The “Jab” and Novak Djokovic WIN Australian Open 2023

Novak Djokovic WIN Australian Open 2023 and the “Jab”

Those who follow my blogs will note that amidst all sorts of serious stuff going on in the world and spiritual and biblical reflections, I often blog concerning my love of a wide range of sports!

While there are several sports I have followed ahead of tennis, tennis is still a sport I follow and back in the day played. As with any sport, I love to read about heroes and especially if their heroism extends beyond their sporting prowess. It is why when I read the BBC sports headline “Australian Open 2023: Novak Djokovic beats Stefanos Tsitsipas in Melbourne final” I was delighted, because one of my heroes won a major final and ironically in a country where the authorities wanted to ban him. Moreover, he showed himself to be at the peak of fitness at an age many are looking to retire, with years at the top it seems still left in him.

It was this time last year when there was a big hoo-ha over whether or not he was going to jabbed and eventually he was allowed into the country unjabbed, but then the Australian authorities still managed to deport him. Several other countries also banned him from playing, including the USA, at which point his career and the opportunity to make a lot more money was seriouly threatened.


Those who read my blogs will know I was an anti-jabber even before there was a jab. While not purporting to have special knowledge ahead of those who urged and insisted people get jabbed, claiming not only was it safe to do so but also an act of responsibility in helping to keep others safe, I was asking questions that were never satisfactorily answered. Now as things begin to settle, until the release of the next bio-weapon of course, we can see evidence of all the harm the jab has done to people while the jabbed still catch Covid, something it was meant to prevent and, moreover, we see suggestions of “shedding” whereby the jabbed can pass on something bad to the unjabbed. I and other refuseniks can feel a sense of vindication although not smugness if we are indeed seeing a holocaust playing out before our very eyes, a point after making it that got Andrew Brigden MP expelled from the Conservative party.

Unsurprisingly, little of this is brought out in the BBC reporting and one has to go to Alternative media to see these points being brought out, e.g. “Novak Djokovic WIN Australian Open 2023 With BILL GATES In Attendance! What A Legend. It also made the contrast between a super fit Djokovic who refused the jab and unfit spectator Bill Gates who has been pushing it. “Legend” is an overused word these days but not in Djokovic’s case, my hero! Many have been conned and coerced into taking the jab and good people have gone along with it, including a dear tennis fan friend of mine who supported the Australian authorities, who have led the way compared with many nations in penalising their anti-vax citizens.


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