Hymns and Gospel songs I find uplifting – the old

Hymns and Gospel songs I find uplifting – the old

What I would like to do in this first of a two-part series is to share ten hymns and gospel songs (and I was spoiled for choice) I have found particularly relevant, meaningful and uplifting, along with lyrics and links to renditions I am ok with to where each hymn can be heard playing (excuse adverts in some cases) and to give reasons why I have chosen each hymn selected. Part 1 covers 10 hymns that were written and popularised before I was born.

I have an advantage over many Christians, especially of a younger generation, because from Sunday School days and later when attending “church”, other than typically CSSM choruses (in less formal meetings) it was just old hymns we sung, where Sankey’s Sacred Hymns and Solos played a big part. I get why some old timers reject the modern stuff, many in this modern era are exposed to, as being too superficial etc., but some of it is very good (but that is for Part 2). Here (in Part 1) I am going to cover hymns that were around before I was born. I am grateful to my friend, Pastor Keith Brown, who on his Facebook page is doing a series titled “DON’T LET THESE OLD HYMNS DIE”, for stirring me to reminisce thus.

O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder

This hymn, which I came across as a young man when zealous for God, speaks about both God’s greatness and grace. I recall singing aloud while walking the great outdoors.

Click here to watch / hear this sung.

O Come O come Emmanuel

There are many hymns / carols sung the few weeks before Christmas but this, while strictly an Advent hymn, with its haunting tune and profound prophetic message, this is my favourite.

Click here to watch / hear this sung.

Low in the grave he lay

There are many great Easter hymns and this one, typically sung on Easter day, is a great reminder that Jesus who paid the ultimate price in order to redeem sinners triumphed victorious over death.

Click here to watch / hear this sung.

Man of sorrows what a name

This hymn is a wonderful reminder of what Christ, the prophesied as the man of sorrows, went through and accomplished.

Click here to watch / hear this sung.

And can it be that I should gain

What would any hymn collection be without a contribution from the greatest hymn writer of them all, Charles Wesley? This one shows the wonder felt when a man discovers Christ and is full of depth.

Click here to watch / hear this sung.

When I survey the wondrous cross

This hymn never fails to move me with its message that, given it is profoundly true, requires a fitting response by all who sing it.

Click here to watch / hear this sung.

Amazing grace how sweet the sound

This popular, often sung, hymn includes the testimony of one who knew what it was to be enslaved because of sin and then to be saved by sovereign grace and to go on and live and die in that grace.

Click here to watch / hear this sung.

It is well with my soul

The writer of this hymn experienced enormous tragedy in his family life and yet could maintain his confidence in God despite it all and to go on and declare “it is well with my soul”.

Click here to watch / hear this sung.

I know not why God’s wondrous grace

This hymn speaks of the wonder of God’s grace and His activity in the world today, culminating in the time when we meet Christ following death or, if alive, “in the air”.

Click here to watch / hear this sung.

O teach me what it meaneth

This hymn from my youth so profoundly encapsulates how high the stakes are when it comes to gospel proclamation and, in my younger days, it inspired me to missionary endeavour.

Click here to watch / hear this sung.


One thought on “Hymns and Gospel songs I find uplifting – the old

  1. Sang Chun says:

    Praise God! Thank you so much for the hymns. They are also my favorite songs.I like all kinds of music without regard to any musical genres. However I have serious problems with some contemporary gospel songs. In terms of both lyric and melody, old hymns are far better to be inspired. Still I am struggling whether it is my own prejudice or not. Bit I am glad to realize that there are some people who have similar struggle. Glory to God!

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