Klaus Schwab and “Covid -19: The Great Reset”

Klaus Schwab and “Covid -19: The Great Reset”

A little while back, I read and reviewed “Klaus Schwab and “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” and now do the same with another of his seminal works, which I recently read, which was published soon after the start of the pandemic (July 2020).

Since it made its entry on the world stage, COVID-19 has dramatically torn up the existing script of how to govern countries, live with others and take part in the global economy” is what we read at the very start of the book by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret, with the start of the introduction reading: “the worldwide crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic has no parallel in modern history. We cannot be accused of hyperbole when we say it is plunging our world in its entirety and each of us individually into the most challenging times we have faced in generations. It is our defining moment – we will be dealing with its fallout for years, and many things will change forever”.

If we go to the end, we read: “We are now at a crossroads. One path will take us to a better world: more inclusive, more equitable and more respectful of Mother Nature. The other will take us to a world that resembles the one we just left behind – but worse and constantly dogged by nasty surprises. We must therefore get it right. The looming challenges could be more consequential than we have until now chosen to imagine, but our capacity to reset could also be greater than we had previously dared to hope”, begging the intriguing question of what is written in-between.  

The book has three main chapters: Macro Reset (by far the biggest), Micro Reset and Individual Reset. The sections of Macro Reset are titled: Concepts (Interdependence, Velocity, Complexity), Economic Reset, Societal Reset, Geopolitical Reset, Environmental Reset and Technological Reset. Those of Micro Reset are Micro trend and Industry reset and those of Individual Reset being Redefining our humanness, Mental health and Wellbeing, Changing priorities.

My main motivation for reading was in order to check out what the opposition is saying, based on the premise that in order to come a view on most subjects, we must first be prepared to be taken out of our comfort zone by checking out the opposite point of view. I have strong views on Covid-19 and the Great Reset, and how these relate, and have blogged in the past giving my views. I knew even before I read the book that Klaus Schwab, leader of the World Economic Forum had almost opposite views, and I needed to understand what and why. Given the various alternative media sources that I frequently check out, e.g. Clay Clark, Charlie Ward and Mel K, who often negatively cite the book, I had an inkling of what to expect.

The first thing to say is I was pleasantly surprised that from the “good read” point of view that the book was a good read, just like, in fairness, so was the earlier “Klaus Schwab and “The Fourth Industrial Revolution””. Like all good books, it needed to tell you things you needed to know and readers need to derive benefit by so doing. The book, with its far reaching survey of what has gone on and likely to do so in the future achieved just that. That is not to say, I agreed with everything – in fact I disagree with a lot – including his endorsement of the official narrative around Covid-19 and his rosy portrayal of some of the main players who I saw as being the bad guys, most of which had ties with the WEF he heads up. Many of his observations were pertinent, such as consequences to do with mental ill health; some might say prophetic as at the time of writing the pan(plan) demic had only just begun to get going and the big hope was in mass vaccinations (now increasingly seen doing net harm rather than good), had not begun to roll out.

While some of the more sinister aspects of the Great Reset, just like the New World Order, is it is part of the evil plan by the global elite to take full control of Planet Earth, and the alarming statements of its guru, Yuval Noah Harari, including depopulation and enslavement of its inhabitants other than said elite and their accomplices, and statements by Schwab himself, like “you will own nothing and be happy about it” (provided one is prepared to toe the official line), is not gone into, although there was enough to suggest that was the logical conclusion from his observations. Just as with the “climate emergency”, what was needed was global governance in order to address future pandemics and just as with the current climate crisis a new way of doing things that involved sacrificing individual freedoms for the common good was needed, with the pandemic providing a the opportunity of doing so, with world government allied with big business and societal elites calling the tune. If we are seeing a battle between globalist and nationalist ideologies, this book does well to fly the flag for the former.


Much more could be said and much has been said that I see as being of a concerning nature by those linked to the WEF, including UK’s King Charles and Rishi Sunak, which I have also touched on and may well do so again. For any wanting a deeper understanding of what is involved and is at stake, inasmuch where all this may be leading, “Covid -19: The Great Reset” is a book worth reading.


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