Six “wise” sayings I would like to pass onto genuine Christians

Six “wise” sayings I would like to pass onto genuine Christians

I should imagine anyone reading this would have come across numerous wise sayings during their lifetimes, especially if they have studied their Bibles, notably the Book of Proverbs. These range from some that are profoundly insightful and helpful to others that are meaningless cliches and unhelpful.

What I would like to do is share six sayings that are an important part of my repertoire these days, based on my understanding of the Bible, even though too often I fall short when it comes to practicing what I preach. Each saying reveals two sides of the proverbial coin, yet are complementary and each balances the other. 

Watch and Pray

There is so much to watch and compared with when Jesus told listeners to “watch and pray” today’s communications are such that we can find out a lot of what is going on throughout the world within seconds if we know where to look. Sadly, the people we look to for accurate information misinform us, yet with so much going on there is much to watch that is significant. While it might seem there is little we can do about what is going on other than warn, we are still called to pray into what we watch, knowing prayer changes things.

Test and Weigh

We know and are in a position to interpret but a fraction of what is going on that is significant, even if we make watching our full time business. We rely on others to inform us, many of who are deceived or set out to deceive, and often it is not easy to distinguish truth from error, even if we are adept at discerning who speaks truth and who doesn’t, including those who claim to be prophets. That is why we always need to test and weigh what is said or claimed in order to come to a balanced, even if an incomplete, view.  

Trust and Obey

When we get down to brass tacks, while the gospel message is a deep mystery, the wise by worldly standards invariably fail to even begin to grasp it, yet is one the simplest among us can understand, as much as he/she needs to, providing his/her heart is right with God. The two main ingredients are trusting the Almighty and being obedient to His commands and that is what He calls all who claim to follow Him to do. There are all sorts of laudable things that we can be and be doing, but to trust and obey tops the list.

Lead and Serve

There is a propensity among some in Christian circles to want to take up leadership positions but without paying the price. Yet the irony is, just as in secular life, there is a lack of good leaders and people suffer as a result. There are many models of leadership – autocratic, democratic, charismatic etc. but the one that stood out in the life of Jesus was that of a servant. One of His parables was that of the unprofitable servant, and what is needed is folk who recognise they are one and thereby serve others, yet do lead God’s people.

Grace and Truth              

We live in a world where some of the greatest liars claim to be custodians of the truth and go all out to undermine those who are – the people of God. After all, they follow the one who is THE Truth and who announced the Truth would set us free. Speaking and, importantly, living the truth should be a top priority but knowing when, where and how to speak it requires wisdom, given that truth often hurts and truth tellers are resisted. This is where grace comes in, mindful that it was said of Jesus: He is full of grace AND truth.

Faithful and Bold

As a young Christian, I was bemused that my doctrinally sound church did not appear to enjoy the blessing of God like some less sound churches that appeared to be thriving. I was rebuked by my elders, who told me it was more important to be faithful than “successful”. Years on, having seen more staid types still following the Lord and the lively fall away, I see faithfulness as important. But it is not for us to do things as we always did but rather be bold, not wedded to tradition, making most of opportunities that present.  


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