Are the dominoes about to fall?

Are the dominoes about to fall?

I was reminded earlier today, by Facebook, that two years ago to the day I posted on my page a link to an article I wrote earlier that day titled: “Trumpwatch 41 – when the Dominos fall”.

It was to do with the November 3rd 2020 US Presidential election, which soon after results were announced, I along with others was convinced had been rigged and expected soon the fraud would be exposed and there would be a just outcome. I concluded: “This election is about far more than Trump, win or lose, and is why I continue to be fired up. It is as fundamental as what direction, good or bad, not just the USA but the whole world is to take (including Brexit and Corona). I have no doubt there is more Kraken of biblical proportions to be released, although time is running out. My belief is a whole lot unseen is happening behind the scenes, including with the military, foreign interference including China and huge almost unimaginable corruption which is related and in the interest of truth and justice needs to be prosecuted. Besides watching the show (what else can one do?) although some predict a media blackout as things get interesting, there is the serious task of watching and praying and seeing the Lord act for the glory of His holy name. I am looking for the first domino to fall and expect the rest to fall soon after”.

At the time I wrote, I felt sure that very soon what seemed to be overwhelming evidence of monumental fraud and assorted shenanigans by those in high places would be exposed and justice would be done and seen to be done. I had not reckoned on the power of the Unholy Trinity (see here) for that not to be so and the acquiescence by a dumbed down public to prevent any redress.

As for significant revelations, these are happening by the day and my gut instinct says it is huge. It is a debatable point, despite the extraordinary amount of revealing we are currently seeing (I discuss in later posts), many dominoes appear not yet to have fallen. For example, the result that was announced on January 6th and enacted January 20th 2021, still stands and the villains are walking free. As for the claims there is a white hat operation, involving military and “patriots”, set up in opposition to a black hat one, who are currently winning, including military tribunals and replacing the baddies with clones etc., while I will not be dismissive, I must take such claims with a pinch of salt until we are provided more proof. But as for there being an evil cabal behind so much of the bad things we are seeing happening, I have little doubt, and I elaborate on significant happenings involving the cabal in my recent “The Big Enchilada, Christian Priorities and the most important issue” post.

I was disappointed that not only did the result stand in the eyes of those who seem to be calling all the shots (or with respect to the mysterious Q, are they) and most people, including some who I did respect seeing nothing improper and, if there had been shenanigans, as is often claimed at election time, then we should take it on the chin and move on. In the two years that followed, I came to realise the issues were far greater than stolen elections and Trump, along with his mission to drain the swamp, and to a degree this may be cause for hope even when most dominoes appear still to be standing.

As it became clearer how deep and dirty the swamp was and what I was witnessing was a worldwide phenomenon often initiated and orchestrated by an evil cabal with evil plans, beholden to the Devil, but with the focus being on America, mainly because of its huge influence and power, not least because of its military might, I came to see that the right approach (speaking personally) was to do due diligence trying to wake people up (even though it resulted in me being sent to Christian Coventry), mindful that humanly speaking it is impossible with some, but I can watch and pray, test and weigh.

If anything, I may have done too much watching, sometimes getting stranded in one or other of the many rabbit holes I have found myself down, in my quest for truth, focussed too much on truth at the expense of winsomeness and cast too many pearls before swine – and not enough praying. As for resisting, I’ve tried to do my bit as well as do good (comforted in the knowledge many even among my detractors want to do good), even if never enough, but am now, at a stage in life I am deemed an old dodderer that can be safely ignored, there is a limit to what I can do. But I continue to blog (this is post number 2135 in a little less than 9 years) and, if folk want examples of what I have been seeing since I wrote that article two years ago, there will be plenty to be found in my posts during that period.

These days, I continue with my watchman on the wall role (for if not me, then who) and to check out the news of which there is lots, too much to take in. Often, I have to ration and be selective in my intake, especially when there is so much repetition. Sadly, much of what we can find in mainstream media is fake, insofar it selectively reports what is going on that is significant, often embellishing fact with opinion and selective brainwashing. As for alternative media, while often wrongly demonized for peddling conspiracy theories, a lot of what is reported is speculative and is not fully proven.

I try to check out from a variety of sources (I wrote “Where to go to for news?” nine months ago and am still finding new, often unexpected, sources) and I also consider what the political prophets have to say. The challenge is an impossible one, of course, but it seems that now, more than ever, we are seeing more deeply into what is really going on, revealing things are not what once they seemed to be and with the web of corruption untangling by the day. 

Back to dominoes falling and when that is going to happen, along with which combination of Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception are we about to see (see here), I am prepared to declare I am an agnostic, but when it comes to the most important matter of all, the Gospel (see here) I am not an agnostic. Most important, I am / we are called to be faithful (to God) and accept His timing.


2 thoughts on “Are the dominoes about to fall?

  1. IPS Prez says:

    In a sense, we have been in a media blackout for at least 6 years now in America. Wether or not that is the media blackout that Q kept referring to I cannot say but doubtless it is occurring.

  2. paul fox says:

    You need to listen to The Coming Storm on BBC iPlayer. Radio 4, QAnon and the plot to break reality.

    A year on from the Capitol Insurrection in Washington DC on 6 January 2021, Gabriel Gatehouse journeys into the dark undergrowth of modern America. He’s looking for the origins of the story that drove the crowds to storm the heart of US democracy. From conspiracy-soaked barrooms in 1990s Arkansas, via spies in hotel rooms in the shadow of the Kremlin, to anarchic chatrooms on the early internet, this is a search for the answer to one big question: did this just happen, or is somebody trying to break reality?

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