The Ukraine War; The Truth War; The War on Souls 2

The Ukraine War; The Truth War; The War on Souls 2

It is no coincidence, as soon as one writes about a serious matter, in this case the War in Ukraine and the possibility of further escalation and untold consequences, there are unexpected developments.

I began thinking about writing the sequel to my “The Ukraine War; The Truth War; The War on Souls” article, posted just two days ago, around yesterday lunchtime, and wanted to post my thoughts then, but got waylaid and, such are the complexities, ramifications, unknowns and contentions concerning the gas leak of the Nord 2 gas pipelines story, I realised I needed to a lot more research. I did check what mainstream media had to say on the subject, as well as “old favourites” from alternative media, such as Alex Jones and UK Column, and yet another, hitherto unmentioned, source in my quest when it comes to seeking the truth: The Gateway Pundit. Its “ANALYSIS: Nord Stream Pipelines Sabotaged, and Only One Country Benefits” article I found gave a fair balance and to be particularly helpful.

But I should start with the BBC website. Its “Ukraine war round-up: Pipeline sabotage suspected and the battle for Kherson”, as far as the pipeline story goes, is helpful but, reading down, I found it typically skewed (but is not a subject for today’s post). What was notable was that I had to dig deeper in the website to find the story, not mentioned in the frontpage screenshots (see below). Its “EU vows sanctions after Russias ‘illegal votes in Ukraine” story is another significant development in the overall saga, with Russia set to take back parts of Ukraine after those affected voting overwhelmingly in favour, with widely different views offered by news outlets, depending who you check out, on the rights and wisdom of such a move. As for the BBC news highlights, these were around UK’s economic woes (linked to the falling value of sterling), joined today by reports of the devastation following the Florida hurricane (both stories, incidentally, are significant).

BBC Website frontpage 28 September 2022
BBC Website frontpage 29 September 2022

When talking about where to go to find out what is really going on in the world, e.g. regarding the Nord stream pipeline story, I earlier omitted Tucker Carlson, who regularly broadcasts on Fox News. I suppose one reason is, while Fox is not quite as bad as the BBC and CNN when it comes to pushing fake news, it has been caught out on several occasions, starting with it calling out the result of the November 3rd 2019 US Presidential election, wrongly when it comes to the truth, albeit rightly when it comes to the eventual outcome of what was a rigged election. But they do have gifted journalists that are also honest, and Tucker Carlson is one who likely tops the list. An example is the reporting of the blowing up / sabotage of the Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline that connects Russia to Germany. His “Nord Stream 2 Sabotaged by America?” report is particularly relevant as well as typically helpful and gravely concerning.

I could go on and discuss what I am seeing going when down the various rabbit holes, including what the two US presidents (one fake, one real) have to say. I will resist discussing the latest conspiracy theories, some of which may well be true (you can go to Bitchute and Rumble for these or, for my more restrained readers, UK Column), but suffice to say, for now, I will leave the second to last word with Tucker, mindful that in the coming next few days we will see more exposure and more (even if not all) of the truth coming out, and major new developments. The last word I give to the prophet, Barry Wunsch. This six minute “Barry Wunsch Prophetic Word for the USA | Sept 22 2022”, noting that it was given just before the Nord pipeline story broke, I found particularly captivating and poignant, as well as encouraging.  


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