The Ukraine War; The Truth War; The War on Souls

The Ukraine War; The Truth War; The War on Souls

This is going to be an odd post, combining the part of me to do with preaching the Gospel and that as a Watchman on the Wall, although the two are irrevocably linked, for the more I watch, the more I see (and don’t see), and the more I realise the remedy is the Gospel.

I was blessed on Sunday by two quite different messages given at our church. One was a children’s talk based on the first three chapters of Genesis, telling us about all what God created and with the constant reminder “God saw that it was good”. Then there was the spoiling of God’s good creation when Adam ate of the forbidden fruit, from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Because it was also our harvest service, the preacher used the opportunity to talk about the end time harvest, when God will separate the wheat from the tares; and with it came the challenge – which are we? Speaking to the preacher (an old friend) afterwards, we agreed that the preaching of the Gospel is of paramount importance and rightly our focus, although I suspect he may not agree with all I am now about to share, that is trying to follow the example of the “Children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do” 1 Chronicles 12:32.

I make no apologies for being a watchman – something encouraged by scripture as a needful activity, while sadly finding that today’s priestly class all too often fails to do this and, as for prophets – they are discouraged from doing so, or ignored when they do. Neither do I apologise for being “hung up” on truth as something of paramount importance, especially given that the perverseness of those who lie includes claiming their lies are truth. I have said a lot already on the subject of truth, which I am not going to repeat here, but if readers want to know, I suggest do a “jrbpublications truth” “google search” and it will reveal some of my blogs on the subject. While truth is “my thing”, I cannot claim moral superiority. If I were truly consistent with what I know to be true, I would be the best Christian around!

A little over a year ago, I blogged: “Fighting for the truth and where to find it”. The fight continues and the places I identified at the time still fall in the “go to” category. I would add UK Column and Stroppy to the list and, while checking out mainstream TV and newspapers, these are taken with a pinch of salt, for even when what they say is true, all too often that fall foul on selection of material grounds, which is why I go elsewhere with varying success. The war in Ukraine is a good example. Both mainstream and alternative media detect upping the ante, with proxy (war) becoming actual, e.g. troop mobilisation (both sides) and the threat of nuclear attack. My views on the subject have changed little (see here, here and here).

There is a lot more going of course, and the challenge is to maintain balance (i.e. not getting lost down rabbit holes) and humility (i.e. we may be wrong). Starting with the UK, attempts continue by the new government to stimulate the economy and cushion people from the worse effects (e.g. higher prices) of the energy crisis, which the “Unholy Trinity” continue to blame onto the Russians. Putting money into a dubious, unaccountable black hole in order to prop up a dubious Ukrainian government is, well dubious. The recent change in government with its optimistic message does not in my book bring with it hope, leaving me doubting if the recent measures announced, such as reducing taxes (resulting in the value of the Pound falling sharply) will improve matters (but all that is for another blog). The only place to find enduring hope is where my preacher friend tells us – in the Gospel and a turning back to God.

24th September has come and gone – and no cataclysmic event and why we should be careful listening to conspiracy theorists, even though a lot of what many of them have to say I believe is true, including an evil cabal orchestrating seemingly unrelated global events and concerns with the intent to enslave humanity. The two biggies for me – the truth behind the Covid / jab pan (scam / plan) demic is increasingly coming out, as is that behind the great US November 3rd 2020 election steal, with the black hats now exposed trying to impose all sorts of bad things. And a whole lot more, including to do with money and food and other essentials we need for day to day living, along with high inflation, and who knows where climate change is going following from using that ruse to put farmers the world over out of business. But people are waking up, as just seen in the Italian elections when the “far right” candidate won. I see the new prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, as a breath of fresh air – putting God, family and country before globalist nonsense is good and, the fact the EU higher ups are displeased with the result and are now threatening sanctions, only goes to confirm my views.

Trees of the Knowledge of good and evil and of life

We live in strange and alarming days and is why the messages given by my two friends on Sunday are so pertinent. God is in the creation business, including the new creation, which is what happens when we embrace Christ and the Gospel. The Devil tries to do his best to undermine and destroy what God said is good – evidenced by all sorts of nefarious things seen all around us, ranging from the trans humanist agenda of the WEF to LBGT indoctrination seen in our schools (subject for another blog methinks). He is instrumental in all the wars given in the title. He is in the business of destroying souls (a word that occurs 498 times in the KJV Bible and another subject for a future blog). We are in danger of losing our souls if we succumb to Satan’s devices, and is why our eyes must be fixed on God. Fruit from the Tree on the Knowledge of Good and Evil seems attractive, but that from the Tree of Life (re-appearing in the last two chapters of the Bible – included in the New Jerusalem, where the people of God are heading) is far better and to be sought after.         

Update 26/09/22

Regarding who to check out for what is really going on in the world, I earlier omitted Tucker Carlson, who regularly broadcasts on Fox News. I suppose one reason is, while Fox is not quite as bad as the BBC and CNN when it comes to fake news, it has been caught out on several occasions, starting with it calling out the result of the November 3rd 2019 US Presidential election, wrongly when it comes to the truth, albeit rightly when it comes to the eventual outcome of what was a rigged election. But they do have gifted journalists that are also honest, and Tucker Carlson is one who likely tops the list. An example is the reporting of the blowing up / sabotage of the Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline that runs from Russia to Germany.

Check out “The Ukraine War; The Truth War; The War on Souls 2” for more …


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