Match of the Day to air without presenters or pundits and Gary Lineker

Match of the Day to air without presenters or pundits and Gary Lineker

Back in the day (and it was a long time ago) I was an avid watcher of BBC’s Match of the Day.

According to Wikipedia:Match of the Day (abbreviated MOTD) is a football highlights programme, typically broadcast on BBC One on Saturday nights, during the Premier League season. The show’s current presenter is former England international striker Gary Lineker. It is one of the BBC’s longest-running shows, having been on air since 22 August 1964. In 2015, Guinness World Records recognised it “as the longest-running football television programme in the world.” The show’s theme tune was voted the most recognised TV theme tune in a 2010 poll conducted by PRS.”

Also back in the day, Gary Lineker was a footballing hero and rightly gained a reputation for decency as a player as well as a fine exponent of the game, including as a leading goal scorer. I also think he made a good transition after retirement to become a football presenter and pundit (although not as good as Des Lynam, Brian Moore and Jimmy Hill and how I miss dear John Motson and Saint and Greavsie). But as of now, he has been suspended by the BBC for derogatory remarks against the government’s immigration policy, comparing it with what took place under the Nazis in the 1930’s.

For the story so far (from a BBC perspective but on the whole fair) check out:

  1. Match of the Day to air without presenters or pundits as Gary Lineker told to step back
  2. BBC mistaken in Lineker decision, says former director general
  3. BBC ‘sorry’ as programmes dropped in Lineker row
  4. Gary Lineker: The tweet row explained in under 90 seconds

Unsurprisingly, a different perspective can be found checking out Alternative media:

  1. Gary Lineker is a Moron
  2. Lineker & MOTD: ‘What a balls-up. I’m sorry, but Gary’s got to go!’
  4. Stringing Along The Goats / Hugo Talks

I daresay people reading this will have their own views on the action of the BBC and Gary but for what it is worth, these are my views although I should add I could do a lot more research.

  1. Gary, like us all, is entitled to his views and to his credit was prepared to pay the price for airing them (although some will attribute more sinister motives, evidenced for example in his support for the official narrative concerning Covid-19).
  2. Gary is indeed woke and there are hints of hypocrisy. After all, he compared senior British politicians with Hitler’s 1930’s Nazis is stirring up hate and why not even a murmur against the bad stuff the Qatar regime did ahead of last years World Cup?
  3. In the interest of fairness it would be better for the BBC to allow different views on controversial issues rather than support a false narrative and instead focus on presenting the facts.
  4. The BBC has shown again cowardice in the interest of expediency by bowing to government pressure.
  5. A long while ago, the BBC failed when it came to doing what one fight expect – provide truth and balance and it is a shame they have picked on an issue I have some sympathy.
  6. The British asylum seeker policy (whether under Labour or Conservative) has long been a mess. The plight of genuine refugees is an issue that often has not been rightly addressed.
  7. While the Rishi Sunak government is right to clamp down on people entering the UK illegally, it seems clear to me it is more to do with political posturing rather than doing the right thing.
  8. Gary, like those before him in his position, would be wise to not air his opinions in public and honour his contract.
  9. But given he did, it is regrettable that far worse has happened that could be spoken out against, e.g. the human rights abuses ahead of the recent World Cup in Qatar, in which Gary kept silent.
  10. I have no doubt the MOTD dilemma will get resolved in due course. We wait with interest to find out how it will happen.

One thought on “Match of the Day to air without presenters or pundits and Gary Lineker

  1. Roger Weaver says:

    I believe Gary Lineker is an overpaid basically programme presenter for the BBC and is far from being one of the best.
    He has agreed to terms within his contract like many others that don’t permit him to make in the social media such comments which he continues to do.
    Most of them are leftist woke anti government and non factual but are truly self opinionated statements.
    One either agrees to stand by the terms of their contract, if not they leave or as in this case removed from their role.
    I stopped watching MOTD many years ago not because of Linekers political views but his overall mediocre poor presentational skills of the show. I did enjoy the show with the prior presenters, as I said his self opinionated views and arrogance on all subjects and persons including those within football made my mind up that I couldn’t any longer watch a show he was presenting which included Sportsperson of the Year.
    He is in my view an overated A…H…

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