What about the Heritage Party?

What about the Heritage Party?

My Telegram friend who alerted me to concerns regarding Richard Tice and his Reform UK Party (ref. my “Why I can’t support Reform UK and where my true hope lies” blog) after told me about Dave Kurten and his Heritage Party, sharing a video “Can Andrew Bridgen MP join the Heritage Party?

My response was: “Thanks for sharing this. Shows what a sheltered life I live – still don’t know who this chap is and was unaware of these Heritage Party principles. But I was IMPRESSED, finding myself agreeing with virtually all he said and this despite being an old cynic. Will certainly keep an eye out for them in months to come and it has given me heart having been recently been disappointed by Reform UK … Vaccines are important of course and their stance on the issue is what has put me off Reform UK. There are many other issues I care about that matter and Mr Kurton dealt with many of them well. I can only speak for myself of course and even on this page I have had to disagree with some I felt important e.g. the overturning of Roe vs Wade, and a few years back when becoming a lot more politically involved I signed up to the Manhattan Declaration placing particular importance on life, marriage and religious liberty (and this chap touched on all of them in a refreshingly positive way). While he didn’t say much about some of the social justice issues I care about, he also touched on sensibly other important issues like immigration and took issue (unlike Tice and Reform UK) with the official line on Climate Change and Ukraine. It will be interesting if Heritage fields a candidate in my city and of course the first past the post system makes their chances nigh impossible barring an act of God although I feel in my spirit this is  coming. Funnily enough, I am helping a new local party (Confelicity) who I would like to see do well (e.g. win seats in the May Local Elections) and maybe unseat our disappointing Tory MP when we do have a General Election. Atm, I remain a political neutral but try to engage with  politicians on all shades for the common good”.

I did check out what Wikipedia had to say, even with its customary anti “far right” bias: “The Heritage Party is a Eurosceptic, right-wing populist and socially conservative political party in the United Kingdom founded in October 2020 when then London Assembly Member David Kurten left the UK Independence Party (UKIP) to form the party. Kurten was also a member of the Brexit Alliance, a Eurosceptic technical group he formed in 2018 with fellow former UKIP member Peter Whittle. In January 2020, Kurten announced he would be running as an independent candidate in the upcoming London mayoral and London Assembly elections (then scheduled for May 2020, but both elections were postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic). Kurten founded the Heritage Party, and it was registered with the Electoral Commission that October. In December 2020, Kurten rejected a COVID-19 vaccine, for which he was denounced by the Conservative mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey, who saw this as irresponsible for an elected politician. Lockdowns in response to the coronavirus pandemic in the United Kingdom have been condemned by Kurten. Kurten has been criticised for spreading anti-COVID-19 vaccine misinformation.”

I also checked out the Heritage Party website: “Freedom • Family • Nation … For far too long, the United Kingdom has been led down a path of managed decline by successive governments, and the current government is ruining our society, culture and economy … We are a great nation and we deserve better! … We have a glorious history and a wonderful heritage which has been given to us by our forefathers, which we should enjoy and build upon to pass on to our children and grandchildren.”

Before concluding, I would like to make some observations. I thought Dave Kurten gave a good answer to the question raised in the video – that is, yes provided he sign up to the Heritage Party manifesto. Kurten made a valid point that it is rather late in the day for Andrew Bridgen to raise concerns over vaccinations and he was not there to support when he (Kurten) was raising the concerns long before the damage we are now seeing. My thought was better late than ever and all of us are on a journey and it is great to see high profile normies waking up and joining the fray.

I couldn’t help notice that Heritage’s roots (just like Reform UK) were in UKIP. The leaders (Tice and Kurten) of both parties, no doubt had their reasons for leaving, which I suspect included UKIP becoming extreme and losing its way. I suspect people being disillusioned with the two party system (Labour and Conservative and three if you include LibDems) happened long before I came on the scene. In recent years, the two party dominance has been challenged by the Green Party as well as UKIP. While I never warmed to the Greens, especially now as I have become anti-woke and see the Climate Emergency as a big con, but did to UKIP because of its political incorrectness and agenda to get Brexit done (in a way Boris and now Rishi has failed to do).

Which brings us to today. I feel I can see through politicians of all shades. But few, at least on a national level, have impressed me more than has Dave Kurten. In his short video, he begun to address my main concerns in contrast to what other party leaders failed to do. It may be he over emphasised the killer jab and keeping undesirable immigrants out of the UK and said little concerning some of the social justice issues I have seen as important during my 20 odd years as a full time community activist, and this I will bear in mind going forward. While like Heritage, I am nationalist more than globalist, there is a place to welcome foreigners and recognise diversity. But just as there is no perfect church, there is no perfect political party and given our “system” invites parties in to fix societal problems, we cannot remain uninvolved. I should add, I find “heritage” an intriguing term, and while some of our (British) heritage is not good (and the wider awake I become, the more I see this to be so) there is much that is and we need to return to it.

It is early days still to know whether or not the Heritage Party is going to make a significant impact on the national scene and if the righteously indignant (I include myself in that number), who are awakened to the monumental corruption of our political system and the ineptness of those in our main parties to do what is needed to make a net positive difference, along with the recent Reform UK (who I had hopes for) vaccine bombshell, will turn in their droves to the Heritage Party, where there remains much that is against them succeeding, e.g. the First Past the Post electoral system, the Unholy Trinity (media, politicians, elites) and, of course, voter apathy and brainwashing. While I see a glimmer of hope, humanly speaking, on the political front, my greater hope is for there to be an Act of God that will affect among other things the UK political landscape, and for politicians with the right values to take a lead.


One thought on “What about the Heritage Party?

  1. Glen Hague says:

    From the Heritage Party website – “ To protect children, we will introduce Hungarian-style legislation to prohibit the promotion of LGBTQQIAAPPP*+ ideologies and practices to minors under 18-years-old.”
    “ Children should not deliberately be denied a mother and a father. We will encourage and support the traditional family structure through the tax system and education, and we oppose the engineering of society in such a way that causes increasing numbers of children to be deliberately brought up without their own mother and father.”

    If this party ever got into power it would be very bad news for LGBT children and same sex parents and their children! In recent years, lawmakers in Hungary have ended legal gender recognition for transgender and intersex people and amended Hungary’s Constitution to define marriage as a heterosexual union and to functionally prohibit same-sex adoption. This presumably is what this party wishes to do in the U.K. Moreover it would give those who want to discriminate against LGBT people the green light and the number of homophobic incidences including violence and murder against this minority would increase dramatically, as well as incidents of suicide amongst gay, lesbian and transgender teenagers who already top the list of those likely to commit suicide amongst younger age groups!
    If this were a political party proposing to take these measures against the Christian minority, you would be appalled (as I would!) yet somehow if it’s a minority you don’t like, you are in favour. Liberty and well being gained at the expense of others’ liberty and well-being is not a recipe for success or future improvement of the country. It is the first step on the slippery slope towards the kind of failed, autocratic, hateful societies we have seen in the past, which now, thankfully, are history…

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