 January, the Swiss town of Davos will once again host the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, which in 2023 will meet under the theme “Cooperation in a fragmented world”. The event brings together some 2,500 heads of state and government, business CEOs, civil society representatives, global media and youth leaders from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and North America to work together to rebuild trust and shape the principles, policies and partnerships needed to meet the challenges of 2023. The Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have triggered major transformations and this meeting aims to address systemic risks to avoid uncertainty and fragility. The Davos Forum 2023 thus seeks to drive forward-looking solutions and address the most pressing global challenges through public-private cooperation.

All of which sounds reasonable but if we are to look at alternative media a different picture emerges. What comes out of the WEF reflects many of the ideas of its leader, Klaus Schwab, including many in two of his most popular books, I have read and reviewed: “Klaus Schwab and “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” and “Klaus Schwab and “Covid -19: The Great Reset”. For a less sympathetic account on what went on at Davos this year (and one that resonates), check out “Noor Bin Ladin On Reports On Final Day Of Davos: Tony Blair ADMITS To Worldwide Digitalization Plan” and “HIGHLIGHTS” OF THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM’S DAVOS 2023 CONFERENCE“.

The significance in our talking about two quite different events that just happened to end on the same day can be seen in two blogs I wrote: “Great Awakening; Great Reset; Great Deception; Climate Emergency; Covid Plandemic” (1 week ago) and “Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception” (9 months ago). It is pretty fair to say that Reawaken America are championing the Great Awakening whereas the WEF are championing the Great Reset. While I raised have reservations concerning certain participants, e.g. Charlie Ward (who I like) but is a New Age, Syncretic, Gnostic, and discussed in my earlier blog when responding to some awake Christians seeing what was happening at “Reawaken America” included Satan operating in Angel of Light mode as opposed to Prince of Darkness at the WEF.

I found myself catching up with some 4 hours of the video footage and I was uplifted by the range and quality of truth bombs, speaker perspectives and subjects on offer and, while I may have minor disagreements and theological differences, I not only agreed with almost all what these folk were saying and doing but admired their brave endeavours to confront the evil clearly afoot in the world. I included some screen dumps (I love what Mel K had to say) and there were many heroes. As for their Christian detractors, I would say them: do the same and then convince me I am wrong.  

I don’t want to over dramatize my feelings concerning these two events, which offer two opposite visions of the world, which can be seen as light versus darkness, good versus bad, life versus death and God versus Satan, with most of the world elite going along with what comes out of Davos (which I see as darkness, bad, death, Satan) and the asleep sheep masses going along with it, but now we need what came out of Reawaken America to awaken the lions and I want to be one of them, standing against the evil – I invite you to join me!


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