Right now, what are my political perspectives and intentions?

Right now, what are my political perspectives and intentions?

I recently watched a 7-minute video: “Matt Le Tissier joins Nigel Farage for Talking Pints”, which packed a lot in and showed refreshing insights you won’t see in mainstream media from two heroes of mine. Both rightly question the official narrative and are unafraid to say so, resulting in considerable flak dished out by the “Unholy Trinity, who continue to dumb down the public.

Nigel asked Matt what I considered to be a reasonable question in the light of the opinions Matt had ventured on the Covid-19 scamdemic and the down side of the vaccines to combat Covid-19, which appear to have done more harm than good, to name but one issue. It was if he considered standing for Parliament, to which the reply was an unequivocal no because the system was broken and the two main parties were like two cheeks of the same bottom – a perspective I heartily endorse. To hammer home the point even harder, might I suggest watching another (9-minute) video: “Neil Oliver: This country must awaken to the realisation that we are being taken for fools”. As for how bad Rishi and Keir are (and whoever is in charge of the other parties) I have little doubt and it is all very depressing. As is a quick survey of supposedly duly elected leaders of countries around the world, with the USA and Brazil leading the way for people getting in office because of fraud.

Those who read my writings and blogs will know some of my own political journey. As a young teenager I was rather keen on politics and my hero was Harold Wilson, with me being even left of him. I then “got religion” and was advised not to get involved politically, even though I found out my theologically conservative mentors were closet political Conservatives. I still took an interest and, because of what I saw and experienced as a student and then as a teacher, I leaned to the right. From then onwards, I oscillated around the middle, becoming a floating voter depending on how the different parties responded to issues I considered matter. I also tended to vote for the candidate rather than the party he/she represents. I have also came to see community (including political involvement) is not incompatible with faith. That is my position now and share the same disillusionment as Matt Le Tissier. The “saving grace” of new Conservative leader Rishi Sunak (who has screwed up on the economy, Ukraine and digital ids – to name but three) is he may be better than Labour leader, Keir Starmer. I am of an age with a disability that slows me down, when lots of energy is needed, along with other things I want to do, and so am unlikely to put my hat into the political ring. I will keep abreast with issues that matter and will work with / encourage politicians of all parties for the general good.  


I believe the nations of the world are in desperate need of good leaders, irrespective of politics, and is why I encourage those with political aspirations (regardless of Party), if the motives are right. I salute and support those who go into politics (local and national) for the right reasons. While I despair of the current (FPTP etc.) system – and even if it appears that I prefer Conservative over Labour and Republican over Democrat, there are elements of the Conservative and Republican Party that are pure scum, who are allowed to get away with it because the systems (in the UK and USA and, come to that many other countries) are broken, and the public are dumbed down, I am hopeful. I have seen promising signs in the Confelicity Party (locally), Reform UK (nationally), Maga Republicans (USA) and groups patronisingly labelled as populist, in many countries in the world, to give me hope and, when the public eventually wake up to being had by them in charge, fireworks will undoubtedly fly.


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