King Charles; is the Antichrist living in the world today?

King Charles and is the Antichrist living in the world today?

I was looking forward to a nice, quiet Sunday afternoon but decided to watch a 106-minute video titled: “Exposed! The ONLY Man Alive Who Could Be the Antichrist [With Proof]” instead.

Top left (going clockwise): Charles, Harari, Francis, Putin, Edrogan, Obama

As many of those who read my blogs know, I am interested in Bible prophecy and what modern prophets have to say. Without wanting to go off on too many tangents, I refer readers to a presentation, I mostly agree with: “Pre-Millennialism, Post-Millennialism or Amillennialism?” and with reference to this, unlike my early mentors who were mostly “dispensational pre-millennialist”, believing the Church will be raptured before The Antichrist emerges, I am leaning toward the “classical pre-millennialist” view, believing the Church will have to deal with the Antichrist before Jesus returns to planet Earth to set up His millennial kingdom. As for my views on prophecy, I refer readers to my “Prophets of the Bible” book (see here). One of my seminal blogs of 2022 was titled “Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception and I am as of now, and in the light of the threat of World War 3 and further recent exposures of the cabal trying to kill and enslave and dumb us down with climate change, Covid / vaccines scams, digital ids, race riots and election fraud, etc., of the view we are seeing all three of these playing out, noting different views on what is happening and why, even among Christians on similar wavelengths.

Prior to watching the video that disrupted my quiet Sunday, I was of the view we will only know the identity of THE Antichrist once he has emerged and that time is not yet. Old dodderers that knew their Bible and were interested in Bible prophecy, from the early nineteenth century onwards when many more began to study the subject from a pre-millennial perspective, have come a cropper making predictions, including the identity of the Antichrist. Even today, there are many candidates for that title, including those shown in the above image, and remain the subject of much speculation, but I decided I should first listen to Timothy Cohen, the presenter, before making any judgement. I felt he made a plausible and powerful case it was King Charles and, since I have done a lot of research into the Bible prophecy and world events that he cited, and most of my life I have been very aware of Charles, who is less than three years older than me, I was naturally intrigued.

I appreciate, at this point, I am in danger of upsetting some readers who in the main agree with me but are ardent royalists. While Charles is not held in the same high esteem as our late Queen, they still want to remain loyal subjects of our new King. I get that but then I am a seeker after truth and while with certain subjects I need to tread carefully, especially if not knowing all the facts, I cannot ignore them when it is knowing the truth that sets us free. I am fortunate of course, given it was not that long ago anyone casting dispersion on the monarchy could be executed for treason.

One of my more popular, “stake in the ground” blogs of 2022 was titled “Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, Satan and Baal”, a ceremony which King (then Prince) Charles opened. While not understanding all the significance at the time of writing regarding the satanic symbolism on display at the ceremony, Cohen not only confirmed the understanding I did have but also extended it and related it to Charles, such as events in his life and his own coat of arms that includes a red dragon and a unicorn. I recall listening to Charles speech at the opening of the COP26 conference in Glasgow (see here) and his reference to a “saviour” with “trillions at his disposal” that can be expected to help us all out, leaving me wondering who he was referring to and it bringing chills down my spine. His credentials as a globalist (e.g. links to WEF) and advocacy of a one world religion are well known. His speech when he came to my town to declare it to be a city but attacking Putin and his Ukraine invasion, raised many qualms. I confess, I listen to Alex Jones, David Icke and Charlie Ward in my quest for truth and all of them have a low opinion of Charles, believing he is heavily involved, now as head of one of the elite families behind the evil cabal that wants to bring in the Great Reset and, even more worrying, being involved in the monumental, often not reported, child trafficking going on.

All of the concerns raised above have been raised before coming across this video and despite the many verifiable points made in this worth checking out video, I am not yet ready to respond to what is claimed other than add these to my large box of unresolved issues and concerns, yet I cannot dismiss the claims either. I am certainly not going to speculate on the identity of the Antichrist even though it is becoming clearer by the day who the baddies are, with no doubt surprises in store, especially regarding pecking order. There is much we DON’T know and we need to be ever careful before reaching premature conclusions. But given the stakes are so high, this is even more reason to watch and pray, test and weigh, trust and obey!    


2 thoughts on “King Charles; is the Antichrist living in the world today?

  1. Sang Chun says:

    Before the end times, God will pour out the Holy Spirit upon both women and , both young and old to prophesy, to dream dreams, and to see visions.The biblical prophecy was partially accomplished on the day of Pentecost and it will be fulfilled “before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord” (Joel 2:31 NIV)..

  2. Miriam Banting says:

    I watched film thank you for link. Not convinced about man-made system of gematria, and can see no leopards or bears in coat of arms. Agree that he has all sorts of world wide connections and a lot of influence Chatham house WEF etc. Vicki Goforth Parnell (444 prophecy news, going back 14 pages to November) had vision of AC coronation at COP27 in Sharm. She saw Charles in audience with Camilla, William and Kate. Did he slip away and put on baphomet? Don’t know! Agree also about symbolism at commonwealth games my instant reaction to bull was a satanic representation, I found few that agreed with me. While most people I know (and I live in Birmingham) went to see and admire if on a trip to city centre. Reminds me of golden calf but worse because of the animation. Nevertheless interesting listening, although I really hope the AC is not a product of this country.

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