Run on the banks and what to make if it

Run on the banks and what to make if it

In my customary daily search of alternative media as I try to figure out what is going on from the baffling array of events taking place in the world, I found a number of reports on banks going out of business in the USA and people losing money they invested, e.g. the Silicon Valley Bank, along with all sorts of consequences and noises. This is on top of assorted dodginess going on banking wise around the world, unsurprisingly hardly reported on by MSM.

Banks and money are NOT my particular area of expertise. Creating panic and conspiracy theories are things I try to avoid. But watching and warning is my thing and this is my stake in the ground post with more to come. On top of earlier reflecting on how financial systems around the world are built on shady foundations meant to benefit the global elite that want to further enslave humanity, it includes bringing in their own money system based on digital ids and social credit scores. One month ago, I laid out my store in my “World War 3 about to begin; Banks about to collapse” blog and, because I sense a false flag coming and a further example of the Hegelian dialectic playing out, my recent “The Reichstag Fire and why we do well to heed the lessons” and “The Hegelian Dialectic and the World Health Organisation” posts are relevant to what I want to say as a watchman.

Going from the sublime to the ridiculous, today I checked out two article / videos, one by the notorious Alex Jones “The Alex Jones Show (03/12/23)” (which is on top of his interview aired yesterday: “General Michael Flynn Issues Emergency Message to Humanity”), the plan being to create enough panic to bring about the intents of the cabal. The other is by the BBC: “Newspaper headlines: Lineker ‘to return’ and Silicon Valley Bank collapse”, which interesting combines two hardly related topics and goes some way to answer the question I posed a couple of days ago at the end of my “Match of the Day to air without presenters or pundits and Gary Lineker article. (Edit 13/03/23: following posting this, I thank a friend for sharing this video: “Banks admit the COLLAPSE is coming and they don’t want YOU to know about it“, which is related, although I suspect the real powers that be DO want us to know).

I wasn’t going to blog on this subject today, especially given there is a lot more research I could do, besides a lot that is hidden to man, that could and should be done. As for practical advice on how to prepare (which is important), I plan a sequel. But things are moving at such a pace, I feel duty bound to add this subject to my prayer list and warn any who care to take heed, which is what watchmen do. On the subject of watchmen, The Watchman” (see here and text above) was what the preacher at my church preached on yesterday, although in fairness I doubt “run on banks” was in his mind; rather the imperative is on us to share the good news of the Gospel. The text below is what came to mind when I asked God, in the light of the above, for a word of encouragement with which I can end with.


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