World War 3 about to begin; Banks about to collapse

World War 3 about to begin; Banks about to collapse

although some would say World War 3 has already begun and is about to escalate; and as for the banks, some have already collapsed ahead of a soon to see global financial reset!

Over a week ago, I started to prepare a blog on the latest in the Ukraine conflict and my take on the popular song “money makes the world go round” and what it means right now to the people of the world. Huge subjects, of course, and I am no expert on either. Sadly, those who many look up to for accurate information lie or withhold the truth (also lying). Given both prospects are concerning and my main object as a watchman on the wall, who blogs, is to encourage, especially those who fear God, I decided to hold fire in order to do more research (and I have gone down many rabbit holes in the interim in my search for truth) and also, by way of a pre-emptive strike in the interest of balance, I decided to research and write concerning Job in the Bible: “The Wisdom of Job and the Fear of the Lordinstead. A lot has happened in just a week, including other stuff, yet not unrelated to these two happenings.

I am thinking of the UFOs shot down over America, the earthquake in Turkey and more revelations of past shenanigans in the US political system. But here I focus on these two happenings and will avoid going down too many rabbit holes or make reference to all the stuff I have been checking out. I will mention, however, the old man in a chair, Dr Vernon Coleman, who continues to be speak truth and be vilified for doing so. His latest podcast, which seems to me as spot on as can be expected is titled: “URGENT WARNING TO EVERYONE BY DR. VERNON COLEMAN – WW III IS ON”. I also found “THE RULERS OF THE DARKNESS OF THIS WORLD SERVE LUCIFER” pertinent.

A lot of what I am about to cover, I have already written on, and is addressed, at least at a basic level, in my blogs. My seminal blog of 2022 was “Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception. Six weeks into a new year, and so much to see by those with eyes to see, I am still of the view we are seeing a mixture of all three of these “greats” playing out, leading me to believe my watchman role is important. But always with due humility. Given we are let down by those who should be telling us what is really going on and the likes of David Icke, Alex Jones and Charlie Ward come with a health warning, the truth is we often don’t know the truth and have to rely on our instinct and research and God and His word etc. But this is not going to be me rewinding the old gramophone record (if you want that, go read my blogs), so without further ado …

The image of Ukraine’s President Zelensky being greeted by the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, and given a hero’s welcome by the Westminster establishment and promised all sorts of weaponry to continue the war is a frankly depressing one, because our leaders have been conned, either because they are villains or they are fools. Then we have confirmation that the Biden administration blew up the Nord Stream Pipe line, creating the real climate catastrophe and contributing to the hike we have seen in recent months in food and fuel prices, even though blame is being placed on the Russians. As for whose side I am on, it is nether Putin and his Russian allies nor Zelensky and his Nato allies, but as I did my research, I find there are all sorts of bad stuff going on the Ukraine / Nato side, not reported, leading me to ponder whether Putin is God’s anointed one to expose the evil the evil cabal want to hide. It is a war Ukraine is losing, with the tragic loss of life on both sides that always goes with it, and one they are unlikely to win. History teaches us wars usually escalate, and this war is one promoted by our UK government.

I have no doubt we are moving toward the scenario presented in Revelation 13:16,17 “And he (the Antichrist) causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name”. We are not there yet but we are edging closer to the rule of the Antichrist. Meanwhile, all sorts of financial mysteries are unravelling although mostly not reported, such as cases of banks worldwide foreclosing and people not being able to withdraw their money and are being reported by other than those labelled as conspiracy theorists. It begs the question what we do with our money (if we have it)? e.g. as advised (partly in jest) by my late mother – hide it under the floorboards or by Charlie Ward, keep in the bank just what you need to cover expenses and invest the rest in assets you control, e.g. silver and gold. I am no financial advisor but I watch what is happening and urge wisdom, which includes preparing for the worst while hoping for the best.

I am thinking of the time we may need to create our own money by pooling / sharing services and commodities. Is it is going to be a “bad” financial reset, favoured by the elites who stole it in the first place, who deal with fiat currency, printing money they don’t have and lending it out at interest which they pocket and while at it create a system of debt enslavement even worse than what Marxists oppose. The goal is to create a system where we do away with hard cash and trade using digital ids where some entity (supposedly acting in our interest but almost certainly isn’t) has control and as is already happening in places like China is (and we had a foretaste with the Canadian truckers) linked to a social credit score?

Or is it linked (excuse the buzzwords) to a “Quantum Financial System” and “Nesara Gesara”, where money is asset e.g. gold backed and the astronomical amounts of money that was stolen from the people is returned and with systems in place to stop money being siphoned off by evil entities as has long been the case (see here and here and here for a view that while credible, I cannot fully vouch)? Not unrelated is to what extent the globally powerful US Federal Reserve is now being brought to heel, something JFK threatened and was killed for his efforts, and more recently DJT, still being personally attacked. Then there are other entities and elite families that control the world’s wealth. What is interesting (if these sources report correctly) there is much going on behind the scenes, with individual nations signing up to asset backed, alternative ways of doing money, a significant factor in what goes on in the world.

I cannot say for sure how the Ukraine conflict will end or if we are about to see a notable escalation in the war already happening, including the use of nuclear weapons? Neither can I say what is going to happen to the world’s money and financial institutions other than something big is about to break. I feel a bit like Jeremiah, known to many as the doom and gloom prophet, who spoke much needed truth but to many who refused to accept it, as happens today, but he could still bring words of hope. A lot of what we are being told by “them in power” is meant as a distraction from what is really happening, but Jesus’ words to us is to watch and pray.


One thought on “World War 3 about to begin; Banks about to collapse

  1. Sang Chun says:

    There may be regional wars. There can be also rumors of world war. But I do not think that this is the time of world war. I believe the promise of God in Joel 2:28-32. Before the end times, there will be great spiritual revival.

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