The Hegelian Dialectic and the World Health Organisation

I mentioned in my blog titled: “Whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report”, posted yesterday, I did so partly as an antidote to check out even more distressing news.  

The distressing news or at least with the potential to be so was that the UK government has reached a long awaited agreement with the EU as to what to do about Ireland now we have Brexited, with the South still in and the North (part of the UK) out. I feared the worst and couldn’t face going there to check out the details. Earlier in the day, I already had my basin full of alarms, for example when I watched a video on Elijah Streams, titled: “Prophets and Patriots – Episode 53 with David Herzog, Clay Clark and Steve Shultz”. The first 20 odd minutes were actually quite encouraging as it touched on good news, like the Asbury Revival (check here for my thoughts earlier) but then the subject matter turned to the USA administration agreeing to accede extraordinary powers to the WHO in case of what the WHO saw to be a threat of another pandemic. I had the day before been given a heads up or a reminder (as I knew this was on the cards from one of the conspiracy theorists I often check out) that this has been intended globally, including in the UK, whose government, along with the opposition have (as I have blogged previously, see here, although my pessimism in political parties, e.g. given the Reform Party capitulation has worsened) sold out to the globalist cabal.  

I had, long ago, came to a view that the WHO was run and supported by the Black Hats but, rather than go down yet another rabbit hole to explain my rationale and concerns, I wanted to raise another concern, and an overriding one, which is to do with the playing out of the Hegelian Dialectic, something I raised ten months ago in my “The Hegelian Dialectic and British Political Parties” article. The person who has articulated best what the issues / concerns are is likely persona no grata, among some of my readership, “notorious conspiracy theorist”, David Icke. In short, the powers that be, including the hidden cabal, manufacture a crisis, elicit a reaction from those who are affected, and then come up with a solution that was planned all along, and one many are prepared to accept (none of this is explained for obvious reasons), but at the cost of depopulating the world and enslaving those left.

The Corona pan / plan / scam demic was a dry run example of the Hegelian dialectic playing out (more recently it is the War in Ukraine). Even I was horrified at the attacks on those who did not go along with the official Covid narrative, and the likes of the Archbishop of Canterbury declaring it is our Christian duty to get jabbed, a local political leader I once voted for saying those not jabbed should pay for hospital treatment, an assortment of people snitching on their neighbours for breaking lockdown rules, and tyrants enforcing them. People will be prepared to pay a hefty price, including loss of freedoms (and this is already happening with legislation in the offing and seen in action – methinks, a subject for a future blog). Long before this came about, Bible scholars of end time prophecy have identified this as the very scenario that will usher in the reign of the Antichrist, who will be heralded as the deliverer for humanity (Matthew 24 in action before our own eyes).

I hope readers, whether or not they agree with my summing up of what I am seeing in my watchman on the wall capacity, will bear with me and understand why the apprehension that has led me to seeing the need for meditation, e.g. on Philippians 4:8. Shortly before, I listened to someone from Issachar Ministries (the sons of Issachar being my role models) (check here for its website, which states “this ministry seeks to provide Biblical teaching on current issues in the life of the nation (and internationally) by understanding the times, listening to the Lord and knowing what should be done”) give his take on what is going on in the world right now, including the war in Ukraine situation, and I found myself much in agreement. But it was his comment that a lot of what we are seeing is to get people sufficiently worked up (as happened under Covid and is now happening (check out my blogs on subjects that are relevant to the Hegelian Dialectic right now, whether it is 15 minute cities, food crisis, financial collapse and war)) such that we go down the path dear David Icke has so well-articulated.

The best I can do in what is deliberately a short presentation on a subject many nice Christians choose to ignore and even having a go at those of us who think it is important enough not to ignore as we can then prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best, is to do what my ancient mentors did by saying what was happening and what needs doing. My other stand out role model is the prophet, Jeremiah, but who paid a hefty price for speaking needed truth to power and to the common people. A “doom and gloomer” he may be but he was faithful to his calling and put things into perspective.


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